Closetgrowth's "Old School" Grow pictures!... Past and Present! :)

Hello folks! Gonna upload some pretty cool old school images of past grows to share with ya all… May edit a few times, so stay tuned! Thanks :slight_smile:



Them DWC roots…nice. Some real chonker plants there too, any favorite strains over the years?


very sweet looking plants there!!


Keep up the posts of past and present grows!
Watching this one…


Holyshyte man. Those plants must love staring at pictures of other plants cuz they are monsters.


Also, love the old parabolic reflector, aka the ‘china hat’ lol. Used to love those for 1000w metal halide veg setups.


Hey, Thank you Toasty! :slight_smile: Yah, ive been around the block and then some. Iam into soil, and hydroponic bubbler buckets with decades of trial and error/experience… I enjoy helping others, like i use to… Took a long break from posting anything online. Cannabis is legal in my area now, So I decided to sign up today, here at overgrow. The strain that your viewing is one that I put together around 98, or 99? She is called the “Glass Slipper”. She is know to many throughout the World… Many breeders tried to copy this bad boy strain, and sell this product, and even used my “Glass slipper” name. It is what it is. But, nothing is as good as the “real deal!”… haha… Honestly, Im not mad… Life is too short to be pissed off at every little thing. Anyways, She has Northern Lights #5 and Cinderella 99(Original Brother Grimms F1) in her… I have been growing this strain as far back as I can remember. Definetely a crowd pleaser, and she even made it into “High Times” magazine around 04… Proud of this Bad Girl!.. Strongest strain ive ever come across… Excellant smoke!. Thanks for the reply. :slight_smile:


I have grown everything my friend…LOL I really like Northern Lights #5 of course,… and any strain that has Cinderella 99 in it… So many strains I love… Would take forever to post. Thanks for chiming in! :slight_smile:


Thats interesting that you brought up “Monsters” … Thats what I used to call these plants back in like 2000 … Maybe you remember me from the other forums back in the day?


LOL… Ya, they disperse the light quite well… still using them today with a light mover… But, I really think the Old School Diamond Lumenarc 3’s were the best… They are super rare, and from what ive heard is the only reflector that will not diminish lumens whatsoever from like 7 feet away.


Well it makes sense that they have the Cindy in them. I would say that they are the monsters in my room of the strains I have going.


MB, Anything with Cindy is Awesome!.. :wink:


Love the old-time grow. Bubble buckets! The shit that actually works and actually produces the best product in the quickest time frame. Musta been quite busy with all those.

Miss that glass slipper. Been a long time since I’ve seen it around.


Thank you Vernal. Ya, them bubblers make em grow like their on steroids. With DWC or Bubbler buckets you really wanna pump a ton of air, that is the secret. I was running an eco 7 280 watt air pump that would seriously put out like a Las Vegas Whore. The bubblers are very easy to maintain. I change em out every Sunday… I usually run 8 at a time. Hydro is great and all, but its kind of a hassle during the summer months… An Air conditioner is a must… Once you get the system down pat, its a breeze. And when it comes to nutrients,…Keep it simple. The less junk you put in the mix, the better off you are. I will post a complete grow real soon, and show everyone the way I do things. Thank you for the reply. Good luck to you.


Nice to meet you sir. I’m running a NL Nirvana fem. 3 gal pot under 600w hps and 400w led. It’s my favorite strain.

I was under the impression NL was indica dom. Mine looks more sativa dominant. That’s not what I want lol. It’s by bar my biggest plant tho. Decided to clone it. Got 2 from it.

Ang tips a few days before I flower? Strain specific tips? I’m just trying to nail it. I just pruned her nice and top dressed everything before the switch. Setups are looking good.

Is that good hps or for MH? Thanks for your time if you have it.


Yeah I noticed that air pump would practically fill tires! I hear ya, keep it simple is my mantra. Some guys have a dozen bottles and a full page feed chart, and I’m over here with Dyna Gro and pH down, maybe some silica and some MKP for flower.

I am running hempy buckets. A bit slower/less efficient than DWC/bubble-ponics but root temperatures are less critical, lets me run without an A/C or water chiller in the summer. And no moving parts anymore, just running lights and fans.

I look forward to the new grow pictures!


i would love to find some seeds of that NL #5! only got to smoke it once. by far the best smoke i’ve had. i like the couch lock, i like the energetic highs, but i really like the trippy highs.


Nice plants. Can’t wait for you to share more.
:seat: :popcorn: :movie_camera:


Mop the floor with those root balls.




Those DWC setups and root balls are most triumphant!

Awesome stories you have too, please share more!


Hello Baltimore, and wassup to all the other members who have posted on this here thread! :relaxed: Nice to meet you as well Baltimore. I couldnt leave you, or anyone a damn message because I used up my maximum allowed limit for a newbie,I guess. Whatever. Anyways,… Northern Lights is definetely an indica variety. Maybe you got a little stretch going on? But, then again, your running decent lights. Hmmm. Hard to say whats up without knowing more about your setup. I would run Hps lighting for maximum yield.I have never ran an Led, so I cant give you any input running that type of light. From what I heard, they work well. Keep the temps below 85 degree’s, and make sure you have good ventilation. An oscillating fan would be a good idea. And “MAKE SURE” there are no light leaks in the dark period! Easy on the ferts. Less is more. And by all means, be light on the additives, or dont run em at all. Ive seen major disasters from mixing in this, that, and the other thing. If your fairly new to the scene, I would reccomend the GH Lucas method to keep it simple(google it). I have had excellant results running the micro and bloom and nothing else. Just keep reading the forums, and take in all the experienced advice from this wonderful forum. Your mingling with alot of professional growers here at Overgrow. “The Best of the Best”… Im so glad to be back! Good luck, and I wish you a bountiful harvest. :slight_smile: