DrEvilL and his dungeon of Doom

My 2 oldest plants. I’m growing in promix using RO water had an issue with calmag or phoursous deficiency. Leafs started to get blackish spots and turn to rust.


This is my thin mint x Mac 1 born July 30 th


I’m calling Austin powers,… nice plants man.


:rofl: ! Thanks man appreciate it :grin:

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No problem bud. Welcome back.

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Strawberry banana born July 30 th


Nice @DrEvill great choices too

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This is Grandpa stash the shorter one that I have going


This is the taller of the two grandpas stash


Thin mint crossed with Mac 1


And the strawberry banana


Cannot wait until the day I get to pop these BOG holds a special place in my heart. I grow addicted to wanting to grow from all his awesome pictures. R.I.P. I always wanted to get more of his stuff I got this one gifted a few years back for a Christmas gift.


I was so confused until I read OP’s name lol.

Nice looking plants, Dr. Evill. I’m popping some BOG Blue Kush I got from the Spring (?) Co-Op next grow. From Seed Finder,

If you like the taste of Blue Moon Rocks then you should try [Blue Kush] because you can tell the BMR is in there but this bud is even yummier imho because you can taste the sour bubble in there too. The blend of flavor makes this a real treat and not too sweet.

Sounds exciting. If I reproduce some, which I probably will, I’ll gladly send you some seeds. There’s also BMR being reproduced for the Fall 23 box, but I believe sign ups are full.

Edit: I believe @DougDawson may still be doing raffles of Blue Kush in the Trading Post too.


Look nice, keep it going

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Sounds tasty AF for sure. Ill be on the lookout for them raffles when I can sadly I just joined so need the proper lvls. Should have came looking for this site years ago didn’t even know it was back lol

Thanks I appreciate that bud!

I sent out Sour Bubble in the last Fall box and made 1600 Sour Grape at the same time that I have been passing out. Then sent out Blue Kush in the Spring box. This fall I am sending out Blue Moon Rocks and am soon starting a reproduction on Sweet and Sour Cindy for the next Spring box. Been doing lots of BOG F2 runs so there is tons of BOG genetics floating around.

Good luck with your BMR @DrEvill. I went through 3 packs of seeds that only grew 1 plant. Than got 5 more F1’s to complete my preproduction. They all popped and grew well so I ended up with 3 males and 3 females. Collected a ton of pollen from them, 58 grams if I remember correctly. That BMR was the toughest run I have ever had due to the horrible germination from the first 3 packs.


I seen all the work you have done. Pure Legend. I’m your new stalker btw :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Someday I’ll have more then one strain of his.


How was the sour grape btw?


Honestly, I don’t know, lol. I grew some Grape Punch that I hit with Sour Bubble pollen to create the seeds. The Grape Punch and Sour Bubble were both amazing. I still have a ton of Blue Kush seeds from the run. After passing out around 180 to 190 packs through the co-op and passing out a ton on my own, I still have these. :rofl: