Colloidal Silver

I have used CS semi-successfully, once so far, on bag seed. I bought it on amazon, didnt make my own.

While internally debating how I want to handle the reversal on my current grow, I have a few unknowns. If anyone has a good resource for me to study, that would be awesome. If not, I appreciate all input.

Current grow = 2x Tropicanna Poison Fast version F1
One plant is an 8 cola manifold, the other was too, but due to operator error, now is 4 colas.

I had started to think that I will just spray 1 cola on the one that still has all 8, to not remove any more flowers from the other one. Then I thought, well, they say only 80% of the offspring have the red/purple color on the flowers. The color is not the most important thing, but I will admit, I like it. So that leaves me with, what if the one I spray does not have the color. does that mean the % drops to around 40%? If I spray both, the seeds will be very random as far as that attribute, but it would leave me with some more with the same likelihood to continue with later, to try and stabilize that attribute.

Mostly thinking out loud, because while I think spraying a branch on each is probably the way to go, I wanted to see if anyone disagrees.

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Thanks. I read through that and it seems like most people thing spraying a branch is fine, but there is some speculation on whether or not that would make the produced seeds more likely to herm. I didnt see anything that would reinforce, or negate, my thoughts on the color though.

I will start doing more thorough searches before asking though, I’m sure that gets old.

I think this is a bit of bro-science that states reversals equal hermed genetics moving forward IMO. Yes you did create a hermaphrodite by using the spray (CS/STS or various others) by blocking the hormone that creates female flowers. When it’s offspring are grown should the stressor, in this case, the CS/STS NOT be present (ie you are no longer spraying) these offspring are no more or less prone to Hermitude than the parents already were.

However, epigenetics states that because the plant was reversed successfully, the ability to herm under this specific stress will likely be hidden within the genetics moving forward. Again this does not necessarily mean more likely to herm under normal stresses but is likely to reverse under the specific stress that caused it to herm in the first place -the CS/STS.

Unfortunately, until more information on geno and chemotypes of cannabis becomes available none of this is for sure but does align with what science has already gone through the trouble of proving.

Don’t feel bad about asking about stuff you don’t fully understand yet, this is what this place is for but part of what makes this place so great is the ability to find meaningful information when you are looking for it. Having multiple convoluted threads about the same topics makes it harder for everyone to find what they are looking for in a lot of cases. Existing threads are often associated with folks that are still around, reading through their thread and asking pertinent questions to bridge gaps in understanding is what makes OG work. I am sorry if the inital post came off as anything other than trying to provide you with more info, there are many threads here about CS and other forms of reversing.


It did not at all, I just realized when I start getting all wide-eyed and overwhelmed, I tend to jump right to asking when the info is already out there. I really appreciate you taking the time to send that link, and the follow up.

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When you self a specific plant, you don’t get that same plant in seed form… You need to back cross it at least a few generations to the original male “that was chosen for it’s exeptional traits that you want to try to convey to your cross” so how you store the pollen becomes very important… Some folks blame poor pollen storage for poor seedling strength-

**edited, to mention that back crossing for at least a few generations, relates to a “worked strain”. Which means someone actually put a lot of effort into creating the seeds…

“pollen chuckers” just self a plant, or cross a male plant one time, and think they have created a strain-

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