Closing the Shark's Tank and Political category

This may be found as very unpopular decision but with regret I decided to close the Tank and Political because things got way out of hand there. This is in spite of me knowing that there is not 100% consensus in community about this solution, but I feel that at least majority will agree and I have discussed this in @TeamOG.

I hope it will also relieve our great moderator team, because it was many times source of the troubles. And because the Tank had the privilege of being unmoderated we had to explain why we don’t protect our users and stand behind our own standards as anywhere else. Also some people just visited the forums to quarrel endlessly, get their daily dosage of adrenaline without really adding anything to the regular categories. The Tank was excluded from standard moderation. But now this is going to end.

I think that we have enough to discuss regarding cannabis and growing and we don’t need political and controversial topics anymore. Lifestyle topics won’t go away! We still can discuss all the casual topics which have at least distant relation to usage or growing the cannabis. All this discussion will take place in #smokers-lounge and all our rules and netiquette will be enforceable. That means, no personal attacks, no name-calling and respect to others.

I hope that this decision will help to unite the community and avoid dividing it over political and controversial topics.

I’d also like to use this opportunity to remind you that we have partial community moderation - that means that your opinion about what is appropriate helps to form public discourse and create positive vibe in this forum. Even if you are new here and just registered you can use our flag system to call attention of our staff team to particular post if you feel it is spam, flame or personal attack. Please use it because we can’t read everything. It will help us a lot!



Thank you Joe for doing what you do :slight_smile:

all the best and enjoy the day



I, for one, think BOTH @LemonadeJoe and ALL the Mods do a G-R-E-A-T job!!! If that is the decision, I ride with it. All, be safe/be well.


I’m fairly new here still, but I think this is a good decision. We don’t need to invite conflict and cultivate a section of OG that’s full of bad feelings and acrimony.


It’s fine with me as I stayed out of the tank because it was too much trouble in there.


Well then I’d say let it be known site wide that there is no tank now, so the BS that runs around will be met with the mighty hammer of @TeamOG lol

It served its purpose until people started using it as a safe haven to spread anger and hate with a little FUD and discontent… Now the priveledge is gone.


Does this mean no political talk to be brought up anywhere on the site , even on non political topics etc


Honestly, the way it should be on a grow forum


Sounds good : )


Perhaps with the exception of cannabis politics, especially as legalization spreads worldwide?


Sounds good to me. I also stayed away as being in there was giving me flashbacks of RIU and some other places :rofl: Don’t need any of that perpetuated here.

Thanks for the heads up and explanation LJ :heart:


This is a happy peaceful cannabis forum those of you who wish to argue over politics and other matters can find a more suitable forum and my opinion


I am ambivalent about the Shark Tank, and it’s inevitable demise here on OG.

I have always despised any type of censorship.

Unfortunately, certain members made the Tank their preferred posting place, simply enjoying inciting and provoking other members. The Tank devolved into a coarse, name calling arena, being largely devoid of anything having to do with cannabis, or even the serious hashing out of policy/political issues. And I have to say that I never understood the accepted definition of unmoderated, because there was some moderation administered. It is either moderated or unmoderated, there is no such thing as partial moderation because that always smacks of favoritism, and cannot be perceived as being impartial. The last thing that I want to see here is the perception that moderators are taking sides on any divisive issue.

So that is why I said that the Shark Tanks termination was indeed inevitable. On the whole, I think that OG will be the better for it having been eliminated


Completely agree, well done … beer3|nullxnull


My leftist political views conflict with my rightest political views…if I cant vent on OG…oh, yeah, Twitter, reddit, etc…lol. but I’m also an atheist trying to convert to Catholicism…new thread?…jk…sharks tank was a great name tho.


Just a question, can the Provocatve memes be moved to Smokers lounge, it was fun and barely harmless … :sunglasses:


I’ve just joined here recently, and also just quit RIU a couple of weeks ago after eight years on the site. I took part periodically in Politics over there, but it got to the point where it was nothing but horseshit. Politics was the last thing being discussed.

I’m kind of glad to learn Politics has been removed from this site. This is a whole new beginning for me, and apparently all of us.


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The only site worthy of my monthly support. :peace_symbol:


Seems like the entire online world is all just politics now. I’m good with it not being on here… plenty of other places to do that. I don’t think it contributes anything to the site, much like politicians don’t contribute anything to our lives. :joy:


Aye that thread was a laugh eh. I’d quite like too see it stay too but it would probably just become the new trump thread sadly.