Freakin' With The Freaker's Ball Seed Collective

We got a TC kit a couple of years ago. It’s a different manufacturer, but they’re essentially the same.


Love it! Love the whole thing.
You’re doing Gods work guys.


Very cool project! Thanks for starting this up. Shaka! :call_me_hand:

Your hearts are in the right place and I’d love to contribute. I don’t have a lot of old landrace or heirloom seeds, but you know I’m all about some preservation. :slight_smile:


@Guitarzan man thanks for the heads up.


Super cool! I definitely appreciate what y’all are doing and would love to help eventually!


We got you covered in that department! Lots to choose from.


Amazing stuff. This is a dream list.

I’m interested in breeding with semi-autos, and might hit you up for some Beldia pretty soon @Upstate


What a great arrangement and idea!

When I have pot space open up I’d be super interested in being a part of this. I’m really only interested in the strains you’ve described these days and also think it’s so crucial they’re preserved as best we can.

Love the cyclical nature of what you propose in giving and receiving, along with growing this should provide huge seed distributions!


Yeah, thanks for the heads up @Guitarzan.

I’m a ways off being able to do a full open pollination, but I will definitely holler when I get where I need to be. I think this is a noble cause for sure!


Ok. Sounds good. They are neat plants. Quite unique. I’d love to see some more grown.


Have a Nephew teaching in Thailand. Going to speak with him about buying seeds from the Providences/States having Legal/Medicinal Cannabis. I’ll provide X amount monthly and have him send them after 6 months. I’ll keep doing this as long as he’s there. I’m sure he’ll be making trips to neighboring countries occasionally (I know I would if I was back there). If so, I’ll attempt to entice him into buying seeds there also. That’s the plan. No promises, he might be anti-cannabis for all I know. If it comes to pass, I’ll offer them to the cause, trust that. SS/BW…mister :honeybee: :100: :pray: :heart_eyes: :fireworks: :fireworks: :fireworks:


This whole thing is a work in progress, so it’s gonna get changed as we go. Here’s the first one.

When the Membership section was written, I forgot how easy it is to hit TL2. You can do it in 2 weeks without a lot of effort. Once that was pointed out to me, I realized it needed to be changed, so after some discussion, it was decided to modify the Membership section as follows. I’ve already updated the main post.

Hopefully everyone understands the reason for it.

For TL2 members without the badges, and with less than six months on the site, you can still apply to be an affiliate grower, but there’s a 120 day probationary period. Probi growers are not allowed to choose strains from the Master list. You’ll be assigned a strain from a probi pool. The strains available in that pool will be whatever we have the most of.

The clock starts when the seeds arrive. The run must be completed during that 120 day time period, and you’ll need to be prepared to post a log of the grow.

When the member receives the Overgrower badge for a completed seed run, the probi period is over, and they are automatically promoted to a full affiliate with access to the strain list.

Given the number of strains we have to preserve, we need growers, so we don’t want to exclude anyone, or cause any hurt feelings. But the truth of it is some of the strains in the FBSC vault are extremely rare, and we have very limited stock.

The Freaks feel it’s a great honor to be entrusted with the responsibility of preserving these strains. We take that responsibility VERY seriously, and we feel it would be very poor stewardship indeed to send the only 10 seeds of a rare, or endangered strain to a grower who has only been a member for 1 month.

PLEASE NOTE: We had discussions with Team OG regarding the FBSC. They told us that, as long as we don’t violate any of OG’s rules, they neither have, nor want anything to do with internal groups formed by members. As a result, the FBSC is completely autonomous, and all of its decisions are final. We reserve the right to change these rules as needed, and to grant exceptions to them on a case-by-case basis, for any reason whatsoever.


Can Canadians play? or will border issues get in the way?



I didn’t see Peshawar Afghan on the list, I’m not sure if that’s another name for something that’s on the list already, but I have a pack in the freezer I’d be happy to donate.


Great idea . I thought the freak name came from the old freak brothers comic characters lol I use to have a papers tin with them on it.
I can’t commit to the 2 seed runs a year as I do still need to produce my medicine . But am more then willing to commit my last cycle each indoor season to an open pollination. It was easy and seemed to work with the Wolfpack last year. I am waiting on a rare Bodhi pack that I was going to do the same with this year , but it is looking more and more like that isn’t going to happen . I have a pack of Synergy by Bodhi as a back up for the open pollination this year , but this type of gear definitely peaks my interest more.
Again thank you for thinking of me :slight_smile:


You have a gem there!!! Was stationed at Peshawar Air Base (USAFSS) 65-67 timeframe. It’s right on the Border, people roam back and forth at will, families on BOTH sides. Very frontier/tribal!!! I really enjoyed the 15 months I was there, did a lot of wheelin’ n dealin’ (enough said!!). ALL. SS/BW…mister :honeybee: :100: :pray: :heart_eyes:


Great to hear, Misterbee! Hopefully these are still relatively pure. They came as freebies from Hemp Depot last year. Happy to add them to the list!


Im guessing your message was an invite and
It just wouldnt feel rite if i didnt throw something outside in a cple of weeks. Forget the 120 day thing, ive got 9months before ill pull them at the earliest.
If y’all so chose to do, keep in mind that i dont know what tomorrow has in store for me. Just make sure its not the last of the last. Hope and pray for the best, and prepare for the worst.
I would never intentionally do harm, but it is the front line in the ditches where i live. Things seem peaceful, but thats decieving. Once i dusted the the blue steel, trouble seems to have left, but until i relocate, its still a warzone i call home.


This is one of the most amazing things I’ve seen!!! So happy to be part of this community.


That doesn’t apply to you man. :slight_smile: That 120 day thing is the probation period for growers who’ve been on OG less than 6 months, which is NOT you. :grinning:

That was definitely an invitation, but there’s no pressure to jump right in. If you’re ready to go that’s great, but I think we have 178 strains in the vault now, so even if we stopped adding strains today, which, let’s face it, is never gonna happen :rofl:, we’d be growing them out for years anyway.