Doing the root pruning thing again, this time with MicroKote

Received via Mandala Seeds.


I don’t know how I missed this, but your garden looks fantastic. Very much enjoy your writing, too.

I’m gonna have to wait until after the first of May to make any more major purchases, but I will definitely keep that link handy. :+1:t2:

There’s a lot of flim-flam artists and shysters out there waiting to take advantage of noobs, definitely. Flashy packaging and slick advertising are big red flags. The stuff I used to buy from CO-OP didn’t have anything at all (normally), just a label. I’m fortunate to live in a pretty intensive agricultural area, so I could generally get whatever I needed locally (most of the time). I just don’t need 50 pounds of it at a time, lol- I am growing a closet, not 1500 acres! :rofl:


Be glad to send you a slimmed downed version care package. Let me know what you need.


I sent you a message but hit send too soon, check my edit. I’m pretty sad that my old seeds just aren’t doing anything except growing fungus.

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This is a first, out of 8 seeds/plants grown, 7 are frickin’ males! I have 1 Cannacopia Lapiz Mtn. indica lady that is very nice. Friend who gifted me this original said this about the high - “The Lapis Mtn. Indica is a great high. It was what made me realize I actually do like indicas. It’s been a while but I remember it being a good high that never put me on the couch. Strong but a mellow feel. Cerebral but nothing racy about it. I enjoyed it!”

Just sowed this freebie after a day of soaking and sinking. Is this 33% THC for real or just marketing hype?

I spread my DAMP soil on a large metal pizza plate/foil and heated it for at least 2 hours. Oven was set to 180F. This will insure all nasties are dead while not hot enough to carbonize the organics. Using the 20 oz styro cups as usual to germinate the seed again.

I’m a very small consumer of pot these day, and a couple of cartridges in a pen sure does a number too. That pen is so convenient and way too easy. It’s the live type resin/oil. First time I tried that stuff - had finished 2 glasses of wine. In spite of my guest who warned me, I took 2 big tokes off her pen. I about couldn’t walk I was so fucked up! Took me quite a while to get my shit together LOL.


@Hippiechik, how so? Fungus while still in the pack? After being sown?

I tried to germinate them after a soak in warm water with a small amount of molasses and brown sugar (1/2 tsp of each in a cup of boiling water, plus h2o2 when it cooled. Prawn Connery told me about it (he only mentioned sugar or honey), and I figured it wasn’t that much different than Murashige-Skoog formula and couldn’t hurt to try.

The seeds soaked and sunk, none were floaters, which gave me a little bit of hope for viability. Sadly, it seems to be mostly false hope.

I still have some left, and I am holding onto them until I can get this:

I think if anything is going to work, this will. It’s a gamble, and most likely a stupid decision, but I have held onto these things for nearly 20 years! If someone can find 30 year old seeds in a tacklebox hidden in an attic and grow them, then I still have hope for them.


I reckon the sugar stuff is supporting fungus and other issues. Folks tend to over think this. ALL 20 year old C99 seeds I did in 2020 germinated. 1 male, 4 females. Haven’t changed my ways in 30 years or so - soak in plain water overnight, sow the seeds that sink 1/2" deep in a tall container…


I think maybe I ruined them by storing them improperly. They were in a toolbox shoved into the back of an unheated closet, and not in controlled environment storage.

If you’d like to try your hand at some, I would gladly send you a few. Most of them sink during presoaking, but they don’t get any further than that. Occasionally one splits, but nothing else.

Hey @OldUncleBen
From what I remember years ago you were always about the community and sharing your knowledge ect.

The fine folks here at OG are always doing these preservation runs and I wanted to make you aware of them, they are a free giveaway for everyone that signs up.
The one posted below is over but it will give ya the idea.

Now for my selfish motivation…
I will be blunt here, I think that is how you prefer things?
Do you have anything in that vault of yours that you would be interested in sharing with the community?

I bet some others around here are thinking the same thing. :thinking:
Just an inquiry, I hope I did not come across as pushy, I didn’t want to sugarcoat it.
As I said above I think I remember you like to be direct in your conversations.

Thanks for your time.

This is one I signed up for.


