Doing the root pruning thing again, this time with MicroKote

@OldUncleBen Oh nice. I picked some of those up as well. They look legit to me.
Kwik seeds has legit stuff. Everything i ever grew from them was as advertised and he always gives freebies.
@George is getting into a few of the Afghan mix. I look forward to seeing some grown out. I.just sent some of those out west too.
The same seeds if you had to pay for them Would be 10 bucks each most places. I’ve seen 20 a piece

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They published the story why they were so cheap: :grin:

Afghan Mix

This winter (2019–20), we obtained accessions from the following crucial historic centres of cultivation in northern Afghanistan:

  • Balkh
  • Badakshan
  • Mazar-i-Sharif (i.e. the cultigen ‘Mazari’)
  • Kunduz

Unfortunately, during the process of transporting these seeds, a genius had the bright idea of mixing the bags together (after all, they’re “just cannabis seeds”).

I’m sure there’s some gold in there, willing to find out … ejem|nullxnull


@George happy accident for us. Absolutely some gold in there. Premixed and begging to be the next Black Domina with a little work.



What a joke this garden has turned out to be. You just have to roll with the punches, shit happens.

I have only one female in 12/12 out of 8 seeds germed and you would know it, it’s been trashed by spider mites. I finally have them under control but most of the leaves look like crap. And what produces buds? Dat’s right. Mites must ride on my clothing from my greenhouse. My citrus trees are a magnet for mites. I will soon be drenching the trees with Bonide All Season Hort. Oil.

Am really disappointed in germ rates too from some recent seed purchases. Recently, out of 4 seeds sown (1 Blackberry Rocks freebie from Mandala and 3 Deep Chunk from Kwik Seeds), I have one Deep Chunk that finally popped the soil’s surface yesterday. It’s been a week now since I potted them up after hydration.

In contrast, with my own crosses, even those that I made 20-22 years ago, have very good germ rates, usually 100%. In 2020 I hydrated 5 C99 original backcrosses I did 22 years ago and ALL grew well, until the borg hit them. The result was low potency and yield of C99. Smoke is smooth and the taste is the typical old timey Fruit Loops/bubblegum C99 but you have to smoke a lot of it to get a good buzz. Which is OK I guess. I use a bong with a perculator type bubbler.

Am trying to make up for lost time and yesterday dropped 2 Cannacopia Choc. Chunk and today dropped 2 Hazeman Monkey Balls in a glass of water to hydrate them. Those were gifted from a friend and have been kept refrigerated for about a year now.

Wish me luck! :upside_down_face:


Good luck, I had SM at the beginning of my last grow for the first time.


Mites really did my Cann. Lapiz Mtn. indica in, the only female I got out of 8 grown. :roll_eyes: I got the mites under control and over the last few weeks have been removing handfuls of damaged, necrotic leaves. This thing is so full of leaves, many of them healthy and functional that I think my yields will be OK on this little indica. There are big fan leaves within leaves, layered on top of each other.

I never “leaf”, that’s defeating and another one of those ridiculous cannabis forum myths perpetuated in forums by those who have little to no experience growing flowering and fruiting plants/trees. I do remove unproductive leaves.

Colors are nice, aroma is piney with a strong smell of bubblegum.

The flowering Lapiz Mtn. is kept in the greenhouse to finish out. Daylight hours are about 12/12.

Let’s try this again. Germination rates have been the pits but when you’re gifted seeds then “beggars can’t be choosers”. New (and rare) indicas are 1 Cannacopia Choc. Chunk, 1 Deep Chunk, 1 Hazeman Monkey Balls. Back row is the Juliet grape tomato seedlings. Probably the best large, big grape tomato available.

The Cannacopia Choc. Chunk (front row, left) took 11 days to pop the soil’s surface after hydrating 2 beans in a glass of water. Longest I’ve seen. Out of 2 seeds hydrated, only one made it.

NOTE: I have been transferring my cannabis seedlings into full sun as it’s available. With cloudy skies and/or full sun, they’re under lights on a 20/4 schedule.

They’re being fed Osmocote Indoor-Outdoor Plus, 5-6 month, watered with rainwater. Babies will be upcanned into 2 gallon pots that have been fully painted with MicroKote rather than using only X’s. Way things are growing, probably in about a week. Also, the Styro-cups were painted black to prevent algae blooms.

Uncle Ben


Some of the products I use around the farm. I understand that no one in this group will use such products since they’re stuck in the cannabis specific products drill, but just for kicks…

Excellent for mite control, and, about anything that “sucks” - mealybugs, scale, aphids. Bought a gallon off Amazon when it was cheap a year or so ago. I would use this up to heavy tricrome production. Shake well, it contains an emulsifier.

Surfactant. Save yourself some money and buy from a feed supply store.

Saltpeter, for that extra hit of K and N.

Haven’t used this in ages.



Howzit hangin’ @OldUncleBen
Not true there my friend…LOL
I do.
I think a lot like you, I may have even learned some of these tricks from you, long ago. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I too use mineral oil instead of all the Woo Woo juice in the hydro stores.
As you mentioned in the other thread, we both use cheap silica, not those $100 bottles.
I have also used Osmocote outside with good success.
Not sure if that came from you or a friend who use to hide weed plants in farmer’s corn fields, back when things were illegal.

But you sir, are not alone. :rofl:
Those that like to hold on to their cash would do well to take notice.

To look at her you would not know it.
She looks dam good to me. :wink:

I almost forgot, I totally agree here.


I’d have to agree with @shag. Not true.
I’m a big fan of simple household or farm store organic fixes!


Happy that you have freed yourself of high prices and most time inferior products, good on ya!

With warmer temps, she is really kicking in some buds even since yesterday. Today it’s 90F and she’s getting full sun, for about 7 hours of her 12 hour day now.

Another benefit - my rainwater registers a pH of around 5.6. You’d think it would be neutral but cabonic acid and the anerobic fermentation in the 3,000 gal. tank has an impact.

Grow hard,


NOW, I understand where the name “deep chunk” or “freak chunk” comes from! The abundant leaves, hidden buds and super short internodes on this Cannacopia Lapiz Mtn. indica is unreal. I pulled back a few leaves to check what’s growing in the abyss.


Did it again, waited too long to upcan. I noticed that these babes were not growing much, they were potbound. I pinched off the bottom spin out.

Painting the cups with black paint worked well - no algae bloom this time.

They are in 2 gal. pots. All internal surfaces of the pots were painted with MicroKote.

Uncle Ben


Harvested the only female exactly 8 weeks after flipping to 12/12 - Cannacopia Lapis Mountain indica. Very small plant at 18". Now I know what they mean by hybrid vigor, cause this and my other indicas have NONE. I usually harvest plants at 4’ - 6’ but with landrace type indicas you need to let them veg for a long time. There was no stretch to speak of.

Plant recovered nicely from a hit of spider mites which I got under control. Leaves remained healthy and green until the end. The only food I used was about 1 TB. of Osmocote Indoor-Outdoor Plus scratched into the top inch of soil. 15-9-12, 5-6 month release.

I put the lower part back under the lights to see what will happen. 20/4 lights.

About a day before the chop I removed most of the fan leaves for the sake of convenience the next day…then out the door running errands like we single folks do.

Lots of dense, sticky chunks.

Note, the buds deep in the canopy that got no light are very nice. I chopped off the top of the plant to take out incriminating background.

I have a lot of loose chunks in an oversized wire colander with a fan on them. Ones hanging have a fan blowing on them too.

Uncle Ben


Looking mighty fine brother man!
Nice and frosty.
Love the color too.
Old school indica for sure.
Have you smoked this one before?
Seems like a good haul for an 18 inch tall plant.

Hi there
Paps here

I just got caught up on this thread great info thanks for posting

I always root prune before up potting but never tried the chemical method. ( old fashioned scissors lol :joy:)
I only use plastic when there small and transparent in to fabric bag with my Octopots
I may just need to do a Side by side comparison grow just to see

Good to have you around


Thanks brother. Never have smoked this one. Friend who gave me the seeds said this about it:

8 males? That’s insane. The Lapis Mt Indica is a great high. It was what made me realize I actually do like indicas. It’s been a while but I remember it being a good high that never put me on the couch. Strong but a mellow feel. Cerebral but nothing racy about it. I enjoyed it

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Howdy and thanks, good to be here.

Try MicroKote. The new ones are in pots that were painted top to bottom with it. Am also putting quite a bit of tomatoes in treated pots. I grow pineapples and will put a new rooted store bought top in a treated pot tomorrow.


Well, am real happy with this little 18" plant - Cannacopia Lapis Mtn. indica. Cure is done, came in at 94 grams or 3.3 oz. Citrus/skunk/diesel odor. Took 3 hits from a perculator bong last night - smoke is very smooth, great high, relaxing but an up feeling for an indica, no couch lock.

Plenty of resin albeit on small, short trichomes.

Have 3 indicas in veg still. The Hazeman Monkey Balls (Deep Chunk F2) is quite vigorous.

"HazeMan had some F1 seeds to make this F2 give away of Tom Hills creation. The effect is very strong and long lasting. The yield of this plant is very high. Expect the flowering time to be any where from 54 to 64 days. This is another old Classic brought back just for the holidays.

Variety: Indica
Yield: High
Plant Height: Medium
Flowering Time: 8 - 9 weeks "


Monkey Balls is a confirmed lady, front right. Back left is the harvested Lapis Mtn. revegged for about 3 weeks or so. Plants are doing fine being given only rainwater. Occasionally I’ll mix in my well water, about 1/2, which has a very high TDS mainly bicarbs of Mg and Ca.

Never again will I do an indoor garden outside of the cool/cold and short days of winter. What a PITA for light and heat control.

FWIW, that Lapis Mtn. indica is some really good pot. Creeper weed fer sure. Laughing weed.

Have a safe and spiritual weekend,
Uncle Ben