Dark Horse Genetics

Was giving these a serious look but never heard of dark horse genetics. Anyone ever grow any of their beans

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yup got grow bruce banner of them
very nice plants and a good quality of seeds


Nice plants…didnt wanna drop $165 on seeds from a breeder I’ve never used


They have good stuff but don’t spend $165 on a pack, plenty of as good or better options for less than half that.


Yup Run the Chem berry D great stuff easy to run plant super hard dank buds lots of them no problem getting a key or two off in this plant outside

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They drop clones at a couple dispensaries sin my area, and quite a few others you can check on their site if there’s anything close to you but they have been mite and disease free and come in 2 sizes with the premium line bigger than most other clones i’ve had in the past so yeah i have had good experience. Last summer they were even selling seedlings for like 4 more bucks which i hadn’t seen around much and that saves a good 3-4 weeks at the size they were at from having to pop one yourself. Another plus… they have their hand in projects with a bunch of reputable breeders and especially active with research into cannabis viroids/viruses etc so I like that they are active in trying to better the community as a whole!