Legalization in NY this year?

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North side or South side of the dacks?

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for me south side :slight_smile:

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Me too. If the sound of choppers gives you nightmares we could be from the same county. Sloughter?


north of the Mohawk river :slight_smile:

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If I climb local mt I can see mts by mayfield. I’m in central leatherstocking region. Didn’t know north side of Mohawk was so big on growing. Some nice flat land up there. Nice to have you here. Looks like NY will go recreational in april. It’s about time!

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I could see royal mountain

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Not familiar with that one.

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caroga lake :slight_smile: 25 25 25

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Ahh coroga lake! I remember that merry go round as a kid. Been camping at nine corner lake up the rd. Neat secluded place but sadly no fish. Maybe that’s changed. I heard they may dump lime in there and that was years ago. You live in a great area. I’m down rt 10 a ways

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me too :slight_smile:

south of Fonda

I have a friend in canajoharie. Yr maybe 45 min from me. Sounds like you have that nice Mohawk river micro climate. Still rough i know, but a longer growing season than surrounding areas in the hills.


a bit east and a little south

that’s me :slight_smile:

This summer we’ll be LEGAL (loud applause and tremendous cheering)!!! At least it looks that way. Will know in April.

but will we be able to grow ?

I believe yes. I visualize myself in front of a large pile of seed, like a kid with a pile of candy after trick or treat. And then mom or dad (Cuomo) says. " you can pick 4… dammit! Seriously you never know with him. I read at least 4 plants (per person? Or per household?) In mass it’s 6 / person / 12 max per household. He claimed to like the mass model. Also they can grow unlimited cbd. Fingers crossed. Seeds ordered. I’m growing something LARGE this first yr. Ha ha. 20 footers!


Not sure we should use this thread like this. Maybe start a new york legalize? Thread? Anyone else chime in?


Hugh Carey said the Thruway would be free


Too true!!! I have "high"hopes tho.

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Oh to grow :slight_smile:

wouldn’t it be loverly