Ebay seller , selling Chemdog regular seeds?

This auction reads the seeds are regular & “chemdawg” is new strain . This has to be a bunk seeds , unless im missing something. Something fishy i think…


A lot of Breeders are now selling on eBay. Because of the legalization of Hemp (2018), it appears a lot of Listing are now found. In the past, I have found many Breeders on eBay. eBay normally suspends the Seller, but lately I have seen more ads.

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If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

If you’re looking for chem, Lucky Dog or Top Dawg are probably your best bet. Expensive, though, but they do a lot of inbred chem stuff. A cheap option would be Greenpoint, his Stardawg male to an OG or chemdog plant will set you right. He has several options that fit that bill. Stardawg F2, Copper Chem (seen it in person at GrowHard’s place, it’s daaaank), Valley Chem, Western Grail, Cali Cannon, etc. All quite reasonable.


I have chemdog , I just happen to see the auction . As we know its a clone only strain . So only S1s are available or crosses. But not regular seeds.


There are absolutely inbred Chemdog lines available in regular seeds.

Ever heard of Stardawg?


Of course , Stardog is stardog , just like chemdaze is chemdaze but CHEMDOG cant have regular seeds its a clone only strain.
Just like G13 has crosses but your not going to find regual seeds that produce female and male seeds . Its clone only. or s1s

I’ve got a bunch of different pineapple kush crosses and some GSC

GSC was definitely GSC

Pineapple Kush x GSC I grew was a definite hard PK leaner

That said I worried the whole time they were bullshit they were not

Off eBay


If you think chemdog can’t be in regular seed format, why’d you ask?

Chem 4 x (Chem 4 x Chem D BX3) I mean, literally every single plant will display mostly chemdog characteristics. If it’s not Chemdog, IDK what is. Semantics, I guess.

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But its impossible to have regular seeds . It cant happen. If it was crossed with something sure . No one has regular female , male seeds.


I was just referring to my personal experiences with the reliability of seeds off eBay not to the chemdog debate

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I made a statement . What did I ask?

O ya every one isnt out to get your money . No no way do I think that.

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Its one thing to say this is a pheno from my cross I made and another to say this is the starian all the clubs are using and you can have it too.

Seems to me you were claiming Chemdog can’t be replicated in regular seed format. I assumed you were looking for a chemdog regular seed line. 'spose not, nevermind.


Its cant not straight Chemdog 91 . Only s1 , clones and hybrid mixes . Chemdog 91 parents are unknow so it cant be replicated ever again. The true chemdog. Thats my point. Unless some one has there parents and the community is going to get a 30 year surprise .
More so seems crappy some one would sell those seeds just for the name sake to make money. Then you have to question what it is . I did ask him because im curious.
Ive seen great crosses with chemdog though . Humboldt CSI does great work with the strain.
Little crap like this gets me going . I dont like seeing people rip people off.


Speaking of eBay seeds 60 something people so far either happy or ripped off :astonished: lot of good stuff on there at the moment

Thanks for the reminder I’ve been slacking on the eBay

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There are Chem 91 inbred lines, if that isn’t chemdog, IDK what is. If every plant comes out looking exactly like chemdog, in my mind, it’s chemdog. Is it the original clone? No, but if it’s 98% inbred chem, I doubt you or anyone else will be able to tell. Besides, 4, D, and Sis were out of the same buds, same parents, incrossing inbred chemdog plants yields more chemdog plants. We all know how clones work.

I have a greyhound. I do not have the original greyhound parents, because they died hundreds of years before my life. However, it has been inbred to the point where every pup displays almost totally uniform characteristics. Is a purebred dog not that breed?

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The concert it was found at


Hell I didnt know Ebay sold seeds. Anyone here ever buy from there?


I am curious , what exactly it is . I can understand taking another cut of something thats similar the get an alike pheno. Im all for that Making beans are cool. The seller goes on to write .
" the Chemdawg strain is becoming increasingly popular among medical marijuana patients in California, Colorado, and Washington state."
Either the seller doesnt know its been around for ever , or he is saying it trying to lure new comers in.
If its a back cross of his with an alike pheno Ide buy it. IMO the seller can get allot more than 30$.
I did message him to ask.

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