Anyone have experience growing with a gavita 1700?

So I posted before about humidity and temps… now I’m actually more on track with that I think… I’ll need an ir thermometer before I know for sure but… with led lighting humidity should be a little lower than vpd chart suggests… check… so I’ve been reading about the gavita pro 1700e led and seeing that alot of people have nute deficiency with them because of their strength, now I have a ppfd meter but apparently this won’t translate how hard a gavita will push a plant… anyone else have experience with a gavita pro 1700e? I’d love some advice, sounds like I’m having similar issues as the person in the post I read on another site looking for issues with gavita pro 1700e on google… sounds like I may need to add more nutrients than usual, but how to not add too much of some things when I’m using a 3 part micro grow bloom? Is this my problem or is it something else? Plants always seem to yellow a bit then progress into leaf edge dying then whole leaf dying etc…

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Are you running C02?
Don’t run the light full tilt keep your canopy around 1000 or under and you won’t need any more fertilizer than ‘normal’

If you run it full tilt and have readings 1000-1400+ Your limiting factor would be fertilizer and c02 but with out all in a balance you’ll never be happy

I was at 50 and 60 percent… I have a ppfd meter which adjusts my light and jeeps it at said ppfd

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It’s like the light itself is causing certain deficiency

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My co2 is always above 800

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Do you run a gavita pro 1700e?

What kind of meter are you using and what are you keeping your canopy at?

What strength are you feeding your plants and how often?
Pictures of the setup and plants might help too.

No I don’t have a Gravita 1700. But I have a HLG scorpion Diablo,350R and quite a few other brands of lights I mess with just stoped in to try to help

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Oh no I meant nothing disrespectful… I mean I think it’s a gavita thing

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It seems to push the plant harder than expected even at lower settings… it’s strange… but I just want to quit killing all my seedlings… I paid out the ass for em and I’ve got zero roi on any of it… canopy air temp is 83

I didn’t take it that way, no worries. I’m not great at sentence structure and tone when I’m Stoned.

High power leds are very surprising, Even with my apogee meter when I switched to my HLG I wound up light stressing my plants with 40% at 27inches
When they were currently used to 400W metal halide at 18inches and 144watts of sunblaster leds at 12”

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Right I agree it’s the only thing text won’t traslate… sarcasm and tone lol

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I have mine at about 30 inches away and yes it’s been a very hard learning curve as far as power and all that

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I also have an Apogee and not sure what you mean by 40% ? The Apogee displays in ppfd.

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I can see percent and ppfd at same time so 52 percent is around 400 ppfd

What kind of numbers are you aiming for light wise through the different stages?
I don’t run C02 so I’ll have limited experience here.

I’ll go 200 to start seeds couple days later 300.
Work your way up to 500 beginning of veg getting up to 600-700 in the middle of my planned veg maybe 750-800.
And I aim to flower at 1000 maybe 1100 if the plants look good.

Those are the numbers I get away with,I have plenty of fresh air exchange but no ‘added’ c02 so you might be able to push the limits if your fertilizer is on point

40% power on my HLG scorpion Diablo is what I meant.
at 27” it was reasonable number on my apogee meter but burned my plants bad

Start at 300 after removing from propogator… and move up to 400 over 2 weeks… then probs hit

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Are you in a place that you can take pictures of your setup? Or that’s not possible?
Might get a better idea of everything your working with

Not atm… but I can later , lights and all that u mean??

Honestly I think my light Is way overkill… I have in a 4 by 4 tent lol… it’s 44 by 44 inches… it’s almost the size of the tent itself man