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Jeebus, its been ten days already? Plants are just now realizing the short days are over, and the next pictures should include the first funky-reveg spirals.

Pro-tip; when temps drop transpiration goes down with it, and translocation of nutrients, too. That means the maximum ppfd a plant can use also goes down, and if you forget to turn your lights down with it: Sunburn;

Second pro-tip. When that happens, take your pictures from the backside of the plants :joy:

Please forgive the nasty-ass fungus gnats.


Hey Diggy,
Really enjoying watching you do all this and learning about this… nothing like a good tutorial like your doing here… thanks for sharing so much and teaching me about reversing plants… After trying a few autos from WSE I’m a bit disappointed in their stock’s germination issues and now Gelato’s deficiency problems… meanwhile your Upzalberry plants are coming along great my man…
And now you have me so looking forward to Christmas… I even have a stocking with my name on it… hehe.

keep sharing this along, I’m learning boss…


(I screwed up in that post about the genetics video. It’s supposed to say F6, which would be the S4 generation. From now on I’m offering a bounty on any incorrect information in this thread. Point it out, correct me with a source to back it up, and I’ll give you a free pack of seeds.)


How in the world do seeds so close together, mature at such a drastically different rate?


Great thread - I hope you don’t mind humoring my 2cents.

Perhaps because they are so close together?

Maybe the plant is making critical decisions about allocating resources locally. One diagnostic might be to remove the mature seed and track the development of the greener one over the next few days. Easy experiment to replicate too.


Location, location, location… the one seed was in a better location be it light or nutrients…

This would/could be a wicked experiment… like Vesti said, harvest the mature seed and monitor the green one until it matures… then do a side by side grow for a true comparison.
I let my seeds go 6wks to mature on plant… why I love working with the Autos… drop some pollen during preflower and at havest, walla, beans are ready too… hehe.

Diggy diggies Upzalberry project I have going on… here is a girl I grew out just to test her and the strain…


Damn, dude, that makes a lot of sense.

Definitely always throw your two cents in, whenever.


I’d be down with that. I could start the whole batch on 4/20/22, and have them all documented, proper.

Not forgotten about ya dude… Have 100 of these put aside for you ok… not sure, might have your addy, let ya know after holiday… I’ve actually done 2 germination tests with them at 100% and now have 6 planted to run to get a size perspective… not into runt autos… lol.

Upzalberry just doesn’t roll off the tongue does it… Is Pinewood Derby Autos the name of your entire Auto line you’ll be creating or just this one strain of previously called Upzalberry…
hehe… Are you describing the flavor with the Pinewood? hope so, love me a pine flavor…
Me, I try to incorporate previous strain tributaries or whatnot… the mix of this strain being a bit long I keep forgetting it other then it has Crem de la Chem and another Mephisto strain in it’s makeup…

I do agree in a change… I like your idea behind your art and what your going for… me, I’d have the car crashing into a huge pot plant and clones in the popped trunk… damn hippies, stop smoking before days end… hahahaha… but seriously, glad to be apart of this as is ZZ.

and loving watching these mature…


and the one I’m currently reversing, gets it’s 2nd spraying tomorrow on day 5…


Upzallberry was the name for a completely unrelated autoflowering line, that was abandoned. I just passed the name on to this line because imagination isn’t my strong suit lmfao.

:joy: I like it.

Yo, and feel free to pick a different name that you like if Pinewood Derby isn’t the right one.


The flavor that comes thru for me is a very nice sweet berry flavor, at least this pheno…
makes me lean towards the grape side for names… I’ve started out by researching the 4
strains that make her genetics… wow, impressive.

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Made some dry ice for the first time, and hot damn does it produce a high-quality kief puck. I kind of wince when I call it hash, tho, because none of it is full-melt.
Things I learned:
Do it in a zero humidity environment, or it turns into a snow machine;
Small, gentle runs. Don’t shake coins out of its pockets — Jostle it like you’re draining pasta;

If anyone remembers the previous garden bed from a couple years back, with covid more or less over it’s getting an extension, and put back into service. It’s on a fairly gentle incline but the rain tends to channel, so I’m dropping a hugelkultur at the bottom and stretching it back up towards the main bed, to slow the flow and keep more water on the property.

Facing west;
An hour later, facing north.

Oak and Birch for the most part. There’s effectively an infinite supply, at every stage of decomposition. Was hoping to be done before winter. Oh god, I’m so far behind! :joy:


Stay warm my friend.

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Two Double Grape, three Chem de la Chem, and one Spider Plant.

Please forgive the dirty floor.
Addendum: Oh snap! I’m a sponsor now!


Looks great to me.

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Thank you much, brother. These autos are in about 3gals of soil, and have been drinking about a cup of water each day. I forget exactly how old they are. It doesn’t matter, really, time doesn’t exist — it’s just a construct of our imagination meant to stave off our mortality; cataloging each moment, each instance, each event — and hoarding memories like some old immutable valueless currency.
Wait. What were we talking about? :joy:


All of it looks good. Also your a sponsor is something good also.

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Irrelevant to anything, just something I find interesting —

Massachusetts soils are so devoid of nitrogen that there are plants, Black Locust for example, that are considered invasive specifically because they affix so much nitrogen that they outcompete the natural flora.

And if one of our Cannabis plants is nitrogen deficient, it can take in <25% of what it needs in one single day. Nitrogen is crazy available.
Pretty sure these are two pictures of the same type of mushroom.

Downpoured last night. These pics were taken about 6 hours after it stopped, with the orange ones having sat in full sun all morning and the colorful ones in the shade.

Slow and steady… Few hours a day.
This is more or less the entirety of the bed. The low point is the top right corner.


That is a nice picture. The colors are cool. Looks like a great time outside.



On today’s episode of Sketchy Fkn Trees of Massachusetts:

This journal’s getting boring af. Need to take a day off of yard work and write up something of substance. Until then. Please accept this cat as a consolation.