Crank dealers next door.. potential problem

Ok guys and gals, Ive got a question that pertains to my neighbors. Ok, so Ive got these neighbors who are fairly obviously crank dealers or at least crank doers. I say this with ZERO judgment as I will be the first to admit that my 12 + year homelessness was a direct result of my drug and alcohol use, and at the top of the list? Sticking meth in my veins! Fucked up! In my opinion no worse than SPOOFING, my name for smoking meth, but alas, the stigmas exist.
Hey, I say these words to, you, MY OVERGROW.COM FAMILY, because I feel Ive been around long enough, that if my past, that Ive just GIVEN to you, BOTHERS any member, TELL ME IN A PM OR LIVE and we can rap about it, but I STILL GIVE IT UP to you all…

If that made sense cool, now, back on point…

So this tweaker house next door has an OBVIOUS ducting to window setup, that I can even HEAR when I water my grass and get closer, so I KNOW the ducting is to A LIVE setup,

There’s 3 guys that permeate the residence and NONE have done anything to me that I feel I NEED to check them on…but, in my opinion, warning them OPENS ME up to risk and THAT is the whole point of this question…should i risk my anonymity for these , frankly, DIPSHIT guys? But then again, I HAVE BEEN A DIPSHIT SO MANY TIMES I GET DIZZY THINKING ABOUT IT! 1st post on this forum was in November 2018 and @cannabissequoia had some seed thing going and I was like, “hey, i want seeds! Here’s my addy…blah blah blah” and @MadScientist was a GODSEND and deleted my addy and I was set straight,but alas, WE ALL DO DUMB SHIT. Should I punish these guys in the dope house about their lack of foresight?

Or is it even my place to say something in the first place, oh wait, ive said place too many times and now i feel as though Martha Stewart is oogling me about thread count on my linens or some such shit


Sounds like you been into the product haha.

In all seriousness, I wouldn’t interact with them in any capacity, at all. You don’t see shit, you never saw shit, you don’t know them. Tweakers have nothing to offer you.


Kinda of my thoughts also I all agree on @vernal comments


Not my spot not my business…just make sure all your shit is in order and you won’t have nothing to worry about. Let them sink themselves


Let them dig their own hole, as long as you’re secure enough that noone will notice you while busting them


I wouldn’t say anything… The vent to window setup could be for something else like a lab of some sort or even something harmless like an AC unit. It’s nice of you to want to help, and I’m not judging those guys either, but personally I would stay out of their business and make sure your op is hidden well and doesn’t smell. Good luck :crossed_fingers:


No 1 rule of grow club is don’t talk about grow club.
Bad things will come from them suspecting you grow. .
Theft Leo . You could ask them what humming is give them a scare into redoing there exhaust .
I used to party when I was younger too doesn’t mean I would become friends with any one active in a addiction.


I agree with everyone. If they get in trouble because of their own stupidity, they may think you did it. Not even worth the chance.

We have all done dumb stuff, no need for you to get caught up in their shit. I would play stupid to it all.


My first reaction would be to say, let them know what’s up. I have a soft spot for people, and hate to see bad stuff happen to them.

Reading all the other commwnts though, I have to agree. Mind your own, and it should be better for you in the long run.

I have to have to say that, but some people can’t be helped, right now at least. An ex neighbor owes me $50 right now. I will probably never see it. He is currently on the junk too. I should have seen the signs. I try to see better in people. Sometimes it isn’t a good way to look at things. You always have to consider number 1.


Keep to yourself
It can turn on you in a minute


years ago I would have said 5 gallons of gas and a zippo

no more problem

but as I have got older and wiser (maybe :slight_smile: indeed older ) I now would say

leave them to their own stupidity and life will discipline them

all the best and good luck



Yep, they may be fine people but if not, tweakers have a way of making shit go south real quick. I have learnt to leave well enough alone when it comes to that and I dont like to see anyone suffer.


Don’t even achknolage their existence , strictly No eye contact ever , total blank , or you’ll regret it


See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil…

You wouldn’t want them ratting out on you if they ever found out about your grow.

Even if you’re legal.

Here in Costa Rica, thieves are pretending to be followers thru Instagram, cops are doing it too. My wife spoke to an OIJ member at my kids school, the guy obviously doesn’t know about me, but she got the info that they have a Social Media Dept, trying to track down dealers and growers alike.

No one knows where i live, and that will stay that way. Friends do not exist in this shit, they are all out trying to get you. So, anonymity is the key.

"Think like a grower, think like a thief, think like a cop!

I do not fraternize with anybody down here, Costa Rica is full of jealous people wanting to hurt you.

I suppose everywhere is the same. But i can see thru them easy!

Sci :robot:


My natural inclination too but since it’s next door :thinking: not so easy. :sweat_smile:

Time to get a dog down at the animal shelter. :+1:




Get a pup that can intimidate them, and be sure the pup will safe guard you!

Great idea @cannabissequoia!



get three so they have friends :slight_smile:


Completely agree with everyone responding - say nothing, make no connections, allow for no inferences on their part that you even have weed at your place.

It would be excellent to have a like-minded neighbor that also enjoys some kind of transgressive hobby (another weed grower, a moonshiner, etc - I’d love to have a little local community myself), but as most in this outstanding community likely know well, addicts lack the capacity for normal good-faith friendships, or even generally reliable neighborliness, much less a real “I’ve got your back” kind of relationship.

I think distance is key here.

Good luck, man!


Best thing you can do is not associate with them at all if the police come just stay inside and stay out of it the police can normally look at a block and tell who the dope heads are you can sure look at my street and guess every dope head by there yard

If the police do come to your door step outside and talk to them don’t be scared there not there for you and they don’t know what is going on in your home and it’s not there business


Don’t tell them nothing about nothing.

“What you guys running in there an active air 4” with a vivosun carbon filter?”

Too much exposure. Why would you know this?

Don’t even talk to them I say.

All the best.