EMF Exposure from Lighting

I find when I am in my grow room and near some lamps that I get an electrostatic tingling feeling; particularly in my head…

Does anybody have any reliable source information on the EMF and/or “dirty electricity” effects on plants and growers from various source, types, and/or brands of lighting and other electrical grow room gear?

Would be highly appreciated.

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It could even be acoustic energy… :thinking: Interesting topic. :+1:


EMF is absolutely a real concern - all remote ballast HID lamps give off a TON of EMF. My LED fixtures hit dangerous levels only if you come within a foot or two of the fixture.

the best thing to do to protect yourself is get a Trimeter - it’s worth the money if you have any concerns - I’ve been using mine for years and love it - you can also use it to check your microwave oven for leakage, other appliances, the effects of overhead power lines, etc:


Thanks dude, that’s most helpful… I’ve been thinking about a Gauss meter and I heard the Tri-meter was the way to go.

Digital HPS ballasts are really bad for this, cant use an AM radio anywhere near one, all you hear is buzzing

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I just think of Chuck from Better Call Saul