Mass Medical Shutting Down

MMS send a email out a few days ago stating he was closing MMS ASAP. The remaining stock are at the banks and collabs from other breeders will come out in the future.

The email is somewhat long winded but here it is for those interested.
Strange that MMS, Strainly and a few (I think) are closing out of the blue…:thinking:

Mass Medical Strains is finished, and here are the juicy details!

Hi Everyone,

This message is a tough one but an important one. There’s no easy way to
say it, but it’s also not as bad as it sounds! So here we go, ready?

Today Mass Medical Strains has announced retirement from the cannabis
community. It has been an absolutely amazing journey, one I never could
have imagined when I pollinated my first branch in a small garage closet
grow. So many amazing things have happened! It would fill too much space
to write all the cool things that have happened and this isn’t a time to
brag, even though reflection is nice. This is really just the beginning
of the wheels being set in motion. Everything I’ve put out for you guys
is to empower YOU, the grower, breeder, smoker, caregiver, patient, or
anyone else who hangs out with this plant. Cherish those seeds and do
great things with them! I encourage everyone to breed with the special
plants that speak to you. Grow them as big scale or small and personal
as you like, just make the best of them!

While I am stepping down from the scene and closing MMS, don’t think of
it as an end. My informational podcast will stay online as a grower’s
reference forever, as will my website and instagram accounts for your
reference. I’ve done my best to educate people about my views on
cannabis and I am so happy with the overwhelming feedback of people
who’s lives have been positively impacted!

The plants I’ve bred will live on, and I encourage you to cherish your
clones and seeds, as well as make your own seeds. A lot of people are
worrying, but I don’t make hurried decisions, so everything has been
done with everyone’s best interest in mind, including the plant itself.
All my mother plants (and a special father plant, the 29% thc Indigo
Child Bx1 male) are safe and in good hands and will live on and make
magic! Many collaborations are in the works with other breeders who have
my clones and will release them on their own as it happens. All the
seeds I’ve already made will still be released by the seed banks.

I have been working nonstop on triple overtime while battling so many
things, and it is just not sustainable for me to live that way forever.
Being a dedicated breeder at that scale was more than a full time job,
and I couldn’t slow down with it. As you all know, I’m obsessed with
these plants. And no, I am not quitting because of any of the ridiculous
rumors you hear, and they are not true either. They are just perpetuated
by trolls. I was thinking of quitting for a number of reasons already,
and first and foremost it is for my own well being. However, I would
like to make a very strong point to all of you, and a word of caution.
The cannabis community is being effected in some terrible ways by some
of the big name breeders, and it’s not all how it seems. Just because
someone has a big name or a lot of followers doesn’t say anything about
their character. Judge a person by the vibes they put out, as it is a
reflection of themselves. If they are out there saying negative things
about others all the time, they are simply not doing well. We can only
pray for their healing. I hope the seeds and knowledge I’ve spread has
at least made it a little bit of a better place for you guys! Anyways, I
have been saying for a long time about my seeds, grab them before
they’re gone, cause you never know what the future holds.

Mass Medical Strains is a passion project, but nothing is forever and
everything is constantly evolving. I have made sure that every project I
had started, will be seen to completion, and the seed banks will be
releasing them as was already scheduled. I’ve had a lot of projects
finish up recently which span the last few years of work in various

Whatever seeds of mine I have left, are heading to the seed banks. They
will take care of everything and if you guys follow them you’ll be able
to grab some of those last MMS packs and some new releases in the
future. As you all know, I am SUPER excited about everything I make. I
wouldn’t let any of the work go to waste, and you guys need to
experience what I think is my best work yet and a great way to end
strong! The following 25 projects will still be released by the seed

Chick Magnet (Sept 18)
Pop Art
Platinum Swabi Punch
Voodoo Child Reg and Fem (Anaphylaxis x Indigo Child Bx1, yeah I kept
that a surprise!)
Anaphylaxis Feminized
Goji Pupil x Anaphylaxis
Star Pupil x Anaphylaxis
Indigo Pupil Reg (You wanted a Star Pupil reg line, heres the best
Indigo Child Bx2 (Most excited about this, as you know! Spring time
Green Bodhi Collabs (some from me and some from him)
Indigo Dragon (DFG collab)
Cosmic Dew (High Alpine Collab) CBD
Swabi Pakistani Pink Hair x Indigo Child Bx1
Deadly Sativa F2
Aloha Island Genetics Collabs (look out for the future launch of his
seed company, he’s the one who sprouted and found the Indigo Child
Medi Pak CBD

Deadly Sativa x Swabi

Praying Mantis x Swabi

Prayer Glue x Star Pupil x Swabi

Swabi Pupil

Kernel PuTang x Deadly Sativa

Kernel PuTang x Swabi

Psyche x Swabi

Psyche x Deadly Sativa

Tango #3 (Goji OG x Tangie)

and even a few more! Because I am finished, you’ll have to check the
seed banks and follow them closely for these drops. #pupilfam is
currently testing them and they will be released over time.

