From the fire rises the Phoenix ,Paps 2020

Hi all well it’s time to set back up and get this party started ! After the garage fire it took a bit of time to get everyone out of the house ( construction guys insurance people cleaning people ect.) but it’s ready to ROCK
Before and after

So the actual space is 63 inches x 93
Since the garage gets hot , I cut a 6 inch diameter hole in the wall shared with th house and attached a 6 in intake fan ( the cheap on on amazon) runs non stop year round cools the room in the summer heats in the winter all ways stays 74 to 78 in there
Note positions of fan lower corner front of room
Exhaust fan also installed in upper corner on room at ceiling hight
In this space I fit 3 tents
I’ll start to list all the gear and this will take me a few days to set everything all up
Main tent stacker style 40 x 40 x 60
Seedling tent 40 x 40x 30 sits on top of above
24 x 24x 64 veg and flowering

One of the major improvement so far is I up graded the electrical added 2 outlets on a dedicated circuit just for that room 20 amps should be enough

I ordered some new things like surge protector and timers and thermostats start fresh

Also going to do fire suppression it’s a ball that will automatically extinguishes the fire once it comes in contact with the flame
This is it for now I’ll keep this going I need to crack seeds ASAP so


What started the fire? What’s fire suppression cost?


You talking about one of those balls, automatic fire extinguisher or sprinkler heads? I was thinking of adding something just dont k ow how effective the balls would be


This seems to work About 65$ I believe

The fire was caused by a 9 volt battery


awsome , can’t wait to see some seed poppin , doing my happy dance , oh yeah : )
Bet you have them picked out already haha
When’s the new mustang arriving ??? lol


Thanks my friend
I wish but the car is on the back burner for now

I got a few picked but to many to choose from I have a sack of the Green Manalishi from a open grow friend wisecalyx Some sinister gear ( maybe LUI or damage case ) some santero stuff (I have a sour d cross )a MAC cross we shall see :thinking::thought_balloon:

I did order one more Octopot so that will be 5 lol I figured the 24 x 24 tent one will do just fine


Yo Papa !!!
Positives vibes and good Luck for your new start
I myself suffered a serious fire 20 years ago
The whole roof burned…


Damn bro this was more a pain in the ass then anything but you should seen the look on my face with all the fire and police standing 1 foot from my room damn :woozy_face:
I have to say I really miss growing lol :joy:


I just Can imagine yes …


Here’s a quick up date
2 tents up , air exchange set up
Need more flexible duct so off to Home Depot I go
Here’s a pick or 2


So to try and save space I’ve been thinking :thinking: about cutting a new 4 in vet hole in the front of my big tent ( for air intake ) it will shorten duct work needed from 9 ft to maybe a foot which would need to runs long side and in the back of the tent this would give more needed floor space in very cramped closet
Never done that befor so this will be interesting
Home Depot here I go again


Dont you just love setting up a new grow room. Very rewarding and takes a little planning and preparation.


@Dank-D I got to rethink what I did before and hopefully improve on it so far so good

Here’s a pic of the new light just put it up

The light looks amazing only no on and off switch goes on once timer :stopwatch: hits it’s time.


Nice work getting that re-mediated :+1: Looks good.


Nice light :ok_hand: I absolutely LOVING L.E.D.


Last ten set up
Here’s what’s in each

1. 24 x 24 x64 tent

Light Marshydro 1 @ 96 chip reflector series Grow and bloom
1 inline 6 terrabloom fan ( used for exhaust)
1 clip on fan
6 in carbon filter ( over kill I know ) 2 grows old
Used for veg and flowering

2. 40in x 40in x60

Light California lightworks 500 full spectrum
1 terrabloom 6 in in-line fan exhaust
1 clip on fan
6 in carbon filter new
Used for veg and flowering

3. 40 in x 40in x 30 in tent

Light tech light compact fluorescents 4 2 foot bulbs
I 6 in terrabloom inline fan exhaust
1 small fan
6 in carbon filter 2 grows old
Used for seedling, clones , drying tent

5 Octopots this time
Pro mix 33 % happy frog 33% perlite and vermiculite 33 % ( reused )

Veg urban farms vegetable food
Flowering jacks
@ifish here it goes
Line up just hit the water
Blue moon magoo sinister seeds
Damage case sinister seeds
Petrolia pink greenrebelfarms
Banana OG X strawberry soda greenrebelfarms
Chuckys bride f3 Escobar

More to come


Needed a work bench of some sort and went to the Home Depot and came up with this


That’s a good idea


I thought so it supports a good deal of weight


Put in a swing open into place side bit and You could hang a light underneath that shelf , like a pop up fold open temporary mum room or if sealable a pop up dry room , ta-da lol

You already have a floor a roof a back and a side : )
When not in use it just all folds up neatly flat to the wall