Dab Tools- What's everyone using?

What’s everyone like to use for a dab tool? We have a couple of cheapo dab tools that came with different rigs, but they kinda suck. The ones you see in most “dab kits” just seem too big and unwieldy. All we use is an e-rig nectar collector type rig, the Lookah Seahorse Pro.

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I have quite a few. Have some wood handled ones from etsy. My favorite is a cast resin dabber from dunkinmedz on IG. Havent used the others since getting this one. Its honestly just nice to look at.


I have multiples if I’m using a slerping banger I use a glass pencil. Then we have titanium scoops with picks. A few happy daddy dab sticks, these are the largest. Then we have two for the e nail with carb caps on the end of them. And we also have various glass dabbers…