I'm the Black Sheep of the Family's Continuous Grow

Hi all. New to this site. Just finished my first Hydro run, with a system that I designed an built myself. 3 plants a little over 2 pounds of trimmed, dried and in the jar bud. Just got my system back up and running, with 6 plants, one per 27 gal tote and 4 autos, soon to be 5 in soil. Here is what I currently have growing on

Left side

Right side

This was my first Hydro run close to harvest
Right side

Left side

Front of 8X8 looking in

Well that’s all for now. I hope that all is well with you and yours. Be safe and Stay HIGH :+1: :v:


daaummm. Hope I get mine dialed in like that. Welcome to overgrow brother. Ur well beyond me, but people here will help/learn ether way. Just keep posting pictures.


That’s what it’s all about learning and helping with what you have learned. I’m just getting my second Hydro grow underway. I was pretty impressed with the first one. Not too shabby for a dumb ol country boy who had no clue what I was doing. I hope that all is well with you and yours :v:
I want to thank my friend @rootfarmer, for inviting me here :+1: :v:


Peeps will jump in there soon. I got my first grow outside, and working on my first closet grow. Thats the beauty of it. People beyond you, give input, and people below you get to learn. Just keep posting. We ALL get something from it.


Man this next grow you could smash that previous number I’m sure if my math is right, out of curiosity what lights and nutes are you running? Other details like veg times, distance from lights and such are always interesting too haha.


I have been growing weed since the mid 70’s outdoors and I learn something new every day and every grow, no matter how small or how big it is. The day that we think that we know it all is the day that we need to find something else to do. Just my humble opinion :v:


A person after my own heart. I love using those totes for DWC. Definitely following along.


I will post everything from the last grow, when I get a chance, if you would like. I am using the Jack’s 321, this go around. It doesn’t seem to dissolve as well as the line I used last time. As for lighting, I have 2 HLG 550’s and 3 260 xl’s. I have my lights as high as I can get them and run the drivers as low as they can go, for the entire grow. I tried jacking the power up on the lights the last time and my plants weren’t very happy. The 3 that I just harvested were Peyote Gorilla started 1/11/20, Liquor Cookies Moonshine X Chem D started 1/22/20 and Strawberry Lemonade started 2/12/20. I used maxi grow, maxi bloom, kool bloom, hydrogaurd, armor si and calimagic on the last Hydro run. I used Advanced nutrients Sensi Bloom parts A & B, calimagic and FFOF on the bottom of the pot and FFHF for the top half. I mixed both of the soils separately with worm poo, perlite and a little epson salt, for my autos in soil. Anything else you want to know, just ask, I will respond back if I know the answer, if I don’t, I will help you try to find the answer. I will not give any info that I am not sure of and some of my answers may only be my humble opinion. I will try to put more info on my grow as I can and can also post some of my last grow, if anyone is interested :v:


My last run was my first attempt at Hydro. It appears that the way that I assembled it seems to work. My intent is to run from start to finish with no res change. I would have accomplished tis the first time except I decided to do a tear down, re-build during the middle of a grow (not recommended) for sure but, I felt like I needed more room
I went from this

To this

That was pretty much my last grow, short version :v:


Looks awesome!

What kind of EC/pH do you like to keep to?


What kind of yield did you get off all that?


To be honest with you, I only checked my PH once, very early in the grow. I never checked the EC. I didn’t follow any feeding schedule. I watched the plants and gave them what I thought they needed. Sometimes just topped res off with plain well water, other times with the amount of nutrients, I thought that they needed, I don’t believe that I ever used full strength, during the grow. I don’t follow direction very well and like to operate outside of the box/norm. Even with my soil auto grows, I only check, if I think that I have an issue. About 6-8 weeks before I intended to switch to flower, I started substituting small amounts of my flower nutes for the grow nutes, close to 4 weeks after flipping to 12/12, I was no longer using grow nutes in my res top offs. My res is a 60 some gallon tote, plus the 6 27 gallon totes, I’m running around 150 gallons of water in the system in the beginning and once the start taking off, i’m running around 120 gallons. That’ a close guesstimate. :v:


A little over 2 pounds of dried, trimmed, jarred bud from 3 plants’ finished product before weighing and jarring
From this

to this


Looking really nice!!

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Ah cool. I haven’t been growing long enough to be able to read the plants that well, though I’m learning a lot really quickly. I tend to the other end, analyze and measure everything. I’m running much smaller systems, 2 x 15G and 1 x 18G.

I especially liked that you intend to grow without a full res change, I’m trying to figure out something similar. I opted to use the Lucas formula with GH nutes and so far I’m liking what I’m seeing, but I’ve only just started my first full grow using this strategy. The only change from veg to flower is a slight increase in strength at peak flower.

I don’t suppose you know this either, but do you know your source water quality? One challenge I’m facing with the no-replace-res is my super high starting EC and ion concentration as the grow progresses.


Wow man great job. Wish I was pulling that off of that few of plants. Maybe someday lol


I’m using well water coming outta the mountain where I live


Ah man that sounds nice and clean, awesome stuff


Thanks for the kind words :v:


I just got dumb ol country boy luck is all. If I replicate it 3 times, then I may be getting it dialed in :v: