Franco's Lemon Cheese

So many beans, so little time to enjoy on this earth-

You are the man @Sebring thanks for sending out our gear…

Here’s the little one on the birthing ledge-

And into the cup.

While I would never buy anything from green house seeds, was never a fan of “strain hunters” I did like Franco more than the other guy he worked with…


Didnt get this one myself, so I would like to see how this goes. :green_heart:


Thanks for the interest @other_barry

Hopefully everyone who has this one will post a picture :smiley:


I’ve heard good things about FLC, but never grown it myself. The only thing I ever grew from Greenhouse was a Super Lemon Haze. I wish I hung onto that cut, it was so terpy that I got terp poisoning trimming it with no gloves on. Granted I am a bit sensitive to lemon terps in some ways but I got a screaming headache for the rest of the day and was nauseous AF for awhile. That was the only strain that’s ever happened to me with


Mmmmm cheese and lemon, I’m interested. :sunglasses:


Loooookin gooood : )


I did the same thing recently after saying never again to GH seeds, grew out the FLC and it was the same issue I had with their Lemon Skunk years ago… tiny little buds with spaced out nodes and not worth it all. DNA’s Lemon Skunk was the exact same terp profile and huge yields so that transition was a no brainer. I won’t even go in to how GH has rigged multiple cannabis cups…

I really hope you get a nice pheno because that cross has great potential and it’s a shame if the pheno I grew is how they want to honor Franco. :v:t4:

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Love Hawaiian snow , it’s a great gh strain , one of my favs

Lemon cheese is on my hit list for a future buy for sure : )


This one is vegging very slow…


Your plant’s are looking Frankofabulous! A question about the slow veg… what’s your room temp? Are you talking to it everyday, giving lots c02 and encouragement? It may have seen you smoking the flower of another plant and is secretly holding back. :rofl:

Well, I’m guilty of not doing anything special…

Got tired of slow growth, so I moved it to the flowering area.

Stem rub has a pepper smell-

Cool,like it