I have written and pre scheduled a few future emails to send out
automatically for some of the drops! Please follow the seed banks
closely to not miss out on those. You will also see some of my favorite
breeders releasing collaboration strains in the future with my strains
involved! I’m not sure on the timeline for those, but they are big and
you’ll see them on their IGs when it happens.

I did not get to make more PuTang S1 seeds, but rumor has it another
great breeder is going to produce the exact same seeds with my breeder
clone so you all can enjoy this magical plant, and I support that 100%,
they have my blessing! Their timeline is pretty far out, but hopefully
they do the project sometime in the next year or so. I know it is
something they are personally excited about, as PuTang has touched their
lives in the special way it has for so many others! Even though I am
leaving, I will make sure you are all notified by this email list in the
future when they launch it with their brand!

Thank you all for everything. I am so honored to have been on this
journey and it is one I will never forget <3

I am officially leaving the cannabis community and stepping down as a
breeder, and closing Mass Medical Strains. There’s a special stillness
and peace to be felt in an empty grow room, cleaned and thoroughly
accomplished in its purpose. But, please don’t be sad. As long as you’re
still enjoying my unique plants, or have learned something, then my
mission has been a success!

Big Thank You, to all my friends, inspirations, and even my enemies. I
have learned beautiful things with you all, shared amazing times, out of
this world conversations, powerful feelings, important lessons, special
journeys, trippy late nights, wild missions, and more. I appreciate and
cherish it all!

You can find the last seeds of mine at all the following seed banks.
Check each one as they each have a different selection available. Some
will restock until they are all gone, so check back frequently and
follow their Instagram pages too. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10]

For international, visit: [11] - Canada [12] - Australia [2] [6] [13] [8] [9] [7]

Stay safe everyone.


Mass Medical Strains


MMS is closing because Professor P from Dynasty outed him for being a poser.

Apparently he’s just some young rich kid who was on MTV cribs, and “his” star pupil is someone else’s work entirely, that he passed as his own from-scratch creation.


You think so? I don’t really care just thought it was odd, that’s all. I was going to buy a pack until I talked to “MMS” (whoever that was) but he couldn’t care less if I got em or not.

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Check out Professor P’s IG page. The comment section is gold.


In this “game”, your “rep” IS you!!! You CAN’T fake your way through it, you can’t “rich” your way for long, you HAVE to be “100”, or it will catch up with you. I, too, heard the whispering, that’s why I passed on ALL things MMS. I don’t have much, but you “gotta be right” before I give it up. ALL, let the lesson sink in!!! ALL, enjoy the weekend, stay safe and, yes…be well.


@NovaSphere thanks for sharing and keeping us informed…

Cool side note on the list of seedbanks listed and living in Canada i just checked out therealcanadaseeds,on their list of breeders they have DMAN, 20+yrs ago i bought his MightyMite x AK47, C99 x MightyMite off Cbay auctions.They were awesome crosses and finished from 3rd week of August to 2nd week of september.I may just grab a few of his creations for old time sakes and the prices make it worth a try.He never bred a lot of strains but the ones he did that i tried were great…ReservoirDogs was an OG member and another that posted to Cbay.Both offered up excellent crosses and their gear was cheap compared to the big seed banks.Cbay was great for getting excellent strains without breaking the bank.


Disagree. The harder you market, the more money you make. Riot, Ethos, Gage Green, MMS, “Cookie Fam”. All bullshit, top to bottom and they sell an enormous amount of high dollar seeds.


You can say that about ANY Business…look at Ford and Chevy during the 70’s/80’s, crappy cars throughout the Lineup. The casual buyer may very well continue to buy the mentioned Seller’s products. They may, indeed, make money…they just WON’T make any of MINE!!! I don’t want or need ANYONE to think as I do. That doesn’t make my opinion any LESS valid…to me!!! IT’s MORE than a “business transaction” from my perspective, it’s NOT a “gotta have” for me. I collect Pennies, but readily give out my 2 Cents!!! Stay safe/be well.


