Germination: proven LITFA method

basically you take a tray, and fill it with tap water, the point is to get the husk to break, so the nutrients are in the seed, so you dont need to ph or add nutrients

then you take those other trays, the one with cubes in it, and submerge the tray, then add rock wool or roto rooters (I prefer rooters, it has mycorrhiza), then just drop the seed, making careful the pointy side is up for the tap root

some older seeds may take up to 2 weeks to germ


There are a bunch of threads here where people debate the multiple methods (all of which work about equal😉) I’ve tried cups, paper towels, and direct soil I have not used the tray method with rock wool I have with jiffy pots though and now that I say that I wonder why I ever stopped jiffy pots were great


Sounds like an interesting method. I won’t debate as to which is “the best,” but I try to keep it simple. Fully saturated promix myco in very small pots. Sprayed from a bottle once a day to ensure the top is moist. Simple but effective.


Kiss method. Put seed into medium add water and keep warm. Some older seeds will take longer than others as the shell will be thicker and less absorbent :v:


I still do the paper towel method its always worked for me. Put it in a bag and set on top of DVD player or satellite receiver seems to keep in nice and warm. Most pop in a few days


I still like to see how many pop ahead of time.
So its splash and in between the sheets.
It’s worked for me for 40+ years ain’t changing nothin now.

I don’t ph or add nutes either
Normally up and out in less than 2 days


I have done it every way. But here is the best way I’ve done it.

Put seeds in a glass of straight tapwater for 12-36 hours. Fresh seeds will begin splitting in 12 hours if it is warm. Older seeds might take a day and a half. Put the glass in a sunny window in the summer or over a heating vent in the winter. I’ve been getting tails in 24hrs in 90 degree water.

Then, sow the seeds. Don’t soak them long enough to where they have tails/taproots. The risk of accidentally killing them is too high. Million ways to skin a cat but this is IMO the easiest and most effective.

Old seeds might do with a scuff of the exterior with fine sandpaper. Helps water infiltrate and the seed shell split.

Just use tapwater. Nothing fancy needed.


This is the tech I have used. But I don’t really trust my tweezer skills. Gonna try a light sand and straight to soil next. Good experiment as the seeds are expendable.


I don’t use tweezers. I use my giant banana-like fingers. If they have tails that could be broken, one may have soaked too long. I like to see a split shell and just the tiniest bit of root beginning to poke out. Have never killed a seedling this way. I have killed them many other ways, however. I just lost 5 SSH x Super Skunk to damping off/low temps. Every time I think I got growing down, it shows me a little respect.


If I keep soaking I will leave a magnifying glass or a pair of cheaters by the tray. Also, gonna switch to plastic tweezers, maybe pad them with eyeglass nose protectors.

The tails are often long by the time I notice them.


Pointed side up…I would agree to disagree


I had some in a cup for a few days with no luck, so I put them in a wet paper towel inside a bag right above my heater, and three popped overnight.


I do direct to soil and often just drop it in and how it lands it lands. No particular end pointing up. Seeds will find there way, thay have for thousands of years.


Do you let the tap water sit out 24 hrs to let gasses dissipate?

Thanks for sharing, why the tap root must point up if it has to go down? :sunglasses:


You’re supposed to plant with tip down it’s the part that opens first, with.
Your right @George1961 get these newbies in here and they have to be straightened out

Why in the world put tip up so the growing tip has to go up and around the shell.
The root comes before the cotyledons


Normally I just direct sow. Now that I’m using Coco and perlite I have been using the paper towel method. Never have I tried soaking them in a cup of water. Also if I think the bean will be hard to germ I run my thumbnail down the seed seams to let the moisture in a bit easier. I’ve also used sandpaper in a matchbox to scarify them.
Oh well as they say different strokes for different folks.


Gotta get up to get down!

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Nope. Little bleach or chloramine won’t hurt seedlings. If anything, it sterilizes the outside of the seed, killing potential pathogens.


I forgot to mention, I leave a light on (like a low density light) OVER the seedlings and trays, so the seed gets light too. I do that because someone said on icmag that they would sprout seeds in sunlight and it worked fine, works faster in my experience, and as soon as leaves sprout they get light, roots rarely rot unless cube is too dry