First Grow Journal

Hey I just starting my first grow and figured I’d start a journal on here in hopes you guys could help me with a successful grow before I make any mistakes. I’m starting with two cherry AK47 fem seeds planted in fox farms ocean forest soil in a 3x3 tent with a HLG100 3000k QB. Both seeds sprouted on 3/30/2020. My tents been fluctuating between 68.5 and 77.5 degrees and the humidity is between 40%RH and 55%RH. I appreciate all input and advice anyone has to offer.


welcome to Overgrow!!


WELCOME!!! You’re in luck, there’s plenty of individuals with a wealth of knowledge. You can’t go wrong if you continue to reach out. I’m 70ish and can truly state, this is by leaps and bounds, T-H-E BEST group of dedicated growers/breeders I have had the pleasure of being around. You’ve, INDEED, come to the right place. Settle in, fire away, help will be with you shortly.


Welcome to OG.

welcome and don´t worry, plenty of knowledge arround here.

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Hey guys I noticed both my plants have a slight lean going on. Anything I should be concerned about at this point? Thanks


probably just leaning towards the light source, if so just rotate the pots every once in a while and it should be fine, you can always straighten it out when you transplant

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These sprouted about 20 days ago. Any ideas why they look like different plants? Also anyone notice anything that should cause concern? The darker plant looks a look droopy I think my fan might have been blowing too hard on it.


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Your plants are looking pretty good! Its normal to have plants from the same strain look like different plants, these are known as phenotypes. Most of our strains are hybrids so even with fem seeds, you will usually get more than just 1 phenotype from a pack of seeds. Totally normal.

For the tilting, like @legalcanada says, is totally normal and I also recommend to just rotate the pots a bit every day or two.

What soil are you using? The dark green is usually from a nitrogen abundance, this can happen with soil that already has a good amount of nutrients in it, like Fox Farm’s Ocean Forest Soil. The plants should grow out of it though, nothing to worry about.

Do you also have another light by chance? You don’t absolutely need it but usually, in order to properly light an area with quantum board led’s, you want to have around 30-35watts of QB led light per square foot of grow space if you want to get the most yield possible from your plants. A 3x3 tent = 9 square feet. So to hit 30watts per square foot you’d need 270+watts of quantum boards in there. I personally also have a 3x3 tent and I use 2 of the QB288 RSpec boards in order to do that. At the least two of the qb 100’s that you’re already using 1 of, would give you a much better ppfd spread. 4 of them dimmed a bit would be perfect for that tent.

Hey thank you for the reply!

Yeah I’m growing in Ocean Forest that makes sense, just one light right now, planning on upgrading that once I get some more experience growing. Is there anything to be aware of throughout the whole grow using a weak light for the area? Flip to flower earlier or something?

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Eh, not really. I mean you may get more stretch if its not strong enough, or depending on how long you veg/how big they get, you’ll reach a point where parts of the plants aren’t being lit. Like if the light is in the middle of the tent you’ll see the edges around the tent won’t be getting lit very well and you’ll have poor performing branches in those area’s. That or you’ll have to have the light so high up in the tent to hit all area’s of it that you will be sacrificing overall par in order to do it, leading to stretchier growth. In flower this will progress into whispy/airy buds where the plant isn’t getting enough light so I would definitely upgrade the light before you get into flower. Least so you can more easily cover the entire tent without having the lights so high up.

edit: This would less of an issue if it was just 1 plant in the 3x3. With just 1 plant you might be able to get by the entire grow with just that 1 qb100 board since its a smaller area you have to light, but with two you’ll definitely run into this issue at some point. Either the light has to be way high up to light everything and then you’re sacrificing par/ppfd Or you’re sacrificing some parts of the plants not getting enough light so that the rest can.

If I get this same exact light should I get one of the 4000k rated QBs or another 3000k?

The 4k’s are really for veg growth only. The only way I would use/recommend a 4k board for flowering is if you already have two 3k or 3.5k boards in there. This is actually something I want to do in my own tent. So I would just get another 3k for now. That’ll give you two and at max will be ~22w per square foot, should still be able to get a good yield out of that.

Oh wow thank you for the help!

Just topped these today, installed the SCROG and the second QB. Transplanted them to 3g fabric pot about a week ago and didn’t have a problem with transplant shock or anything like that. Anyone see anything that needs paid more attention paid to it here or any tips with the size differences?

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Seems you grabbed that second QB just in time, they’re all out of stock now :rofl::sob:

Looking very good though ^^

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Yeah mine was backordered for a couple weeks it just showed up today lol.

Thanks for checking in man I appreciate your help!

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Just gave these their first small nutrient feeding yesterday with their watering. I’m noticing some lower leaves on one plant having small yellow splotching on it, kind of looks like a nitrogen deficiency? The other plant still seems to still have the same symptoms its always had with a nitrogen abundance. Should these veg to the sides of the tent before I flower or will that cause issues later? All help is appreciated thank you!

Day 18F checking back in here. They’ve been getting fed a light amount of general organics bloom nutrients and thats all. They look healthy to me but maybe I’m missing something. Very exciting to watch these grow, sticky trichromes are starting on the sugar leaves and the tent has a nice strawberry scent.

Thanks for taking a look!