Longer vegging equals denser buds

What do you think?
I vegged Skywalker OG about one to two months longer and the density increased to the point of looking like a different strain.

I also did two other Skywalker OGs and the buds were popcorn.

Anyway, an FYI and I’m wondering what else creates denser buds?


It’s been said the older the plant the better the expressions are.
Mine veg for a month then into flower. Which ya, I know I’m probably missing out.


Here is a example of a long vegged plant totally different than a month vegged plant triple the bud sites on her compared to what I normally see.


I vegged mine for about 2 months FYI. I prefer fluffier buds with a little bit of denseness.


Im gonna say a older plant should be bigger and stronger therefore yield better all around but
Density itself
i think is more genetic and environment directly not age of plant. I get density sometime cant even break the buds up by hand on a month or so veg. I was running a program on 25 day vegs and had same density n quality as plants vegged 60 days for scrog.
Im far from a pro but id Run on the cooler end of what your strain likes temp wise without slowing growth
good light and airflow also key.
And no nutrient bottle is gonna rock your buds up either. Its the whole environmental combo and if its not in the genetics it just wont happen.
Some weed stays looser n scraggly looking. Some the strongest weed looks loose n scraggly.
Ive found i get ridiculous trich coverage on any looser strains. Breathing better maybe?


A 20/4, or a 24 hour veg cycle makes my plants a whole lot bigger, denser buds, with a much improved yield in the end.

20 hours of light builds your plant up from the beginning, and when you have a big root mass, and large limbs, you will always have huge cola’s hangin’ on em. Also, the longer “lights on” in veg, makes a squat plant thats like a bouquet of roses, Insteady of a blackberry bush. Have a good one. :wink:


Are these different clones of the same plant showing a different phenotypic expression, or were these seeds showing a genotypic difference?

That being said, I’ve noticed bigger plants have bigger trichome heads when making hash.


They were seeds, not clones.

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Well, I found out that they were or called popcorn buds. My super skunk and personal strain are looking the exact same. Heat stress is definitely the cause. I’m going to try boomerang to see if it helps.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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Heat dont cause popcorn. Well i guess if your heating popcorn it does. But popcorns are usually lower light lacking buds. Heat stress leads more to foxtails but will make things looser if foxtailing bad. Wheres a pic of these buds so we can get this figured out. How far are lights. Current temps etc


I saw many growers here trimming a lot of lower branches and I wonder if that’s a way to get big and dense buds, my latest harvest were pop-corn even the plants were big and with long veg time …


Yep shaving there legs leaves them with a lollipop.
All the energy now transfers from the larfe to the bigger buds.


He said it. Anything low n shaded heavily is just eating up plant energy that would otherwise go to the larger branches and therefore larger buds. But still wont make em denser. If The tops arent prime and dense at chop its environment or genetics.


Tough call! Good question to think about too! I think the environmental growing conditions make the most difference in density. Sure, a larger older plant will produce larger Buds, but the question is density. Something I have been chasing myself lately . Assuming enough light is being used, and as long as the plants are sexually mature and prepared to flower, to me, the grower and his room and feed will make the difference between soft light low density Buds and rock hard dense nugg’s.
Low nitrogen during flower, higher levels of P and K and fed at proper ratio’s, under plenty of light (50 watts /foot HPS)
I had 2 runs back to back, with the same cuts, the same light, the same pots, same veg times. The 2nd run was 2 times the weight (density) of the 1st run, in the same room, in the same pots, under the same lights, only changing feed levels and ratio’s of NPK. So, other than genetics, the room your running them in and how they are feed will influence density more than the length of veg time…assuming, like I said, the plants are old enough to express sex and ready for flower when they are flipped. Everyone has their opinion, that is mine, dont shoot me over it if you do not agree…:sunglasses:


Time = more roots
More roots = more fruits.



I am at about day 20 of flower with another 6ish weeks to go…am I too far to trim the lowers of these to try to get the main cola only? They started showing signs of flower about 10 days ago…


You might hit your production a bit, but I’ve done it clear into 3 weeks.
I’m not worried about production thou.


I heard trimming should be done before switching to flower, so the plant would not use his energy to recover from it instead of developing the buds … :sunglasses:

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It’s been 20 days of 12/12…10 days since showing m or f, gonna let these go until at least mid-April (another 9ish weeks) or until they show they’re done.
I ended up taking off a couple lowers that weren’t getting ANY light…very light green, lanky and maybe a hair or two on them…removed the nodes but kept the fan leaves.


Plants generally veg for 2-3 weeks after changing the light cycle, often called “the stretch”. I usually trim up any sucker branches during this time. Sounds like you are good to do it still.