:nerd_face: FoMoCo + GM existed because of fleet/govt sales, not Joe Average. :wink:

:evergreen_tree: :moneybag:


Thanks for posting @NovaSphere.


No problem!

Hey, does anyone want to go in on a pack of DJ Short Blueberry or something else.?.

JBC did have his stuff on sale but they are picked over mostly…

Your 100 percent right

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WTF!?! This dude is Mental!

Received this email a few hrs ago…

"Mass Medical Strains is back but not in the same way. Over the years I’ve grown Mass Medical into something bigger than I could have even imagined. It’s brought me so much joy and became a huge part of my life. However, I had never anticipated it to become what it did when I first started. What has always fueled me in my efforts has been my love for the plants and endless curiosity about the possibilities of each strain and cross. I never anticipated the drama that would ensue. It is incredibly difficult to see baseless lies about my work with no evidence to back them up, and even more difficult to see people believe these lies and turn their backs on me. All of this is not good for anyone’s mental state and I genuinely thought that if I left the scene it would cease to continue and no one would care anymore. However, the hate has grown even more, and my leaving only made it seem like these countless lies were all true. It has been incredibly difficult to try to leave something behind that I love and have put so much of myself into. I hope my coming back helps prove that the hate people are spreading is false, and all I want is to continue to do what I love and what brings fulfillment and joy to myself and so many others. I hope the people that have supported me before quitting will continue to support me now, because you all are part of what makes Mass Medical great. I know my coming back will spark a new wave of anger, and seeing it all takes away from the positivity I’m trying to pursue. So while I am returning I won’t be as engaged in the ig scene so I can focus on what is really important here: the plants. Again, thank you everyone for your support and I hope you can understand my reasons both for leaving and wanting to return.

Lastly, I would like to deeply apologize for the whole thing. I understand it may make some people upset with me, and I really feel like quitting was a big mistake on my part. It seemed like the only option under a lot of pressure, and the couple of weeks away was already enough to teach me a lot. I am back. However, all the old seeds are still the last of them, nothing is changed there. I will not be remaking the old lines, so whatever is out is still the last of them." :roll_eyes:


wow what a drama queen - quits the scene one day and then announces he is coming back the next day. Sounds like a loser to me, and I am not interested in anything he has to offer.


Maybe his seeds were not moving. Have the closing sale like lots of the shadey stores do, then decide to stay open. Great way to get rid of shit people are not buying.


Just some rich kid that figured out the seed game is 50% bullshit and 40% marketing. Dude also runs a “fingerboard” shop…yeah…those little tech deck skateboard toys lol. I didn’t even know that was a thing until people spilled the beans on MMS haha.

People that buy seeds love a good story more than anything, a little photoshop, fancy packaging, high dollar retail, bam you’re making money.

Kid’s (and he is a youngin) back because his wildly profitable revenue stream cut off, no more no less.

Lol disguising his voice on a podcast oh lord.

Cleanse the profiteers and vultures. There’s a bunch of them (Ethos, Riot, ITC, Gage Green, Shiloh Massive, Aficionado).


Oh Matthew Riot, lmfao he loves to hear himself talk! He can talk all the BS he wants, still not buying his $300 pack of seeds. :money_mouth_face:

MMS is def a drama queen! WHat the hell is he talking about when he said something about no one has evidence/proof that he’s a HacK.?.
Professor P said he had a ton of emails to back up his story…So where is MMS evidence?


:rofl: A What?! I’ve heard of them but no clue as to what they are and that’s OK.
More likely he took several weeks off, had peps telling him it will be ok little buddy, we got yer back. Then runs it by his mommy, then poof, he’s back like nothing happened.

With as many Cups/Meets you’d think someone would have straighten his arse out by now…:sunglasses:


So basically he gets outed, his stuff stops selling, he thinks quitting will make sales increase under the guise of not being available anymore, then when he gets a few extra sales he comes back but keeps the line of its all super rare as he promises he won’t produce them anymore.

Anyway, he was a pollen chuck hack before and now he claims he’s starting all over with what? He’s gonna suddenly breed stable genetics? He’s not gonna steal others work but he’s gonna suddenly breed high quality unique lines?

I don’t even know much of the story but this little incident was more than enough to keep me away.


is he the guy that posted alot over at THC Farm ??
what was his nick ?