Freaker's Ball 2021 Sign-Up Thread

NOTICE: Please do NOT post comments or questions to this thread as they will be ignored, and will most likely impact your application. All comments/questions should be posted in the main Freaker’s Ball thread located HERE.

Hello everybody! We need your help in organizing the FBSC membership list for 2021. The poll will close on 2/28 at 11:59pm. We’re gonna rune this poll every year, so if you can’t do it this year, don’t worry.

There are 2 options for members wanting to be a grower for the FBSC. You can be a full member, or as I like to call them Freaks, or an affiliate member.

All FBSC growers are required to commit a fixed amount of their resources each year to FBSC preservation runs. Affiliates aren’t required to make the same level of commitment as Freaks, but they don’t receive the same benefits either. Obviously we want everyone to be a Freak.

Here are the general requirements for all FBSC runs, followed by the requirements and benefits for each option. Read through them, and decide what you’re able to commit for this year.

General Requirements

For packs of 10 seeds or less, the entire pack must be planted prior to any pollination activities. A staggered germination is encouraged, but all viable plants need to be put into flower at the same time.

PLEASE NOTE: We are aware that this will exclude people with plant count limits, and we do apologize for that, but we want to preserve ALL the genetics that we have, and planting partial packs defeats that purpose.

Growers agree to halt all non-preservation pollination activities once the preservation run is placed into flower. (This does not include pollen chucks, we just don’t want any pollen flying around except from the preservation males.) Exception If you have a separate breeding room that’s isolated from your flower room, this doesn’t apply to you. Please be careful. :slight_smile:

Agree to an open pollination, (OP), methodology, utilizing all viable plants obtained from the available seeds with no selections made for phenotypical expression. All viable pollen is collected, mixed, and applied to all females.

PLEASE NOTE All time commitments are based on flowering time

Full Membership

In addition to the general requirements, full members are required to agree to the following:

Do a “full” open pollination of all females. Pollen is fully applied to all available branches on all female plants.

Agree to commit 16-24 weeks per year to FBSC preservation runs. This can be any combination of two 8-16 week strains, or one long-flowering strain, (16+ weeks)

In exchange for their commitment to the FBSC’s mission, Freaks will receive a pack from every FBSC seed run completed during the year, priority choice from the vault, full voting rights, and the ability to nominate new members.

If you agree to the above requirements, you’ll want to choose, “Total Freak” :slight_smile:

Affiliate Membership

Candidates for Affiliate membership are required to agree to the general requirements, and they are required to commit 8-12 weeks per year to FBSC preservation runs. They are not bound by the full open pollination requirement. For Affiliated Freaks, a limited OP is acceptable. All male pollen is collected, mixed, and applied to lower branches on every female plant. However, affiliate growers only get seeds from the runs that they do.

If you can agree to the above requirements, you’ll want to choose, “Affiliate Freak” :slight_smile:

PLEASE NOTE The FBSC reserves the right to ignore, change, or make exceptions to these requirements as needed.

Please make your choice below, and thanks for your interest in the Freaker’s Ball Seed Collective.