(complete) F.B.S.C. 1960 Lambsbread Preservation

Lambsbread, a Jamaican landrace, is one of the most famous landraces on earth, known to be the favorite smoke of Bob Marley and Peter Tosh.
With the disappearance of Slavery in Jamaica in the 1830’s, and the concurrent rise in sugarcane production, a labor force that could handle the tropical heat was needed to work the fields. The solution was the Indian( from India) “Coolie”, an indentured worker that owed from one to five years work to his or her temporary “owner” . Similar to the system used here in the states, where indentured Europeans were common, the people willing to sign away their freedom were often escaping poverty and famine. Normally of the Hindu Faith, it is believed Cannabis was brought to Jamaica by these Indian indentured servants in the 1850’s and its popularity quickly grew.
So is Lambsbread an acclimated Indian ganja landrace? Most likely yes, at least in part, with Kerala being mentioned as a source most commonly, but Madras genetics seem to match as well. Being located in the middle of the smuggling route from Colombia to Florida, its a great possibility there are also Colombian genetics represented in Lambsbread. Also, potentially Mexican. So with the potential of 3 of the 4 ingredients of Haze represented, Lambsbread may be the Jamacain precursor version of this famous variety.
A special thankyou to the Vibes Collective for keeping this legendary Jamacain landrace going. This is a dream come true for me. As far as i know, the seeds I am growing are f7’s or f8’s. Anyone with further information please join in. As usual, the info on the internet is wrong or incomplete. Flowering time is 18-25 weeks.

Germination was 10 for 10 with one rotting before it grew. This is the most vigorous strain I’ve grown. I’d never seen a second set of leaves form so quickly. Went from cotyledon to 3 blades! Buckle up!

:seedling: :seedling: :seedling:



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Oh this is truly rare and exciting.
I’ll be following, and frenetically jumping around, shouting the last word you say, like a good hype man do.
I bless this (purported) grow with the headiest of Heady Bear vibes!


Very cool, taking up a spot under the tree to watch the show. Best of luck with your run.


I’ll be watching this one for sure.
Good luck with your grow!!!


This looks very interesting.

The weed I smoked in Jamaica was great but definitely hybridized.


18-25 weeks???

Good luck man!


Hoping for something crazy like this photo.


I love getting to see people growing the wildest old strains on this site, this is going to be so dang cool to watch unfold.


Oooo! Watching…:eyes:
This looks so cool!
I’d like to smoke some of what Mr. Marly had in his pipe! Lol :green_heart::v:


In the immortal words of Slim Pickens…

yee haw




Another great strain it’s been decades since I last experienced. Watching this thread


Looks good, definitely pulling up a seat for this one. I’ll be in the corner, :eyes: and not being creepy!


I’m definitely watching this.

I had no idea on the history either. Very cool :sunglasses:


I have always heard about the Lambsbread strain but until now it’s got my asstention…




Pulling up a chair @Upstate thanks for sharing, this looks like some fun! I appreciate the great background reading on the history and genetics as well. Peace~ djsf


Good luck with these @Upstate. Can be difficult to find good stable males in a true lambsbread. You may have to do some stress tests If you find some good ones to evaluate how stable the plants genetics are before deciding what you want to use. Im sure even the vibes collective working together had a real tough time with their lambsbread too. Can be a difficult one, might help you to get as much information as you can from the breeder of the seeds your using an find out as much details about the parents he used to make this specific batch. At least you’ll know were you stand then an can work on a plan of action an know how much effort you might have to put in to get a stable line. But im not sure on the freakers objective, could be you guys just want to reproduce these keeping everything no mater how they are. Should be fun to watch either way. Good luck man.


count me in please :fire:

Jacob Miller has this to say !!


following mon. :sunglasses:


Holy shit man!! I’m here and I’m not gonna blink! Don’t want to miss a thing!!