Forum Stomper - First Autos & No Till Bed

I am proud to have a lot of firsts in this grow. A step up from previous grows for sure.

Up top we have a 4 bulb T5HO on a 16/8hr schedule. 4 Forum Stomper autos from Sebring in 55 gallons (well more like 45) gallon of living soil. Largely coconut coir, pearlite for drainage. About 30lbs of guinea pig manure, and amendments added at 2 tbsp per cu ft. (a slightly modified coots mix.)

I hope for a nice short run with no problems, I think the biggest problem I’ve had in the past was not enough soil, so we should be ok.


hey alright I’m new to organics currently going the ROLS route although no till is in my future as soon as I get the whole feeding tea etc thing down also KNF and JADAM I just popped 3 of these a few days ago so if ya don’t mind I’ll just be over here following along


Nice bucket 🪣👌 my No Till is in the same style bucket… One thing I’ve found that I’d like to somehow consider is lack of air flow inside the soil. With this size no till & surface cover or cover crop, you won’t need to water daily, which equals less air getting deep into the roots.

Myself I’d like to attempt to fix this in my own bucket, but maybe you have a good idea as well?

I’m thinking about using some 1" pvc pipe & drilling many many holes in it, then jam them down to the bottom of the bucket. Maybe ill use 4 or 6 spaced out evenly. In my mind, air can flow Feely into the pipes and deliver air better, it also means the soil will dry out quicker.

What do you think.?

Also I love your doing no till like this ,)


When I started mine last year, I added all the Amendments in the soil first. And now I only feed Humic/Fulvic Acid & water. That’s it.


ROLS is what I’m running along side this, very natural transition. I “practiced” no till in my pots, sort of.

But yeah, this big fucker is going to be a bit different. I can have some worms first of all!

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I have the same concern. I have two tubs there, one inside with holes for drainage. That was the best I could come up with. I considered more holes and some window screen.

But I’m hoping some worms will help a lot. I have my eyes on a fabric bed as soon as I can figure out how to make one. Sewing isn’t my forte, but I’m sure I can turn in a favor.

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I also thought of a fabric bed, but I kinda liked how this bin will retain water longer thus needing less water lol downside is lack of air in roots.

I bet the pvc deal is probably the best easiest solution. I’ve get to put worms in my bin. But I’m changing that next week. Also I plan to use a plastic mayo jar with but loads of holes in it, bury it up to the neck and have the lid just above the soil surface. I’m sure the worms will help Airration alot in general :wink:

This will be my means of feeding the worms underground, without disturbing the soil & not causing flies and shit from eating the fruit/veggies Smoothys for the worms. The holes in the container will let the worms go enter/leave that food drop off point easily.


Very nice. Currently getting ready to set up a 3x3 bed in a 4x4 tent and a 2x4 bed in a 2x4 tent.


I have been considering adding a similar feeding tube since you mentioned it. In theory the worms will bring everything down, but I’ve not added anything but leaves so far. I imagine fruit attracts bugs a lot worse!

I added 15 gallons of water when expanding the coir, so it’s sure has some water mass. I don’t think I’ll need to water if for weeks. I do plan to setup a Blumat as soon as I get around to getting a longer one. It’s deep enough it would want two lengths, I believe.

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Check out @ReikoX’s Threads, he is a M-A-S-T-E-R at growing, especially Autos and he makes his own Fabric Beds. You will find NONE better at his/her craft!!! SS/BW…mister :honeybee: :100: :pray: :heart_eyes:


Anybody read an old book by Soma . it was written like 15 years ago anyway it’s pretty standard stuff but in the beginning, he talks about his “beds” they are basically giant hempy beds he puts 6" of aeration I think he used hydroton then hardware cloth and landscape fabric there is a pipe in each corner that gôes down into the aeration like a third of the way the rest is pretty standard stuff but I think the beds are a cool idea I want to make something similar for each of my 2x4 perpetual tents attach an adjustable scrog net besides being the goal for my grow I think it will let me chop 2 more girls a month this is my next goal


Yes not a bad book, its the one that got me into organic soil.


Backed the lights up a bit to reduce the heat. It’s still pretty bad, but safe for the plants. I think in the future I won’t be using these lights in a tent. These are open air fixtures.


I must be doing something right, even if something wrong happened. One of the seedlings dried up and couldn’t recover. But 3 in this bed is still one extra so all good.

I have some new friends though. So the soil must be good! @sct2020 Anything familiar to you? Doubt they’re edible- just curious.


The first is probably Leucocoprinus birnbaumii

The second is some kind of Coprinopsis

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Was hard to get pictures, nice job.

I think the second one may be Coprinopsis cinerea but I don’t plan to eat it. It’s a dead ringer to my untrained eye.

I’m weirdly happy over mushrooms I won’t use for anything.


It’s telling you that your soil is healthy and alive.

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Ink caps are tasty, but can be deadly if you drink alcohol with them

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Weekly update on these guys; with a better look at those mushrooms. They’re the same kind turns out. Washed the caps to get a better look.