Gorilla Glue Leaf Twist Pics?

As always, Mods, if this fits better elsewhere please move. I am still learning the ropes.

I had an old post pop up that I thought was new so I responded but, I figured I would ask in a fresh message. It was about GG#4 having twisted leaves and purple stems. The post was “automatically bumped?”

I was given some bag seeds from a friend (I know I am playing with fire) and I took a cutting from one that had very twisty leaves, even though everything else is dialed in correctly. The stems are purple and the new growth, as well as older, twists. Also, the new growth has a purplish hue to it. I moved the plants outdoors and they don’t seem to be doing it as much, but the clone has shown it. Outdoor plants do have the purple hue.

I believe I read somewhere that the strain is notorious for hermie tendencies, which would explain the seeds. All 3 were female as well, telling me this is probably the case. I will do a small cutting flower to see if it will even be worth working with her moving forward.

I’m wondering if anyone can share pics of any GG’s they may have grown in the past or even tell me if this sounds like the strain? I know it’s a guessing game but the original post got me excited! Thank you all so much!! I don’t have any pics on my laptop (on break at work) or I would post them. I will try to get some good shots tonight. The clone is growing but not as twisty as the mom.


I’m currently finishing one, and went purple:

and took some clones as an experiment but nothing special, one has some darkened leaves with maybe some twisting and red stems, but that’s all:

Please post those pics and we’ll see, cheers … :sunglasses:


Thank you so much! Your young leaves are going the same. I got home when the sun was setting. Work at 1 tomorrow. I will try to get some pics! The leafs look the same. Kind of half and half as far as pure Indica and Sativa. Same as mine :slightly_smiling_face:

The taco curl? That’s heat stress or over watering (curl down) and, or high humidity . Most likely heat stress. My indica do that when my rooms really hot and they a sweating allot. Some plants are made to grow in colder climates.

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How do you get a twisted leaf confused with heat stress curl?
They don’t even look the same.

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Are you talking to me?
Notice the op sad " Your young leaves are going the same"
Notice the youngest leafs ever slightly curled in the middle picture.
Why do you care how I came to the occlusion I did. Do we all have to run our thoughts a by you before we write them down. I dont see you helping.

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New growers are here to learn and we aren’t here to make them feel inadequate, let’s continue amicably and hope OP can show us some pics of their plants so we can make a more correct assessment of their issue


The twist is the whole leaf twisting and circling and it will happen randomly, not on whole plant. Also the red/purple petioles will fade in flower. The fan leafs will also show what I call a cobra hood where putter four leaf will pull in under or over the center leaf looking like a striking cobra, only way I know how to explain it.

Look directly in the middle dark green leaf crinkled and twisted but healthy



nice looking buds :slight_smile:

thanks for the peek


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Thanks Ran the Mutt exclusively form JW cut for about 4 years. And yes she will hermie a bit but nothing more than throwing some bananas late just snip them or collect the seeds. I would get about a dozen a pound that I sifted lowers for pressing last batch. Never had one go completely south and dust a crop out of hundreds of plants. Take it over 70 days it will bulk late , keep lights out temp cool they will show some fall colors but yours is extra purple, I like it!!

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been running the JW cut about 4 years or so

always have one in the flower room each grow as I do love to

smoke it

I have some outside for the first time this years with high hopes

to see it at its finest

be safe


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I’ve got a good head stash put away as that’s my favorite medical daily stain, 6-8 cigs of 30% er a day keeps most of the pain away without OXY.

Great Bud to leaf ratio if you strip the bottom third pruning in flower…used to veg them a month and grow 8’ers indoors.


that and a handful of canna capsules


Thank you all for the responses! So, you know how when you bring your car into the shop and everything is running just fine? This is one of those times. There is a small twist on one of the leaves in the closeup, but it’s not that prevalent. This is a cut am growing stealth in with my tomatoes. Also, I will be damned if I can see any purple now. This is my luck…

It is not tacoing, I have been down that road. Not fun. @Instg8ter is describing what this plant was doing before. Just random twisting.

I am also enclosing a plant pic from that same stash of bag seeds. These are outdoor, started indoors. The one on the right went straight into flower, before the solstice. I thought it would revert back to veg because of the extended light hours but, it has not. I have a friend who had this happen this year too. The one on the left is still in veg. Showing more preflowers now, but I am sure she will be waiting for shorter days to really get going.

Again, thank you all so much for the awesome pics and responses. I really appreciate it!


Gorgeous work!

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Looks like GG or a cross she has been bred into hundreds of poly hybrids since an accident started her lineage… either way grow and enjoy one of the first 30% performers. High yield, and bag appeal.


Thank you very much! Glad I got a cut. Haven’t flowered yet though. No celebrating until I see a lack of nanners!

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I read somewhere that when it won cannabis cup in MI , when my friend procured it that cuts were fetching $20,000, that sounds insane but my buddy will not give up what he paid for it. A group of us have kept original mother going until just last year when I was forced to shut down. I was able to save 20/100 cuts before she past. The 20% clone rate tells what kind of shape the old girl was in. I have another mother started from best clone off of final run for now. And also collecting up the self seeds. Not going to use it in my breeding as I feel it’s been overdone already. But I will always carry a cut and grow for meds…


I swear there is more money in seeds and clones than in the actual flower! That is crazy! Glad you will keep your genetics. Selfed seeds are like tiny little genetic portable safes.

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It’s from a hermie itself so it’s bound to be instable. Yes I keep them and trade with the disclaimer. Hell back in the day we always got bag seed even on the Thai Monkey Paw , Thai Stick and Hawiians. Wish I still had my mason jar full of them snake skin beauties.