About the only thing that may be “preservation” is some very old Mexican bag seeds I’ve had under cold and dry conditions for at least 22 years. I had a friend who sold a lot of fine Mexican pot and saved seeds from the best kilos he bought. We’re talking south Texas area, not upstate N.Y. I remember smoking some Mex weed back in the 60’s that was so trippy we called it “Acid Weed”. I’ll have to check but I think I still have some. What the germ rates are and quality I have new clue. I grew some outside and it was really nice with a clean cerebral affect, happy and fun. In his 1982 book Mel Frank wrote “Mexican weed can be some of the best pot you can grow”.

I also have some very old crosses of dutch varieties like TFD’s O. Haze by Peak 19, etc. I don’t consider that preservation, or landrace stuff. I have pure Dalat Vietnamese seeds I can let go too. A Vietnam war pilot visited the Dalat valley around the early 2000’s and sent me and some others a bunch of them during the old OG days. Here’s one such plant I sent to guy in Santa Cruz. He had to remove his greenhouse roof! Total PITA to grow though. Takes forever to flower which is strictly based on a chronological response vs photoperiod. I grew it indoors under HID’s.

Speaking of oldies, I bought some of the old Afghan 90 X Master Kush from Kwik Seeds. All turned out male. Not that I know or buy from a lot of seed vendors but it seems that Ace Seeds is one of the few that is doing the preservation thingie justice. One reason I got their Golden Tiger crosses and Panama X Malawi work.

Who do I contact in case I wish to share some of this stuff?

Appreciate ya being direct @shag. You’re cool.

Have a good one,


How very kind of you to share!
I think everyone would like to get their hands on some very old Mexican bag seeds.
And yes some of us know the gold you may find in them, Acid weed sounds killer…love the giggly stuff myself.

Been a while since I even heard the name Peak 19, that is an olde but a goodie.
I know what you are saying that would be more of a reproduction than a preservation project and that still may be eligible for a co-op run.

The pure Dalat Vietnamese seeds would be awesome, folks round here would go crazy for some of that.
Cool story too.
We have a few around here that are willing to give us some history, not many so thanks for that.

That is a real bummer, I think that has something to do with breeding a male to himself, not really sure.
I have heard nothing but good about ACE seeds.

I am pretty sure you submit your info here.

Now if you want to go in a different direction you can do that too.
But if you meet the criteria for a co-op the good folks at OG will help you distribute the seeds.

I think everything you mentioned should qualify, but it has to go to a vote before approval.

I always thought you were kinda cool too @OldUncleBen :star_struck:

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Thanks for the info @shag !



Wow, that was fast. Dropped 3 Tom Hill Deep Chunk seeds into a glass of water yesterday morning. Noticed some were beginning to split so I sowed them all early evening.


It looks like someone is very good at storing their seeds…LOL
Good luck with the Deep Chunk.
Those are pretty precious too.


:drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face:. I have SnowHigh Dalat i can offer in return. These are the originals?
You’ll have to check out the Central American landrace thread. There’s about 20 -25 of us Mexican weed junkies hanging out there all the time. I’m a huge fan of Mexican pot. I didn’t start smoking until 1991 and by then the Mexi brick we got in Upstate New York would make you sleep. If you’re willing to part with a few of those Mexican seeds I’ll make more if I can get them to germinate. If I only came up with a female or a male I could combine it with early 70’s Oaxaca from Cryptic Labs, but the goal as always of course is to keep it pure. I have a worm farm and ultra fresh vermicompost and castings to help aid germination.


Are those old Tom hill seeds? I know a guy that absolutely is a fanatic about deep chunk But he has dropped off the radar the last 6 months…
@TheCrueltyDesk. I’m getting worried about him

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Do you have an interest in taking charge of this preservation run if and when it does happen?
Seems you would make an ideal candidate.
To me passion is important, and you seem to have it in this case. :sunglasses:

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For old Mexi genetics I’d sidline a different summer project😁

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" Description

Genetics: Deep Chunk (Californian – Afghan Hindu Kush)
Type: Pure Indica-type
Indoors: c. 56 days
Outdoors: September

This is a Spanish continuation of the original Tom Hill Deep Chunk, a renowned true-breeding Indica-type strain with roots in the Afghan Hindu Kush.

He also sent Afghan Mix freebies. Sound like really good landraces. Indica-type Archives - Kwik Seeds