The Dissent Grow

Yeah, I feel good about this!
Let’s do some hydro!


Lol I’ve never find my way back here. Must be some sort of learning curve :confused:

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What is going on here? :sweat_smile:


Click your nick on top right them select older posts then scroll till you find it. Good luck :+1:


Am I doing this right?? Pardon me I’m a noob. The only real reason I signed up here was to mock uncle you know who over you know where.So I changed my username…it was unclecuck :confused: and now I’m ready to get serious and do some hydro!!!


Do u have it setup? Give us the run down

Not sure which reply button to hit skiball, thanks for your interest.
I do rdwc although my control bucket developed a stubborn intermittent glitch so it’s basically been running as an auto top off due to the glitched relay it kind of liked to flood the frigging house. I’ll have to figure out photo upload sometime. I seriously need a new refreshing type of forum. This place doesn’t seem bad so far.


Pics or it didn’t happen jk

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Do I have to do a certain amount of posts before I can up photos? I don’t see anything that would allow photos.
One forum, I can’t remember which one you had to upload all the photos to a library and it was a little tricky but then maybe I was always stoned…no of course I was stoned. Not sure where I’d start with photos, I’ve got them dating back to 2010.

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If you intend to reply to someone, click the reply button inside of their post, if you just want to leave a general posting, click the one after everyone’s post below.

Start to populate this thread with pics and things will happen.

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Thank you . Still a bit confusing but seems like a nice forum. Mods all cool? No huge political thing ripping the place apart?
I’m not into that anymore. I actually never was or have been but sometimes it’s easy to get sucked down into the hate.
But I feel much better now.

The flood! Its under the canopy! Is shit happening here now??


I like to roll like this!


Man those water coolers must got expensive

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That shot always reminds me of this shot for some reason. Weird


Team water coolers are our friend and affordable as can be when you consider the price of a black bucket and lid alone is going to be pushing 10 bux.

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I do love igloos!


U should change your name to coolerking or something


Welcome to OG. We’d love to have you. In the section where you write your post there is a button with an arrow pointing up that let’s you upload images. If you are on a computer you can drag and drop images into the area where you write as well! Best of luck! Look forward to seeing more.


‘…if your neighbor is always drilling but never seems to make anything, they probably grow weed…’

:evergreen_tree: <— probably grows weed