Final Expenses for Pi aka Pie, one of the very first members of Overgrow

Any of former the members of the77, Overgrow, Cannabis World, The CannaCabana or Raccoon Lodge who remember Pi, we are raising money to pay for his final expenses.

We are raising funds for our old friend Pi aka Dana Udovich’s final expenses. Pi died after finally seeking medical attention for a condition that he’s been suffering from for good while. Unfortunately he was too late in seeking medical attention. Pi has no family willing tend to his final expenses and we are a group of longtime friends trying to raise money to have him cremated and pay for any other costs, fees taxes, etc… associated with the process. Pi was a lover of his animals and they were his real family and they have been taken care of. Now, if you can please help us pay for Pi’s final arraignments.


I met Pi several years ago while CW was still running. Then lost contact when CW went down. I just reconnected through this site not long ago and have been in touch. I was wondering why I hadn’t heard anything from him for awhile so I checked on his Facebook page, only to discovered he has passed. Was very saddened to hear this. I have some funny tales from our meeting in real life way back when that I will always remember. RIP Pi


@muir & all of the 77, please accept my apologetic & belated condoloences, for having only read this now.

RIP OGers. :pensive:


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