Denser tighter buds?

What are some techniques for growing denser tighter buds


More light, more nutrients. Genetics that favor denser flowers.

There are PGR options like daminozide, but they make the weed kinda crappy to be honest.


Primarily this, IMO.


and less heat

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For whatever reason, natural sunlight seems to prevent feathery, wispy buds.
Many strains simply “tighten up” much better under the sun outdoors.


Light distance in the indoor environment, cure can also have a lot to do with final product. Tell us your description of dense? I like my bud dense like firm styrofoam when cured down to a stable 60%RU never below 55 until it’s ready to smoke. I take out what I smoke for a day and throw it in my tray. Usually smoke at 45-50 and hard frosty calyxed exterior with still sticky dense inner nugget.


Big wattage lights = heavy tight buds. There are some strains that genetics just produce light fluffy buds but more times than not lower wattage lights just won’t grow tight hard buds


Well the plants I harvested two weeks ago are somewhat airy I like the more dense styrofoam feeling bud I ran two plants in a 2x2 tent with a 600 watt Maxsisun purple I would think that is plenty of light I’ll take a picture of some buds later

Put them in a jar (1/2 full) and shake them moderately. They’ll get smaller, but they’ll be more dense. :slight_smile:

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Genetics. I have a heavy indica and a foxtailing light sativa under the same lights.

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1- Light intensity with the right spectrum
2- the right nutrients and adhitives at the right time.
3- Molasses during flowering .
4- Perfect enviromental conditions (temp and humidity.
5- A healthy and Big root system.
6- Not stressing the plant at all.

And maybe im missing a few more but you can start with all this and if you can manage to control this you will start seeing the difference.

I honestly don’t believe it’s anything but genetics. The densest buds are always Indicas as well. Of course good nutes, soil and watering enhance any bud development, but no matter how good the condition, you are not gonna get super tight dense pure sativa buds. Just not in their dna


Grow less tops / colas per sq ft, aim for 4.

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