First auto grow

Her we go, dropped 2 fem nl autos, 6(it’s 5 now because my cats are assholes) blueberry auto reg and 3 ancestral(I think that’s what it says, not great with cursive) skunk auto regs along with 2 photo gorilla glues(bag seed). The g13 is still recovering, but I figured I’d start a new thread focused on these.
Cleaned up the grow room too.


Setups ghetto af , but so am I :sweat_smile:
G13 is under 1000w mh, seeds ar under a 400w mh dimmed to 150w. Sanitizing the rest of my buckets and cutting more humidity domes from clear plastic bottles(2L soda bottles and juice bottles mostly)


Everything will be dwc standalone buckets.

(if we get that stimulus soon I’m gonna setup rdwc I just have a bit more research to do on parts and setup, would really appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction there, hopefully towards a setup that can use standard round buckets)

Rooms 73f with 1000w + 150w mh and a 500w space heater. 63 with lights out. 18/6 this time. I usually veg under 24/7 but fuck that electric bill lol.


you amaze me, growing on carpet lol. I would ruin that carpet so fast I cant help but make messes.


I rent and I absolutely loathe my landlord(and that’s saying something because I already dislike landlords on principle). Already not getting the security deposit back (thanks cats) so fuck him. If I owned or if he kept up with the maintenance on this place I’d take more precautions, but the guys a giant dickbag mf told me he didn’t give a damn if my cats were prescribed emotional support animals and that he didn’t want them in his properties. I told him to go fuck himself and cited both state and national disability acts then he grumbled a bit and fucked right off.


Escrow FTW

Love northern lights and blueberry strains.


Rockwool is a clumsy medium for germinating. Think I’ll stick with root riot plugs next time, just using what I had laying around this time.

Good luck with the grow

Growing a northern lights/blueberry auto at the minute it’s still going plant

I hate waiting for seeds to sprout. The anxiety is killing me :sweat_smile: grow my children, grow.QrdgzBPDEd2EWTBd1-2nF3jC7hVJc_heEN9QKJqvOQw (1)

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2 of the auto skunks, one of the auto NLs and both of the gg(supposedly) bagseeds are starting to poke through. Considering moving my seed starter/small light(150w mh)to the closet till they sprout fully so I can keep them under 24hr light for a few days. 3" netpots fit perfectly in solo cups so I might move them from the tray till roots pop through and I can set them up in buckets.


This was or had to be an auto strain…this started to flower around the 1st. week of July in my vegetable garden…I did not plant this it just popped-up…the ones that I did plant didn’t didn’t start to flower until August 15th. I’m in zone 5. It was actually pretty damn good Sativa high.


After 18 hours without powerand it being cold af I was really worried when it came back on and went into the grow room to check on things. And they seem to be going well. I’m so fucking relieved because it was 35°f in my house. Almost all are sprouted now and it feels like a giant fucking weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I’m so fucking glad right now holy shit. The asshole landlord that owns the house with the tree across the street that knocked out my entire neighberhoods power needs to cut that mf down though. I’m about to do some digging, find out his contact information and who his tenants are. Time to get back on my angry union organizer shit. Time for a rent strike, bankrupt that mf if we have to.


Glad all is well. 35 seems dangerously low for this babes.

Screw crappy landlords. I’m glad to finally have my own spot!

Good luck man!


Nice, surprise weed is the best weed.

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Roots have popped through all but 3, got one NL(fem) that hasn’t sprouted yet but hopefully she does soon. I’m starting to get excited. :grin:

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One nl has yet to germinate. The other is slow to sprout true leaves. The rest are now in their dwc buckets and I’m trying to get my layout sorted. Got 2 1000w mh lights about 6ft over the plants, I’ll lower them when they get a bit bigger, don’t want to burn my girls.

4gal solution/bucket: masterblend 1.2g/gal
Epsom salt 0.6g/gal
Cal nit 1.2g/gal
Bleach 0.25ml/gal

So glad I learned about sterile hydro, because no matter how careful I am a couple cat hairs always find their way in while I’m mixing my nutes and filling the buckets. I love the little shitheads and they make life worth living but they’re still giant pains in my ass.:upside_down_face:

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