Freaker’s Ball Signup Thread: Snowhigh’s Double Panama Red (CLOSED)

Greetings everyone. This signup thread is for seeds from a Freaker’s Ball reproduction of Snowhigh’s Double Panama Red.

Breeder: Snowhigh Seeds
Donor: #freakers
Grower @Upstate

Snowhigh’s description:

Double Panama Red:

4 females of 2 different Panama Red varieties making it 8 females and 4 males 2 from each variety. The Panama Red Hair variety derives from the BCO lineage originally collected by a collector from a family in Colombia who had preserved several heirloom Colombians and this Panama Red. The Panama Red Hair has red, purple, blue coloring as well as green. Pistils are red when dry and appear white and orange before turning color.

The 74 Panama Red was acquired during a Peace Corp mission to help the peoples of Panama. The variances are there and distinct as this Panama Red’s leaves are more jagged, the stems are more of a green to brick red in appearance depending if a green or red phenotype. Only red phenotypes were used in these pure hybrids. The roots at the base of each plant can produce what looks like thorns, the roots shoot up from the base of the stem and form barbs or thorns, an attribute noted from being grown in the Darien jungle and adapting to its environment.

Some of the plants bleed red sap. The 74 Panama Red also turns red and shades but the plants seem to express the color differently than the Panama Red Hair. The combination of these 2 original Panama Red lines is to collectively combine and preserve the best features of these rare and unique lines. The high is creeper, hypnotic and physical as well as trippy, affecting vision and auditory perceptions. Flowering is 18-24 weeks indoors. With some proper selection one can finish growing the remaining plants to hopefully finish by December outdoors or with a greenhouse or covered area that can extend the growing season.

If you don’t know how these work, read this thread:

PLEASE NOTE While The Freaker’s Ball is NOT part of the Co-Op, the sign-ups, and distribution will work the same way, so that thread will tell you what you need to know.

@Sebring already has the seeds, so these will go out in the Fall box.

Here’s a link to the log from @Upstate’s run:

Who is my distributor?

Africa: MikeM
Aus: Johnnybsmokin
Canada: DougDawson
Latin America: Vertebrata
UK: Gaz29
EU: Swe-can
US: Sebring


We had 1000 seeds, so there are 100 slots. They’ll be split 60/40 between TL3/TL2 members.

If you sign-up, please remember to put your Country by your name. This helps the distributors know how many shipments they need to prepare for. Also, please make sure to leave the after the sign-up number. If you don’t, the list gets all wonky.

NOTE A word about overwriting another member. When all the slots are full, I’ll close the wiki, and check the edit list. If you overwrite someone, you’ll get bumped from that slot, and the original member will be put back in it. Be aware! If that happens, and the list is full, there will NOT be a free slot to put you back into.

If you click the Save Edit button, and you get ANY kind of pop-up message there’s a problem, just click cancel, and try again.

TL3 Sign-Ups

  1. @Qtip :canada:
  2. @Stevie1durr :canada:
  3. @Swe-Can :sweden:
  4. @kushking902 :canada:
  5. @CADMAN :canada:
  6. @misterbee :us:
  7. @Gpaw :canada:
  8. @repins12 :us:
  9. @Skunkhunt101 :us:
  10. @4ftfarmer :us_outlying_islands:
  11. @anon90741032 :us:
  12. @redjimp :
  13. @Meesh :us:
  14. @khaoohs :us:
  15. @NorthNorthNugs :canada:
  16. @Nagel420 :us:
  17. @DougDawson :canada:
  18. @Oldtimerunderground :canada:
  19. @JohnnyPotseed :us:
  20. @George1961 :es:
  21. @GreenBhoy GB
  22. @MidwestMover :es:
  23. @FattyRoots :australia:
  24. @chronix :canada:
  25. @Herbie :us:
  26. @middleman :us:
  27. @Jinglepot :canada:
  28. @lefthandseeds :us:
  29. @Foreigner :canada:
  30. @Pigeonman :canada:
  31. @MTL :us:
  32. @ShiskaberrySavior :canada:
  33. @Dirtron :us:
  34. @Limeflavouredheadbut :uk:
  35. @ELG :canada:
  36. @smokenhike :canada:
  37. @Gugumelo :brazil:
  38. @blendmedmedman :us:
  39. @corey :us:
  40. @BigMike55 :us:
  41. @bassman5420 :us:
  42. @Neb :canada:
  43. @TestOfOath :us:
  44. @Eagles009 :us:
  45. @MantisTobogganMD :us:
  46. @Yetigrows :canada:
  47. @Granola :canada:
  48. @Rabeats2093 :us:
  49. @Moka :us:
  50. @Indoornesian :us:
  51. @Sasquatch :us:
  52. @GCBudz :us:
  53. @pawsfodocaws :us:
  54. @Cbizzle :us:
  55. @Northern_Loki :us:
  56. @Tejas :us:
  57. @BigBoss :us:
  58. @Abbbian :brazil:
  59. @SOLGarion :us:
  60. @PetalPowerseed :us:

