Emeraldgreen first thread

A little background about me. I’ve been growing for 27 years pretty much nonstop. I have gone up and down in size during this time.
I’m primarily indoors with my grow experience. The last couple years I have been trying my hand at outdoor.
Getting plants that are done outdoors in NY is a challenge.
So last July my appendix ruptured and it laid me out for months. I lost my grow space and really only had enough energy to keep a couple moms alive. Thank goodness I share cuts or l would have lost most of my moms. Previous experience has taught me that it’s a great idea to share or risk losing special cuts.
During this period I joined and read on here a lot!
In April I got a phone call from my friend asking me what I was doing? He was qualified for NY rec license and wanted to know if I wanted to work with him if he got it.
He got it! My life has been so busy since mid to late April I am amazed.
I had started about 30 seeds from people I have traded with on here for myself this year. Unfortunately I have slowly killed many since I didn’t have a lot of time for myself. I’m in the process if revegging some now. The focus of the reveg is gg4 ril and rainbird. I’ll put up more on them as I proceed. The first thing I want to do is tell everyone about my experience with atlas seeds. So here it is.
We planted six varieties from Atlas: fogdog, cotton candy both fem autos ice cream cake, dosido, papaya bomb, and banjo fast photo fems.
Price for seeds when talking directly to Atlas is good, 1.25 per seed for auto and I believe 3.25 per seed for fast photos.
Germination was very good. It wasn’t 100 percent but pretty close.


Got any pix?

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I have a bunch of pictures. I just wanted to get the ball rolling. That’s next.


A field of freshly planted auto and the fast photos in 4 inch pots getting ready for their turn.
My very first auto experience right here. Couple things I did not know. First once you see the taproot you have about 9 days to get it in the ground. Second autos really prefer not going from promix to clay hard soil.
Out of 2000 we got 1600 in with the time frame. We ended up tossing about 400 since we didn’t get them in fast enough. Learning experience!


I am interested in your outdoor endeavors, carry on!


Definitely watching this one. Are you growing medical or rec, if you dont mind my asking?


Right on @Emeraldgreen ! Nice read, glad to see you get a thread going. And doing bigs things ta boot! I’ll be watching along, positive vibes!:grin::peace_symbol:


This is rec. NY gave2 year conditional license to partner in the hemp program. You were allowed to grow an acre of canopy. @Habitt

@Budderton glad your here. I’ll be showing you a bit of what I’ve been doing. This has been the biggest grow I’ve done to date :crazy_face:. What an adventure


Very nice. Was it difficult going through the application process? I’ve heard some states its prohibitively difficult without a very expensive lawyer.

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I did not do that part. My friend was able to do the application by himself for this one at least. I’m going to try and get one myself when they re open the cultivation license again


Keep living the dream brother.


the seedlings shot is of a banjo with the burnt weird growth and one of the other 3 fast photos. The banjo gave us problems from the beginning. Cold bothered it everything seemed to annoy it. The other three varieties were much more vigorous and healthy. The autos in the black plastic rows starting to grow. The first fast photos going into the ground with straw mulch. The autos freaked us out! They just seemed to sit there not doing much of anything. Than a little growth. At this point we were really uncomfortable with putting them in the ground. We were happy with the fast photos, but had gotten them bigger before putting them in the ground.


@OlManHenry I just wanted to tag you about my atlas seed experience


Darn this gets me stoked brother !
Everything looks killer prolly looks even better now :upside_down_face:
You should fill me in on the details when go and try to get yours !!


I am in michigan so things are similar, gotta find the quick finishers…right? :face_with_monocle:


@Rabeats2093 I’ll be filling in the details as best as I can. I’m planning on applying for a license also. Might as well :crazy_face:

@shag it’s definitely all about the quick finishing ones.


Nice, great comeback, congratulations on new lease,
Dont mind me sliding a few pictures of a cross bred by @Emeraldgreen
Dirty taxi x stardawg

Sorry for interruption


All conversations are encouraged and welcome as long as we respect each other. That definitely fits in!
Doing a great job @Hapi


Hell yeah brother it would be a dream :yum:


Autos starting to get established in the black plastic mulch. The fast photos in the straw mulch picking up speed also
The two photos with black mulch are from the top of field first and the bottom of the field second. In the second one you can see a section of plants that are obviously not as happy as the rest of the row. The middle photo is the ice cream cake fast photo