Decarboxylated Cannabis Oil - Why are you still smoking? :)

(Rick Simpson) Oil is still vastly underrated even though the benefits far outweigh smoking and vaping.

So what are the benefits? They are all interconnected.

  • It’s cheaper.
    Oil made from 25 grams of good strong hash can last you a year of daily use. (Personal experience using the olive oil method.)
    When smoking you destroy a large amount of your weed because the temperature is way too high for the THC to survive. When you make oil there is zero loss.

  • It’s more potent.
    When smoking, delta-9-THC enters your blood.
    When eating oil, your liver transforms delta-9-THC into 11-hydroxy-THC which is 3 to 5 times more potent, and then enters your blood.

  • It’s healthier.
    No carcinogens in your lungs, no dry mouth, no coughing.
    It cures a wide variety of ailments and diseases including cancer provided you use an indica or indica dominant strain. As well as make some lifestyle changes pertaining diet / awareness of negative thoughts, etc. You can mix several strains as well, either when you prepare your plant material for cooking (decarboxylating) with olive oil / solvent or mix the finished oils together.

  • It’s faster to make.
    You can have a finished product the same day as your harvest, no need for trimming, drying and curing.

  • The effects last longer.
    A big drop of oil will keep you going for at least 6 hours, though I’ve had days where I ate a fair bit more than a drop and was still out of it after waking up 12 hours later.

  • It doesn’t stink up the place, easier to be stealthy.
    Because all you need to do is eat a drop of it. You can just put it in a sandwich!

How to make your oil.

  • Olive Oil Method (great for hash)

I did it this way because I didn’t want to invest in 99% alcohol and a rice cooker to do it the Rick Simpson way. It will not be as pure as RSO but will work just fine too.

To make sure the temperature is consistent it’s easiest to cook “au bain-marie". Take a pot and fill with water and a tablespoon of salt (to slow down evaporation.) Place a bigger pot on top and place something thin in between, like a fork or spoon to leave a small gap for evaporation, this is to keep the upper pot from jumping and dancing from the pressure buildup.

Make sure the bottom of the upper pot is making contact with the water, if it doesn’t the temperature will not be high enough. Just one or two centimeters or an inch is enough.

Once the water is cooking place your hash or finely ground buds/leaves/stems in the upper pot and use about 1 part of virgin olive oil for one part of hash. This is a rough estimate, you want just enough for the hash to melt. So add oil with a spoon until it looks right, don’t pour with the bottle. When using buds etc. then make sure you grind it as finely as possible, a powder will dissolve into the oil best. If you have chunks then you will need to add more olive oil to submerge it all and you will end up with a weaker oil.

While the water is cooking keep checking if the oil mixture is bubbling or not, after about 15-30 minutes it should be a nice smooth bubbling liquid. The bubbling is very important, if it’s not lightly bubbling then it’s not decarboxylating.
If after a while it stops bubbling then probably a bit too much water has evaporated and is not making contact anymore. Just take the upper pot off and add some water and wait until it boils again. And add a few minutes to the total boiling time. Stir well every half hour or so.

I found out that your oil will be more potent when heating at 100 degrees celcius (boiling point of water) for three hours. I tried one and two hours, but noticed the biggest difference after 3 hours.

It’s basically like melting chocolate, very easy, just gotta find the right setting on your furnace so that the water keeps boiling without getting too wild and a few hours later you have a stash of oil which will last you a very long time. Store it in a jar or whatever else that is convenient and enjoy yourself! Personally I don’t see the need to filter out the fibers. Once it cools off it will be a bit more solid. I always just scraped a little bit with my fingernail, you could also use the tip of a knife. The right dosage will differ from batch to batch and person to person, start off with a drop the size of a grain of cooked rice or unshelled sunflower seed. Yes, it’s really that potent!

  • The Rick Simpson Method

This method is maybe more convenient when you have raw plant material but you’ll need to invest in a solvent, the safest is probably 99% alcohol.
He uses a rice cooker but you could probably also cook the alcohol/solvent mixture “au bain marie” but I haven’t tried it. I imagine the rice cooker is only a couple of degrees hotter maybe. If you use a ricecooker I’d let the oil boil for three hours total, including the time it took for the solvent/alcohol to evaporate completely. He talks about putting the oil on a coffee heater afterwards, but might as well keep it in the rice cooker/pot for longer instead.

I hope this is of some value. It has worked wonders for me.
One last note, the oil works best when you don’t combine it with alcohol.
If you insist on drinking then wait until after the oil has kicked in.
Though I’m not sure why you would want to…

May you benefit as much from this as I have.
If you have any questions left, shoot!

Peace and health to all.
Be the love.


. . .

Habits are only hard to break, until you do.
It’s not so much the change itself that is hard, it’s breaking the thought pattern.

. . .

More details here:


I love tincture and edibles, but also enjoy smoking and vaping. All of the above combined for a full medical dose. I invite you to my tincture thread, it also has some recipes and ideas you may like.


Good thread…
Only thing is some people are sensitive to 11 hydroxy THC and some, like me, are not…
11 hydroxy also has an erratic absorption rate. It can take from 30 min to 6 hours to take effect…
I have to take quite large doses to get where I want where others are good on 10-20mg…
For me edibles are not very economical, though on occasion,usually when I’m low on flower, I will take 250 - 500 mg.


A lot of it depends on diet and metabolism I suppose. I eat mostly raw veg and fruit, no bread or rice etc. so it works really well. If you eat a lot of meat and processed food and alcohol it’s not gonna be nearly as effective. Using decarbed oil while not being picky about what you put into your body is like putting nutrients into high pH water and feeding it to your plants. Stepping on the gas and breaking at the same time. Not saying it’s the case with you, just talking in general. Consciousness is a factor too, as it is with everything. The way I intuitively understand it is that THC activates the normally dormant quantum part of our DNA, currently called junk DNA because we can’t really accurately measure quantum fields / consciousness yet: I’m guessing for the most part our bodies are quantum, beyond time and space, that is where our vitality and all life originates from. THC and other psychedelic compounds just strengthen the connection between the physical body and the soul / quantum DNA and as a result creating more harmony in the body and healing it.
But this is just my own speculation and limited understand though. Quantum biology is fascinating and I love to go far out exploring theories and ideas.

To me, the oil the way I make it just blows me away, it has the same effect on me as a big hit of acid or a handful of truffels. My body feels slightly different depending on what I eat but it all raises my awareness tremendously, it’s the common denominator. Meditating is a huge influencing factor as well. Once you can go in deep meditation your perception of life takes on a whole new level. I can’t stress enough how important meditation is if you want to heal.

Strain is also very important. My hash was Black Afghan, anything Afghan dominant will probably do the trick.

Another factor is how you filter your thoughts. Your body hears every single thought that passes the infinity of your awareness. If you allow “negative” thoughts that confirm that you are ill then you are sabotaging your healing. You must know that you can heal and the most efficient way of thinking is to affirm that you are in fact already healed even if you are riddled with tumors while not denying that the tumors are there. You accept the tumors but affirm your ideal condition. Healing is a very complex process requiring a certain level of consciousness. Though spontaneous remissions can happen simply because the fear of death or suffering shocked a person into a higher state of consciousness propelling the body into an intense state of harmony.

I realize a lot of what I say is very metaphysical and esoteric but that’s how I experience life.


Rick simpson is the reason i started looking at pot as a medicine. sounded like a really amazing guy. did a lot of good for people.


Nothing but love for Rick!


Ive been smoking for 15 years and the only edible that has ever effected me was old school cannabutter on toast.

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Edibles just dont effect me. I even make 1000mg capsule and nothing.


I like to smoke in very, very low doses, and I don’t want to be baked for 6 hours at a time.


Edibles are a whole different story, can’t compare them to pure oil. You don’t bake cookies for 3 hours. Ovens are far from accurate and consistent and many recipes I see for edibles are quite crude and don’t heat long enough or at a way too high temperature and are diluted with lots of butter reducing potency. Slow and at boiling point seems to be most effective because it also transforms some of the THC into CBN which has lots of benefits as well. It’s a delicate matter. If edibles don’t work at all then my only explanation is that either they didn’t get heated long enough, or the temperature was too high or too low. That’s why I heat au bain-marie, you can visually confirm decarboxylation and even if you heat for too long it will not reduce potency. And also, strain is important, you want a strong indica.

More details here:

Understandable ofcourse, but you can spread your dosage out throughout the day, taking only a third of a normal dosage of oil three times a day will not get you stoned but will still have all the medical benefits.

Can’t speak for @cogitech but I use small doses too and with tinctures it’s either not enough or too much. I like the way I can smoke a tiny dose, get some effects for a bit and then go on doing things or smoke a bit more. Tincture has either less effect than I’d like or I have to take so much that it’s only feasible at night and even then it’s lasting too long for my taste.


I mostly used it at night, when I came back from work, never had trouble sleeping that’s for sure. I loved high doses though but I guess it’s not for everyone…

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High doses are not for me. I get effects from ridiculously small amounts.


Then you definitely have a very good oil / tincture :sunglasses:

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I think I’m just a wuss very sensitive. lol

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pure oil is edibles … i put ~50g flower in to 250ml of coconut oil and i just keep it in the fridge and eat it straight … well, i let it melt under my tongue

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True, though personally when I see the word edibles I think cookies and cakes and candy etc. Things you can bite on. Oil is just oil. And not very tasty. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Also you can use it topically for skin conditions and wounds. Applying RSO to wounds makes them heal much faster, especially if you also ingest! A couple of years ago I had a big splinter in my hand and it filled up with puss. I pushed it all out and applied oil, the day after I had a lot of trouble finding where the wound was. I just kept staring at my hand in awe.


I love the idea of RSO, but like many others who have mentioned it already, edibles just don’t seem to work for me. I admit I have a high tolerance, but not high enough to make sense of this. I keep assuming that I have some kind of enzyme that breaks everything down or interferes with the cannabinoid chemistry going on in the liver. I don’t know. But to many of us, vaping (I don’t smoke it anymore) is the only way to get relief. I suppose I could take upwards of a gram of concentrate at a time, but that would be expensive.

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