Crash Test Dummy

A while back @Jamescoldflame sent me some testers and it’s time we get to them they are all ass/afkansitan/x18 crosses and some f2s for good measure and comparison

The other plants he crossed the ass to are ghost train haze #1 , 88ghash , and black Dak/black Afghani

He told me to expect foul ass hashplants and well that is exactly what I want these will be started in the next day or two

James did a nice job on harvesting them nice big mature seeds exactly what you want to see


Hey @LemonadeJoe I’m trying to change the title name

I’ve decided to just make this a general tester thread as I also have some testers from @DiggySoze and @vernal I might as well put them all in one thread
And he’ll might as well toss them beans from @Tappy in the water too :sunglasses:


I tried that a couple times it said error idk lol

I think maybe I was trying to use an already used name that’s ok this works better lol


Stiggy didn’t figure you as a fan of our local dummies band :joy:


I have Loved Them Dummies for ages, Good Muzac for sure
How are things MB?


This should be a good show I always like me some ass


Brads voice is great. Been having some heat waves and big downpours but all is well


I remember this song it was either during my jr high or high school days


I agree, Weather the same here. HOT and Steamy

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Ok folks sorry for the long delay especially to those that I got testers from had some shit to square away and needed a little break I was spending half the day on here and letting other things slip.

While gone I purchased a 5x5 and set it up for these testers sometime around Friday I went ahead and popped 2 each of the following and they are above ground

All 4 of the ass/afkanistan crosses from @Jamescoldflame they will be labeled for shorthand as such

Ghost ass
Black ass

Because writing ass/afkanistan x x18 x ghost train haze is a little long lol

2 starlite from @RocketBoy

2 bandaid haze 2.0
2 bandaid haze x 79 Christmas bud
2 bandaid haze x ghash from @vernal

They will know as bandhash, band x, and BH

Also not testers but I had to put them to the front of the line since I’ve been bothering him for them for a year now lol

3 Ak-47 F2s from @OleReynard

Also in this garden is a couple gold leafs and an epic strawberry cookies that the homie @YoBigdaddy brought over

Making an appearance later on will also be a clone off of a Afghani x blue lights plant that a friend is growing from seeds I got from @Tappy

Sorry to all that this got delayed for so long it sure wasn’t my intention life just moves at its own pace sometimes

Hope everyone is well and has been well I have 90 something notifications and messages so bare with me

I know I need to send some seeds to @OleReynard if anyone else was needing something or I promised something please let me know oh and at all the people who wanted that Mac cut I’ve got a bunch more rooted up so it’s time to shit or get off the pot if you want one let’s get it worked out before Christmas mail

Oh and @Worcestershire_Farms the artist formally known as @DiggySoze I ain’t forgot about those iron maiden and (thai name?) I may have to put them in the 2x2

Also whoever got 1st and 2nd in the solo comp let me know I got those packs for you guys


Damn I guess I’ve been gone longer than I thought I’m locked out of my other grow thread lol


How do you guys make polls on your threads ?

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@vernal did you find the source of the dudding ? @Joker told me about it I already had the SSH x 89 SS in flower they aren’t touching or even really close to anything else hopefully if it does have it it stays isolated to them they don’t seem to be suffering from any loss of vigor I haven’t flowered the lemon g was about to though


If you do just make sure not to let them share runoff or use shears/fingers on one before touching the others. I suspect it was the Isabella SSH mother that brought it in, not the SSH x 89 SS. The SSH x 89 SS came from my garden, something outside must have infected it.

Be on the lookout for the signs but it can’t spread if you don’t give it a pathway. You can choose to cull or chance it (pretty good odds they’re fine though). It’ll be pretty obvious if you have it (try snapping the branches), and yours should be displaying signs of it already if it is infected since you got it so long ago. My SSH x 89 SS mother didn’t show any signs of it until very recently. If it grows strong stems that grow straight up and has normal branches with big buds and lots of trichomes it’s most likely uninfected.

If it were me though, I’d just cut losses and toss it, personally. They’re both amazing cuts but IDK if the small risk is worth it.


Your 5x5 is gonna be smelling soo00OO00oo good!!!


Can it be passed to seeds if a mother has it ?

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Potentially, yes. Evidence shows it can show up in hops seeds about 10% of the time, safe to assume it’s possible for Cannabis as well.

This means that many people could even be getting it from people’s seedstock from infected elite cuts that get circulated. I hear it’s a problem in sour dubb, the chem cuts, OG cuts, glue. And the stuff that came from big clone sellers like darkheart.

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That sucks really wanted to run them outdoors in the spring maybe make some seeds

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