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I just wanted to start a thread where I can post progress of my grow/room/outdoors and share my happy place in life with everyone


Pic from today of current grow, I’m still trying to perfect growing autos and this is my first hydro run, I built bubble buckets with 4 inch air stones in the bottoms.

The bigger plants in the middle are a month and a half old, they’re a little stunted from me learning the buckets and not having pH down for a couple weeks. The smaller ones were planted in the hydro as seedlings on 6/2. The larger auto in the coco is the same age as the larger hydro buckets.

The small autos in the back were from a failed run I didn’t have the heart to kill, truthfully ended up with a few 8ths maybe of some decent bud anyhow.

The photos are vegging for when all these autos are done, shit maybe they’ll even go outside when those autos are finished (pics below as I upload more)


Different angle to show my lights, the 2 long ones with white are Lenofocus LF2000’s I helped develope, they’ve got all your name brand bullshit people want. 200 true watts per fixture, even par across the entire 2x4 fixture. OpticLED Slim 100w bloom enhancer in the middle for 450nm blue and 365nm UV, plus more reds but those are the diodes I got it for. 50/50 UVA/UVB spectrum T8s being developed right now (couple months out I’m told), wavelength real close to where they blend are gonna go in the middles of the fixtures for damn near sunlight spectrum.

Lights are on an analog controller and set at 25% increments from 7-8pm to get to 100% to imitate sunrise and drop at 10% increments from 12-1PM to turn off at 60% to imitate sunset, the UV bar is set to 25/50% increments through that time so as not to anger the plants too much. The schedule is set around Consumer’s energy peak ours for where I am in Michigan so our light/gas bill even during veg is under 200$ with the veg tent, AC, 8in exhaust, etc. etc which I think is sweet.


I bought a cloner the same time as the bubble buckets and had to take a friend’s grow on because he fucked his life up and had a trial by fire for cloning, lost maybe 7 out of 30 or so.

Still having trouble keeping them from the leaves dying off while they root if anyone can give some advice to a complete novice. I use biorhizotonic, micro npk, cal-mag and slf100, raw honey sometimes, azos rooting powder, dip them in a solution I mixed up when they’re newly cut.


Rooted clones taking forever to show new growth


Sam’s club pink rose from my old ladys bouquet she asked me to clone, waiting for it to perk up after transplant


White walker autoflower by Master Sensei Genetics in Michigan, the happiest of my bubble buckets so far


For clones, I always put a humidity dome on until they have roots. I also go VERY light on nutes. I use 1/4 tsp/gal of GH 3 part Flora Series with a little CalMag Plus in RO water. I dip the fresh cut clones in Clonex and let it sit on them for about 15 minutes before placing them in my cloning bucket. I have a 100% success rate with this.


Sharkbite Number 3 that I revegged for the guy I got it from, my first ever successful one


I know it’s messy and ugly right now… Don’t judge me lol. I only have so much time and energy, I’ll make the hoop house pretty soon too. Also if you have any questions about how I built the contraption please ask!


There is a cover for it I just took it off for the pics, I try to keep it 100% humidity in there which isn’t very hard, it usually is that.

I don’t wait the 10 minutes like that but I’ll start to. Also I use my well water for literally everything, think that’s an issue at all?

Thanks for the quick response!


My goals are; I need to learn cloning and breeding and learn how to do preservation runs for the strains I want to keep and spread around and refine my extraction and outdoor techniques… And find time to do all of what I’m trying to do :joy:


Well water varies all around the world. Mine will kill plants because the pH is in the mid 4’s. Do you know the pH of yours?


Starts out around 8 so I have to pH down the hell out of it

Edit: I had my light at idk 150 watts, just knocked it down to closer to 50… Forgot it was up so high from vegging a bunch of shit, probably wasn’t helping my clones either

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OK…you have a lot going on with the water you’re using for unrooted clones. If I were you, I’d switch to distilled water rather than putting pH down into my well water. You can get gallons of it from Wally World for a little less than a dollar. And you may want to completely change up what you feed them. Unrooted clones don’t need honey, lol. Like I said, I have total success with GH 3 part Flora series.

Oh, and you have to keep everything clean.


But you have observed my blatant lack of cleanliness :joy: I did add hydrogen peroxide to counteract the algae growing on the tops of the plugs, I’m fairly certain the algae caused a few clones to die…

Maybe I’ve got too much going on in general at once, I’m stretched pretty thin time and energy wise as is unfortunately. Seems like cloning is something I need to be able to give attention to that I don’t have available just quite yet


Yikes…I hope there were no clones in it! And I also hope you dilute your h2o2 correctly. I keep h2o2 from unrooted clones, diluted or otherwise.


Well I wish I would’ve read that last night :joy: either way I use minute amounts, a splash in 2 corners of the entire reservoir. Though I did flat out soak the tops of plugs… Even the one clone with roots and the 3 without. Either way I’ve got full plants of both still I guess…

Also swapped the water out and rebuilt the nutes or whatever you want to call all the rooting stuff+nutes. I don’t go RO cause of cost and there’s not that much of a need for perfectly sterile water from what I read over the years, I use a stage 1 heavy metal and chlorine filter for my “clean” water.

What are your thoughts on only 1-2 stages of the 4-5 stage RO system?


I use just plain tap water in my cloner ( PH 7.2 ). Nothing else. No problems. :smiley: :+1:


I had gotten that filter because I’d had lots of problems in the beginning growing in promix hp, promix hpcc, roots organics, just in general it decimated my microbes pretty much sterilized my soil. Now I don’t even have to pH when I grow in a dirt like medium, with the amendments and what not that I use