COVID19 - Should we be sharing postage right now?

Hi everyone.

I have created this topic because something is worrying me and I think it is very important to share.

With all the attention upon COVID19 and it’s supposed origin everyone is only worried if things come or not from China.

Has it not occurred to any of you that by swapping/ordering seeds with other forum users that are from what are supposed to be “safe” countries? Aren’t we running a risk too?

Call me paranoid but I think it’s getting serious. In Italy 1000 new cases have just been announced since Friday, as in yesterday…

Just a thought.

Should we not be taking that in account?

I just hope I am being alarmist and not right about my gut feeling…

Stay safe people, be wise and use common sense.


I think it’s not too much a concern unless you are elderly just like The flu. Obviously a two week quarantine might cost you your job, but I think the media just wants to sell advertising as usual. The flu kills thousands of people a year every year in the USA alone. If there’s been no cases reported in your area I think if you just wash your mouth with some mouthwash, take a shower and wear clean clothes like you should, a piece of mail shouldn’t be too scary. At least not to me. I have some ephedra sinica coming from China actually. Lol @ me though.

We are all obviously doing millions of dollars of trading with China each day still… I’m not afraid but I’m only 32 years old…


Yes, it is remarkable how a person’s perspective changes when they are looking through the ‘other end of the telescope’.
I know if I was 32 again, I’d be totally blasé, but at 65 and looking after a 90 year old mother… well, things look a little different. :grimacing: :mask: So I take a few precautions.
You are right in thinking the media is ‘playing it up’ a bit. If it bleeds, it leads…
So the game now is monitor the daily statistics and evaluate risks. For instance I didn’t put in for the triangle seed run (no mater how much I want some Black Triangle) because I would have to run about to arrange payments…
Bugger that, I signed up for the run…



Plus today I found out that a person I know was worried because she worked with many foreign people and was ill. She had to be screened twice. The first was a worng type of test ineffective to screen the covid and the second time time she was given some medication that nearly killed her by anaphylactic shock…

So how accurate the screening is for good or bad is worrying.


A few corners might have been cut?
From the multiple false results being reported, some tests work better than others…



Will it survive in package?

I thought only if it’s a human host.

Should I return the mail order bride?


Thanks for taking the potential heat by posting this.
A lot of folks here(me) have grown to love the trades and gifting that is partially responsible for making this site so great.
{Statement edited based on further consideration}
@curiouscat posters like you are the other part that makes OG my favorite web site.

Just wanted to say that my first seed giveaway, Tiger Jack , all the vials were sterilized and the shipping box was wiped with clorox wipes and I wore nitrile gloves during the packaging.
I also wore nitriles when deseeding, counting and packaging of the seed.
This was months(Oct) before this bastard virus came on the scene.

No, I didn’t forsee any of this shit but I have a skin rash that deposits flakes constantly and I thought it was gross to pack seeds without gloves.
The clorox wipes were to remove finger prints, even though we’re presently legal here, govts. being what they are, crap might come back to those mailing seeds.


Depending on what information you trust it can survive on surfaces outside of the body for a few hours to a few days. If your package takes longer than that you should be ok.

I don’t think Canada Post has delivered a package in less than 3 days since it’s inception so we’re probably fine up here lol


I’ll chime in and say … use your own judgement. OG, itself, really doesn’t really have a say about how the community individually engages in trading between each other.

If we learn anything related to the safety of mail pieces and this particular virus, we’ll post guidance. Some disinfectant could help calm any nerves. Nothing specific at this time but here is an infographic on cornoviruse(s) survival times:

In any case, the most likely scenario is that a postal person will cough on your mail pieces, your mailbox, and your door immediately after throwing the package labeled fragile over your fence and microwaving anything labeled perishable. :laughing:


Normally I would agree with this but the question is, …never mind, I’m only thinking of keeping OG “safe”.
Not just from the virus.


The virus is wrapped in a beautiful envelop perfectly made. Droplets can stay on surfaces for up to 9 days. :v:


Just my opinion, but if you are that concerned with mail from members, then you must already be self quarantined 100%. You’re far more likley to contact a virus in your day to day life whether its At work, dropping kids at school, pumping gas, your morning coffee run, grocery shopping, etc


Offer your eldery neighbour some assistance. Regardless of the virus, if you are not in the high risk category, please make the effort to reach out, and let them know that YOU will help them out thru any isolation. If it is as virilent as some fear, then isolation will be necessary. OK Greta and the rest of the millenials, prove you’re worthy of inhereting a damaged world, and be the change. Put up shut up and prove you really aren’t the self entitled brats, that your Gramma said you were. Help your fellow human beings instead of hoarding their survival supplies. Think your a good citizen and a tough guy? Help out at a seniors home then, hero. Our parents and grandparents are going to see just how their kids turned out, so is the rest of the world. And we all need to be our best here, save some people, and be a good human being. Maybe gain some self-respect along the way. Spreading fear, can be worse than the virus, ask an elderly Jew, while your dropping off some soap and supplies at her house.


It is quite a powerful gesture and I do agree that each of us, as community members, should strive to keep things safe for everyone and I believe most everyone has done a decent job contributing towards that goal so far.

I’ll say that I’m not always the quickest to pick up on hints or unusual activity (sometimes I speed read through posts and loose context), so if there is something that seems unsafe, needs a community wide announcement, or needs the personal attention from the staff (that you don’t want to describe publicly); please do not hesitate to express the concern to TeamOG via PM.


Message sent.
And I’m just a scaredy cat.


Paranoid I’d say. It’s leaving children alone and hitting 2%? Most who are weaker than most and have underlying health problems.
If it is 2% that’s 2 people in every hundred unless you are the 2 most unhealthy people in a hundred strong crowd you should be fine .

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Ding ding ding winner


To each their own, but why live life in a world is falling chicken little scenario. Interesting how you question some things you are told as truth yet on the other hand take MSM word as a ‘truth’. Fear mongering is a funny thing.


You don’t know what I am talking about.

Let’s try not to go down this road. Everyone is going to have their own risk profile to be concerned with.

The Covid stuff is a real concern internationally. We can still have discussions about what is occurring while helping each other decode what the information means without the MSM spin. All we can do is share what we learn as things progress and keep an open mind.

There were some thoughts more general in nature regarding trading as opposed to Covid concerns specifically. Some crossing of thoughts in the topic.