Flowers and other non Cannabis Plants

Because of my interest in growing the beloved ganja plant, I became interested in growing plants which are not marijuana.
Vegetables and herbs and flowers are fun and quite interesting to grow.
Of course, I like to start all plants I grow from seeds.
Many plants are not as easy as the sacred bud plant😄!
But, therein lies the challenge!
Here are some pics of plants which are most certainly NOT cannabis!





Oops, there could be some Mary Jane in these pics…:smile:


Very nice!

Neither my inside nor outside plants are very photogenic right now, but here are a couple shots of my gardens from last year. The Stargazer grows to about 2 meters if I’ve done a good job composting/mulching :slight_smile:


wow these amazing gardens!! beautiful site forsure. and what excuse are you using for not growing and making your own nutrients?? :joy: i see a bunch of ferments :wink:


Looking good!

The purple ones look a bit like the national flower in Costa Rica, a parasite orchid called “Guaria Morada” ( Guarianthe Skinneri )


Some alfalfa

and a peyote seedling



@lotus710, i don’t how old you are, but we would be really good friends i think! LOL

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Is an old dog?
Take care of (it/she/he).
Salud to both!

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Hi @MiG, Thanks…he is a beagle by the name of Wilbur…in that photo he was about 18 months old.
He was rescued from Hurricaine Katrina.
He is about 12 years old now😎

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Thanks everyone for sharing. Gardening is great fun! Challanging and rewarding!

I have lots more pics, however something is
all bollixed up with my photobucket account.
Grrrr, anger…anger!

Took these earlier right after a light rain, the purple one looked so gorgeous with the water droplets on the petals!!


Absolutley beautifull.

Really really nice, they look tropical at least to me…

Looks soooo pretty. All your flower do . Mechelle . x good work x

Due to happenstance I will be in South Carolina for the next few months or so.
My wife is attending to my plants in SoFla…gulp…she is Jamaican, so she has a natural affinity for ganja plants!

Anyway, since I am here in South Carolina, and I have a pronounced need to be growing, also, because I need a cover/decoy for illicit, stealth ganja plants.
I started some cherry tomatoes and some jalapeño peppers about a week ago.
Today I started some sweet basil so I figured that I would show how easy starting basil is.

First, here is the flat of cherry tomato and peppers I started a week ago.
I put them outside under the sun for the first time today. Bottom watered…they are just beginning to sprout.


This is a flat of sweet basil I started today.
Super easy.


Fill the top of styro egg carton with pre moistened jiffy mix seed starter.
Poke holes apx. 1/4 inch deep. Place a couple of basil seeds in each hole.
Gently cover, and bottom water.
Cover with cling wrap and put under lights.
Easy peasy!

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