First Grow Indor Grow Tent Purple Buddha Status & Progress

I’m commiting to my first official grow that I know will actually make it to full maturity and I have always had a knack for growing flowers vegetables and the like to me it seems like the exciting start to something I’m really gonna enjoy me and my lady.


nice I will ride along:)

so on with the show my friend

all the best and be safe


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Good luck. :four_leaf_clover:

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Sounds great. I am in.

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Sorry for the wait but they are officialy 3 days planted them as soon as they got here learned alot about how im gonna work this tent space but thats good cause now i have some more coming from the widow family and chronic widow i think so ill be looking to use the extra pots to grow atleast two of them these are my purple Buddhabe ready with the leftover. Pots to add atlwa