Free Seeds & Free Clones Thread Vol. 5 (Part 5)

I need to get some jean guy LOL such a canadian strain. Do you guys think it’s really a pheno of white widow?

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Slow night here, huh? lol only 100+ posts to go through…
But still giving out them beans I see @DougDawson! Also congrats to the winners!
I’m gonna drop another batch of around 150+ or so this morning, and soon there’ll be even more beans flying out of here! I plan on doing some pollination runs on several Auto strains!


I recommend products!!! Check it out, can be used up to day of harvest!! SS/BW…mister :honeybee: :100: :pray: :heart_eyes:


I sure as hell ain’t putting that Jack shit on my plants! Spinosad isn’t good for ya! Not to mention, when the flower goes to a lab in Oklahoma, if there IS any Spinosad detected, it fails!!

Everything sold, to Dispensaries, other growers, processors…MUST be lab tested and ‘pass’.


The sierra Natural Science stuff is a bit pricey, but it works well
I’ve tried it a few times, when I have the bucks to shell out!


@misterbee, lol go check out the pics I just posted on my thread

I haven’t watched wrestling since I was little, which was well before that happened. I did however end up listening to a podcast with Mick Foley on it and it was pretty good. He said that he had a tag team match against the Undertaker (and someone else) and he ended up getting knocked out cold by the Undertaker from a massive slam or something. He said he watched the match back later on and he saw Undertaker lean in and say something to Mick’s partner right afterward as they set up a move. Never gave it much thought because sometimes they give each other direction for the next move or whatever so he didn’t think much of it. Eventually years later he thought of it and asked whoever his partner was what Undertaker had said. The guy told him he had leaned in and in a dead serious tone said “you might want to check if he’s still alive” :laughing:

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There’s plenty of natural and organic options available for insecticides and fungicides, having taken classes that taught me how concentrated synthetic insecticides can harm ya I don’t recommend them to anyone that’s gonna consume what they’re spraying them on. You gotta know soil mobility, chemical half life in different environments, a lot of factors

Stuffs not just safe to just throw around as recommendations cause you heard someone else recommend them… ALWAYS READ MSDS SHEETS and do your due diligence researching for yourself. Don’t take mine or anyone else’s word on what’s safe for your health

That being said there’s Green Clean and Plant Therapy for organic insecticides, I recommend half strength and always spray at “night” giving time to dry, most alcohol and essential oils, citric acid cooks leaves in sun though. Not really for use in flower but could be emergency used if rinsed like mentioned earlier after harvest before drying

Canncontrol Mammoth insecticide is thyme and corn oil with oleic acid, not for use in flower, toxic if ingested.

Green Cure for organic fungicide, potassium bicarbonate, very broad spectrum, not really for use in flower but can be used as emergency for PM or preventative botrytis treatment if rinsed after harvest before drying


I was definitely spoiled :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I did sell a ton of weed in highschool, literally a metric ton! :joy:


I also sold a lot of weed in high school but it more or less lead me to not trusting the names of weed that i buy lol I found more often then not i diddnt even get a name when buying in bulk and if i did i would basically assume someone just threw on a “hype” name.

… it wasnt till near the end of that “career” that I started meeting some actual growers and getting some real info on what i was buying :stuck_out_tongue:


ah the good ole days
puts a spin on the back to School


Jean guy was great for wake n bake, good sativa effect. I would smoke it right before school and be good until lunch lol.

Probably. It must have been a good sativa pheno of WW that Mat worked to come up with the Jean Guy.

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I had something like these but the vacuum was built into the lids. Worked great for years!


Posted in the seed trading thread, hoping someone has it :joy:

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thank you @DougDawson for the MSK


Very cool, glad it made it. Enjoy


Hope you find it. I’ve only ever seen it sold as feminized seed. Maybe someone in Quebec has a cut, or at least a cross of it.

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I’m in Canada so it’d be great if I met someone in Quebec. Might take a couple of years but I’d be stoked. Thanks so much OTUG, let us know how that Molokia Frost you got goes when you grow it out.


Pairs of: UK Cheese, Pink Cookies, Kosher Kush & Gelato (Larry Bird 33)…

…each to be hit up with both Purple Paralyzer Poison & Black Candyland Pollen!


(Note: Still 2 more weeks of veg before up potting to 8" for flowering. Yes I’m crazy. Yes I’m following by examples set on OG :laughing: :fist: )


Whoa, nice!!! Can’t wait to see your progress

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