Does purple matter?

My question is does purple really matter in buds?? I just need to know. And if yes how much more are they worth??

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People go crazy for the purple.

Things are worth what people are willing to pay for them.

Personally I’m indifferent and am unlikely to pay extra for it, but that’s me.

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Purple has bag appeal, but generally lacks in the potency department.


I think it’s worth more too. What’s the hype?

What do you think about outdoor purple vs indoor purple

I don’t sell, so to me they are a novelty. Only grow indoors, can’t say otherwise. :+1::seedling:


I’m just wondering f one has an advantage over the other

for bag appeal you can’t go wrong, some people like it some people don’t. years ago i was pretty pumped to get it, but only once on halloween one year. i’ve heard a bunch of purples lack potency but i would have to argue that not all are like that. the one i’m looking forward to running is bodhi seed’s Purple Unicorn.


Hmmm. I heard so many peeps tell me that indoor smoke is more colorful. I’m wondering now if there is a difference between indoor purple and outdoor purple

i think you’re more likely to get more purple outdoor due to cold induced purple. some purple is genetic, but a bunch of it can be cold induced. you can do the same thing indoor though. then it becomes a normal argument over regular outdoor vs regular indoor.


Yep. My outdoor Romulan is going purple for this very reason. It’s a surprise to me. They never did it indoors.


Another thing I heard was that outdoor purple tastes sweeter

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how about the autos you bred. I saw it got purple how was the overall effect?


TBH, I havent grown a lot of the siblings. The parents were seeded and comparable to the green ones for the most part.


I’ve read they are usually lower in potency, but they are really pretty!!! lol Nothing actually different about the bud, I believe it just has microbes that reflect other light frequencies than chlorophyll. Which means nothing in development, flavor, or thc content if I recall. I’m paraphrasing from stoner memory, so I may have mixed up some terms, but the main point is the same.


The color purple is a natural type of antifreeze so theoretically purple strains should be able to handle the cold better but that’s not my expieriance with them. Purple ,reds, and blues come from Anthocyanins which have health benefits when Ingested but not smoked. If your making edibles there are some benefits. Some strains only show the purple when they get cold because the cold weather causes the break down of chloraphil revealing the other colors. There are purple strains that grow purple regardless of tempature, forbidden fruit is one that comes to mind along with mendo purps, shaman, sr71 purple kush ,etc. Generally solid purple strains are weaker in potency but some like the sr71 purple kush are rather purple and still great smoke.


I will give you a smoke report since I have several purple autos going and I seen from.previous grows that 3 out of 4 turn colors…

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There was a guy on icmag that was cropping that strain. Looked beautiful!

Maybe not the place for these but relevant enough - showing the effect of cool/cold nights.

Romulan outdoor:

Sweet Pure Auto CBD x Lebanese:


If it’s one of your goals is purple buds then it matters. I tried to achieve a balance of everything that can be included…except yeild. But it shouldnt be a problem after a S1 is complete and I can hunt for the best yielding female without lacking anything else that it already had.
Blueberry/WhiteRhino×Grandaddy purp