Give Up The Funk

What’s up OGdotcom ?

I’m here to start a new diary after some time away from the community. I hope to see some familiar faces along the way :slightly_smiling_face:

So, first, the low down:
I run both soil pots and ebb&flow hydroponics.
Soil is a base of Happy Frog that is lightly amended.
Hydro is fed using the GH Flora 3part along with kool bloom and epsom salt. Rock wool cubes and hydroton.

Veg is split up into a few different small areas…
First, a 3’x3’x7’ tent that is split into two 3.5’ tall areas, hydro on top, soil on bottom.
Both columns lit with LED.
I also have a 2x2x4 tent that I use for veg and flower that is ebb and flow and a home made LED…

(Pics from time of install)

Flower is in the same room as tent
1/2 soil, 1/2 Ebb. The ebb is a 12 bucket system.

Soil lit by 600ish watts of LED and Hydro lit by 1000w of HID.
10” exhaust fan on a thermostat and humidity is controlled by a digital humidistat.

I recently shut everything down due to root aphids… it sucked. But- starting off on a better foot. Upgraded the room to the condition you see and rolling out with some major fire.

Garden Roster to start things off:
Instant Cookies
Chem 91
LED Seedz Delirious
LED Seedz Sexy MF
Double Diesel x GM
Purple Crack x Point Break
{also waiting on Skywalker Kush cuttings to root}

Lastly- I’m testing something I just made and am MAJORLY EXCITED about…
Illegal Smile = Instant Cookies x StarDawg F3

Current Garden Pics-

Illegal Smile group- just placed suspected males into 2x2 to flower:

Hopeful Females, also a GG4s1 in there somewhere:

Soil group, Purple Crack x Point Break .75gal pots, IC in solo cups:

Quarantine girls; I95, Chem 91:

Soil group getting settled before flip to 12/12 soon…
Front row and rear right are all Sexy MF, next to the left is DDxGM and far left rear is Delirious:

Finally recent flowers from my spot:

My apologies for low picture quality. Phone pics are just so much easier than the Canon :wink:

Stay hazed


Cant wait to see the ICookies flowering. :wink:


My man.
Thanks again for getting her back to me bro.

You’d better hurry up with that room of yours or I’ll be smoking on her flowers before you hit bloom :dizzy_face:


Love your two level tent idea Arriba|nullxnull , nice setup you’ve got there, willing to see all of them grow … popcorn


It’s great to see you back on board!
Big, fat, welcome back!


They took the chains off! :sunglasses: :boom:




Thank you @George1961 very much for the kindness!
@Calyxander & @cannabissequoia good to see you guys!


That is an amazing setup!
Its going to be fun watching what you do with it!



I really like reading up on everyone’s style and set up. Good shit man, thanks for sharing with us


Thank you guys very much for swinging through with the kind words.
It’ll be a lot of fun moving forward with this setup.

A little more into the thought behind this setup…
In Bloom I’ve always run a perpetual garden. It was true for years in soil and then when I switched to hydro I was given a great recipe to continue on in that fashion.

I can’t give it up. It’s too fun.
I do also crave more from my garden as far as yield vs resources used and imo perpetual gardens aren’t the most efficient in terms of maximizing plants.

So- one of the the thoughts here was to establish an area for 8-12 soil plants running in perpetual and then 9 or 12 hydro plants running in cycles to achieve “bumper crop” rhythm for the room.

So, perhaps not the random mash up it appears to be but still fun :grin:

I gotta find some time to go see what everyone else is doing these days :star_struck:


This is truly a thought out grow. Real props man! That sounds awesome, perpetual growing sounds productive. Nice man


Looks awesome wow!

That Illegal Smile has some fatty leaves on it - cool looking.

Really interested to see the Chem 91 grow - that’s a real deal cut, hard to get - lucky!

I’ll be watching :slight_smile:


Hello to you @Blowingupjake… I hope you are well.

That’s quite a setup you have to grow in… that is also quite a nice strain list you have there, as well. Especially the Chem 91. Is that Chem91 SkunkVA by chance?

I’m in agreement with @man-bot. That cut certainly is a hard one to acquire.


Perpetual is a lot of work, but if you have the time, sure does a good job of keeping you in bud.


Hey man thanks for stopping by with the nice words!
I am unsure if it’s the SkunkVA cut… they said “yeah” and then kinda back tracked a bit so I guess the proof will be in the pudding…
this is my first run with her and the I95 so we’ll find out here in a few months :+1:


Nice to see you up and running again bro :sunglasses:


Nice to see you too @Albannach, you’re good peeps. Can’t wait for your grow show to be back in motion!

Howdy rest of the Overgrow community,

Quick and sloppy update for y’all tonight:
Suspected Illegal Smile males, flipped 3 days ago:

Illegal Smile females from a couple days ago:

Horrible pic from tonight to illustrate growth in just a couple days:

Soil cube:

Soil group flipped to 12/12 2 days ago, pic from that day:

Have a great rest of the week everyone!
Stay Hazed


Better pics taken tonight of the group moving into flower:

Stay hazed


Hi everyone, I hope your weekend is starting off well.

Mine is :slightly_smiling_face:

Last night I decided that a 1/2” from the light was too close and it was time to empty the hydro tent cube into flower.

Quick shots after all the action last night:

The HPS side looked super perky and happy when I peeked in this morning. Hoping by next week I’ll need to break out the second LED fixture for the soil side.

Soil cube:

Most of these plants want new shoes. I’m aiming for one night this week to get them transplanted.

That’s all for now
Stay hazed


Hola everyone

Quick update tonight of how the big flower hydro is looking. Settling in very nicely

Stay hazed