TL2 Sign-ups

  1. @antheis :us:
  2. @CornbreadJunior :us:
  3. @Cormoran :us:
  4. @Kyumonryu :canada:
  5. @blkmetal :us:
  6. @TopShelfTrees1 :canada:
  7. @ramblinrose :us:
  8. @Blue1963 :us:
  9. @Vertebrata :brazil: :
  10. @Zolorp :us:
  11. @Pakore :uk:
  12. @darkillusion :us:
  13. @Judsbuds :us:
  14. @Mithridate :canada:
  15. @Chirpxchirp :us:
  16. @AzSeaindooin420 :us_outlying_islands:
  17. @Bigbluedog360 :us:
  18. @BIGJ :us:
  19. @doglog :us:
  20. @OGSince03 :us:
  21. @Keene :us:
  22. @invisible :australia:
  23. @Needsomebeans :us:
  24. @Boatbum325 :us:
  25. @JBow918 :us_outlying_islands:
  26. @WVMountainGhost :us:
  27. @Metz2 :us:
  28. @donuchee :us:
  29. @Bird :us:
  30. @Mr.Gritz :us:
  31. @Kcity87 :us:
  32. @Bobgrows :us_outlying_islands:
  33. @Dog :us:
  34. @stanknugzz77 :us:
  35. @Phil_Bombs :us:
  36. @Shanti-ri :brazil:
  37. @harveest :us:
  38. @anon84307778 :canada:
  39. @tamimes :netherlands:
  40. @MoBilly :us:

Thank you @Guitarzan, great work on this preservation and donation!


Deleted already lol


Thanks @Upstate, and @Guitarzan!!! Thank you for this rare opportunity!! #freakers


Looks amazing, whether it’s from Atlantis or not… :slight_smile: Thanks for the opportunity, much appreciated @Upstate and the rest of the #Freakers!


This looks awesome, thank you!!!


I promised myself Iwouldnt sign up for more seedsz!!! Shhh!!! How could anyone resist!

Fantastic choice in preservation, circulation!

Thank you all!



Really awesome @Guitarzan, @Upstate . Really cant wait to do one of these runs once my I’ve got the kinks out of my setup.

Variety really is what makes this stuff exciting!


Thanks for doing this, @Guitarzan, and thanks for being the grower @Upstate!

Just like with the Snowhigh’s Vietnamese DaLat sign up, although I didn’t sign myself up, I did take the liberty of signing up @misterbee. If he doesn’t want to participate in this one, I hope he’ll replace himself with someone else before the wiki closes.

This sounds like it could be a true gem of a strain. I’ll definitely look forward to watching a bunch of you grow them out ASAP!


Thanks to everyone involved Arriba|nullxnull, great to see this projects fructifying … beer3|nullxnull


Awesome! Thanks to everyone involved in this one. Stoked!


Thank You all who made this possible. Iv wanted some of these genetics for a long time.

I believe I’m TL3, my apologies if I signed up in wrong group.


Thanks @Guitarzan and @Upstate Outmotherfuckingstanding :+1:t4: :clap:t4: :v:t4:


A big thank you to @Upstate the landrace whisperer. Knocking it out of the park as always !


When you go to add your name, ignore slots 61 and 41. For some reason the list won’t display the last two numbers.



Big thanks to @Guitarzan and @Upstate these will go great in my garden in Mexico next year


Thanks to everyone involved!


This is fu#@!$* awesome!!! Thanks @Guitarzan for the thread, and @Upstate for the hard work to reproduce :seedling: :seedling: and @Sebring for carry this for distribuition. :grin: :+1: :heart:


thank you @Guitarzan and @Upstate this is very very cool of you :heart_eyes:

haa haa cant wait for them now oooooo im all excited :smiley: :coffee:

growth in growing :seedling: :herb: :evergreen_tree:



Thanks to @Upstate & @Guitarzan, great work on this preservation and donation!

Thanks @DougDawson for being the Canada :canada: distributor…

All are Much appreciated :pray:
I’m signed up in slot #5 :wink: