CLOSED: Server fund raiser to all OG family

@LemonadeJoe requested a teaser put on here for the sever fund. Enjoy!
You can’t go wrong with any of these, these were made with elite clones and a choice male.
Most these guys were looking for males instead of females

OleReynard’s OG Fundraiser


How much does it cost?

  • Take 1 or 2 packs $30 / pack
  • Take 3 or more packs $25 / pack
  • Take 5 or more packs $20 / pack

On first come - first served basis

How can I pay? - Paypal or bitcoin (you will be presented address by @LemonadeJoe).

How it will ship? - With generous help from @MomOnTheRun. Please add up to $10 for shipping inside US. There is also possibility to have it sent in next Preservation Box for free from @MomOnTheRun (thanks a lot for managing shipping!) and through other OG distributors.

How to buy? Just post in this topic with your selected packs. Please include lot # in your post. If you are first to claim pack, you will be contacted by @LemonadeJoe after sale is done (in about a week) with payment address and to get your shipping address.

Packs available:

Big Buddy

1 - Lemon Larry Lavendar x SsDd @50State

Bad Dog

2 - Gooey 13 @HaRdRoC
3 - Cindy 13 @cannaloop
4 - Valley 14 @Jay
5 - ZD30 x long bottom leaf @Rolando
6 - Diesel MoonShine @Mongobongo

Baked Reality

7 - Milk Stain @SuperiorBuds
8 - Burnt Milk @Rolando
9 - Green Goblin @herb4ever
10 - bbgsc x ghost Rider of v2 @SuperiorBuds
11 - Whit diesel x ghost Rider of v1 @HaRdRoC
12 - Onycd x bk13 @Weedstruck
13 - 13 bubba’s @herb4ever
14 - Empire diesel @blu
15 - Orange krush @cannaloop
16 - Orange bubba @cannaloop

Bomb Bud Puffs

17 - Orange glue x DC @Jay
18 - Mhp x soda @SuperiorBuds
19 - I- cookies @SamwellBB
20 - Peshwar Afghani f2 @riahgorl_1
21 - AITR f2 @Northern_Loki
22 - White s1 x (pw x bms) @HaRdRoC


23 - Cold war Ak47 autos @Grease_Monkey
24 - Dragon breath green dragon x uncle festers 18 @SamwellBB
25 - Koffee IX x ufs18 @Northern_Loki
26 - 710 cheese x ufs18 @Weedstruck
27 - Sour og x ufs18 @Mongobongo
28 - La affie x ufs18 @deep_rob
29 - Diesel moonshine x ufs18 @Craigson15
30 - Lllv x ufs18 @herb4ever
31 - Ny bubba x ufs18 @Rolando
32 - Purple Mayhem #1 f2 @Weedstruck
33 - Purple snodog #2 @Weedstruck
34 - Family mayhem ,#3 @SuperiorBuds
35 - Fantasy mayhem @Weedstruck
36 - Purple dogbud #3 x purple Mayhem @Weedstruck


37 - Starfighter x dosido @Mongobongo
38 - Cherry d x dosido @50State
39 - White urkle x dosido @Mongobongo
40 - Sourine x long valley royal kush @Northern_Loki
41 - Agent orange x lvrk @SuperiorBuds
42 - Sherbet x lvrk @SamwellBB

Doc D

43 - Black triangle remix f2 @Mongobongo
44 - Bshw x black triangle @50State
45 - 79 Christmas bud x affi @Mongobongo

Jack’s Beanstalk

46 - Yeti og x gsc yeti @Felzarn
47 - Sweet skunk x Grendel @Grease_Monkey


48 - Derailed @SamwellBB
49 - Dark matter kargo @SamwellBB
50 - Chem soda of f1 @50State
51 - Og kush x alien kush f2 @50State

Jay T

52 - Big chem x laCon @herb4ever
53 - Jew gold x og2 @Northern_Loki
54 - Lhb x og2 @Jay
55 - Tk x og2 @herb4ever
56 - Tk x laCon @Craigson15


57 - Super lemon haze x sour bub f2 @Jay
58 - Molaki frost @Weedstruck
59 - Purple goji x (slh x sbf2) @HaRdRoC
60 - Mango biche x Durban Poison @Northern_Loki

Nutty professor

61 - Alien invasion x gas chamber @SuperiorBuds
62 - SSdd x blue amnesia @SuperiorBuds
63 - Sour amnesia x bb bx @SuperiorBuds


64 - Sherb x bulldawg @Jay
65 - White Tahoe cookies x bulldawg @HaRdRoC
66 - Jews gold x bulldawg @Zion


67 - Grateful breath x mendobreath @Mongobongo


68 - Grape stomper x straydawg @50State
69 - Bubbleberry x straydawg @Weedstruck


70 - Golden ticket x chem 91 bx @Northern_Loki
71 - Lime soda x decap f2 @Weedstruck
72 - Hippy Slayer x decap f2 @Northern_Loki


73 - F13 x the white x (pre98 bk x dj bb) @SuperiorBuds
74 - Bk x alphadawg @Weedstruck

Now I just have to come up with enough zippies.


Thank you very much @OleReynard for your support and generous offer to spread unique genetics to OG family and help to fund this site!



Open to canadians too?


I’ll take

6- Diesel Moonshine
67 - Grateful breath x mendobreath
37 - Star fighter x dosido
39 - White Urkel x dosido
45 - 79 Christmas bud x affi
43 - black triangle remix
27 - Sour og x ufs18

Let me know where to send the funds$$

And thanks @OleReynard some crazy offerings here.


If open to canadians I will do the cold war ak47 autos (#23)!


I’d like to have them shipped with the preservation box.


Sure of course… We have just checked for world-wide shipping rates…

Canada $17.25
Australia $14.25
South Africa $13.75
Costa Rica $24.50
Uk/Eu $24.00

Other countries will need to be checked ad hoc, but in general we can ship world-wide!


I’ll take 1,38,44,50,51,68


Thanks for your interest @Grease_Monkey, @riahgorl_1 and @Mongobongo!
I’ve updated original post with your reservations. I’ll send you payment details by PM once the sale is over!


Noted and updated! :slight_smile: Thank you!


Moving right along! Awesome!

And a great bunch of genes for cheap helps it move quicker! Thanks again @OleReynard


@LemonadeJoe I Would also like to add

43- black triangle remix f2


@OleReynard is that Pack of Doc Ds Big Sur Holy Weed x Black Triangle or Black Triangle Remix?

Also Thank you


In. Interested in:

21, 25, 40, 53, 60, 70, 72.

Thanks, @OleReynard


No they are seperate the remix is patents were swapped like vice versa.


do u just have 1 pack of each? which “13” was used for #2 and #3?

I would like #28 - La affie x ufs18.
BTC is preferred .


Those we’re all BK93 parents in those.

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I got to say I see everyone gravitated toward the known upstarting breeders.
But I’ve seen grows on all this stuff Comacus, baked Reality, Jack’s Beanstalk (wow) this guy grew the yeti better than loompa.
Do not turn your nose up at any of this stuff.
The stuff I made available has gone thru 4 other cullings in my held genetics catalog and have just made the list to roll, the last list.

I have a diffinate direction im going and am afraid it will go to waste otherwise all this would be staying with me.

So jump on it, guys!