Do I need glasses or is that a spider mite?

My eyesight isn’t what it used to be, for some reason I remember them being much larger and visible, I really need a sanity check but, it kinda looks like it might be, what you guys think?

Hmm, probably get some imidacloprid(provado), a long lasting neo nicotinoid.
If I can find out what concentration regular nicotine is used that can go in too, I got 7.5% solution for E-cigs.
Anyone know dosage? I suppose it gets concentrated when the sprayed solution dries.


Mites are on the underside of the leaves, not the top… although I suppose they could be on top if they are headed somewhere else? They are visible, and look like the tiniest grain of pepper size wise. You can knock them off w/ a hose. Spray Every day for a week, or whatever the life cycle is. Neem oil is a great option if you do it out of sun/ grow light. Nicotine works too, I think, but tobacco can give plants disease, so that one makes me nervous. Can you educate me on that one? Are you showing a picture of the telltale white spots on the top sides of the leaves? Kinda looks like you have them when you blow the picture up… but maybe thrips? I dont see mites. But I probably need glasses too lol.


Yea, was trying to show the sucking spot pattern.
The underside it looks like there’s one opaque/white one in the middle, another one on the far bottom right on the stem, whitish spot.
I kinda just remember the red double spotted devils, had them back in the day, but the pattern on the leaf looks the same.

Not going to use tobacco, I have the pure stuff, 75mg/ml glycerine solution.

Only thing I can think of with disease is Tobacco mosaic virus, no idea if that is transferable to weed.

One ancient bit of info suggests 40% nicotine sulphate solution at 1:600.
10mg has 4mg of nicotine to 6000mg(6ml) solution , sooo 100ml of spray, 6ml goes 16,6x in that, 16.6*4mg=66mg/100ml or 660mg per 1L.

So 1ml of my E-cig nicotine concentrate to 100ml should do it, I hope :slight_smile:

Just as a sanity check and perhaps for people without a large bottle of pure nicotine, one regular cigarette has 12mg, so 5 or 6 extracted to 100ml, or 2 packs to 1 liter ,sounds like a lot.
Anyone done this in the past with tobacco?

Manicbotanix recommends 50g leaves to 2l, boil water and let soak for 30min.


Thanks for the info. The mites I had this season looked like dirt particles with the naked eye. I misdiagnosed, thinking calcium deficiency from the spots, and dirt when it was mites. I was losing leaves rapidly for a few days before i looked for mites again. I should have used a jeweler’s loupe, but had a small microscope at 60x instead. That was a mistake. Easy to miss them that way. When i had one come across my view, it scared me a little lol. I wasn’t expecting one, and they’re pretty creepy looking up close.


So tobacco, not nicotine, causes disease?

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They should come in a larger size so we can see em hehe, sneaky buggers. They really do look nasty up close.
Really should get a USB microscope, I think they are pretty cheap these days, get some good trichome pics later on too.Messing around with a magnifying glass isnt getting me anywhere.

Yes the virus is in the actual tobacco plant, still unclear if it infects cannabis, probably does since other plants besides tobacco can have it, heres an article.


Imo that doesn’t look like mite damage. I’ve had them twice unfortunately and the spotting is very tiny, clustered and pretty obvious. I wish I kept pics of my mite damage but it’s quite embarrassing lol
Just my 2 cents, might be wrong. Good luck


After looking at the second pic on my laptop I might be wrong. Lol
If you see what you think is a mite, smash and smear it. If it leaves a blackish streak then mites it is


Be nice if it wasn’t, wish my cam had a better macro, ordered one of those cheap ass USB microscopes, not much use right now but next time.
Overprotective govt seems to have removed all the good poisons from the shops here. Gonna have to smuggle it in, not like I can get a lvl 1 or 2 professional license for my closet activities.
Will give it a weekly spray with 75mg nicotine per 100ml, probably continue with it if the girls don’t frown upon it. Wouldn’t mind having some nic kick in my buds either so, can use all the way through flower if really have to.


You can also control spider mites with diatomaceous earth, just dilute 1 gram per liter of warer and mist all over the plant, it also works for white fly, fungus gnats, and many others.


Nice, it works in a sprayer, not clog up?
Good dose of helping minerals for the leaves too.

You can firstly spray with water, shake the plants to remove the excess water and then sprinkle the plant with the DE, micronized version if possible. It starts to be effective when the water evaporates … :sunglasses:

Edit: Hope you are still in veg, you cannot spray the buds with it.

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It has to be one of those kinda big sprayers, the small ones will clog, also you can apply it with a small paint brush.

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Oh yes, Day 16 from seed soak. I hear silicosis of the lung is a bad thing.
Perfect, covered then, got my vape nic n large bag o DE. Happy accident that, vaping the nic and eating the DE occasionally to clean out the insides, great way to kill off some parasites and give a bit o minerals.
The little ones didn’t mind the water-nic/glycerine spray at all, if something was there, they’ll be pretty dead.


Imidacloprid is wonderful, but not the best choice for mites. It will kill most of them, but will probably require 2-3 more sprayings after the initial knockdown. Pair it with something else, or use a more specific acaricide.

The problem with really early infestations is that a lot of stuff looks like anything (or nothing at all). Severe ones are a cinch to diagnose, but it’s probably too early to tell. Doesn’t look like you have a problem, to me, from those couple photos. I’d say let it ride, but peace of mind is valuable, it’s not like it’s gonna hurt the plant if you spray imidacloprid.

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I like the idea of blasting systemic long lasting stuff in early veg, so little residual after the plant is done in flower, hard to get the good stuff. Will have to order from Germany just to get a bit of abamectin.

If you don’t mind my asking, since you seem to be versed and not opposed to judicious use of agrichems.
Whats your experience with antifungals, difenokonazol+ azoxystrobin looks promising?

I haven’t used either of them for Cannabis. I would if I needed to.

I am of the opinion that pretty much anything is fine for Cannabis, as long as it’s applied early enough to give it a few weeks to degrade. I am not afraid of pesticides; they are on all of our food haha.

What fungus are you trying to control? Or just a prophylactic treatment?

Is spiromesifen available where you are? Or bifenazate? Any of the “mectin” pesticides like ivermectin also kill mites and that one is available widely as an animal dewormer.

Would this stuff work?

I have not found diatomaceous earth to be effective whatsoever.

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Just prevention, on a crusade to eliminate or safeguard what I can.
Traumatic experience last crop, root rot, picked up the plant, whole root ball fell off, week 8/12 of flower, disappointing. Pythium is a fungus, I would hope a fungicide would deter it.
Learning to keep a sterile res, looking ok so far, wouldn’t mind some more protections.
If nothing else, have an arsenal ready when its needed.

Come to think of it, maybe I do need to de-louse my reptile.