Getting ready to search for Seeds in Latin America: Freetheseeds’ Prep Log

@Daytripr69, that’s a hell of a lot of great ideas, that I never would of thought of. The compressed air tank bumper with AC pump is most ingenious.

@Eudaemon, good luck and safe travels. Why be so worried about California emission laws, when you’re going to be driving this vehicle out of the country? Central/South America isn’t going to care about the emissions of your vehicle.

As far as driving through Mexico and beyond, be careful and always carry bribe cash. The local police and criminals alike may stop an out of country traveler for a shake-down. It’ll be some story or another, but the end result is someone looking for you to put money in their hand.


Wow! dude quite a under taking especially with the virus effecting political climates everywhere. Iam assumeing youve got a travel plan mapped out for your adventure.

Id love to do some research on the geographical locations you may visit along your trip. Not to mention find any toll roads where assholes who will want bribes or no entry. Id love to help you out in any way i can. But I am ultimately interested in the actual cannabis cultures you find along the way too man.

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Hardcore man! Safe travels and much luck in gathering the magic beans.


I just lately heard there was not much weed found on a Mountain, where Big Sur Holyweed came from. how is the Mountain called? Someone hike trough Mountains in the 70s, said this. But just one person.

I think he mentioned south Mexico were some of the weed comes from.

And there was Zacentas Purpe, where did Mexican come from in particullar?


Unfortunately, I just moved back to Cali from another state and need to re-register and smog it for the first time, and it won’t pass smog at the moment. It’s a solid six months out of date on registration because of it. I’m hoping the wiring and a carb rebuild fixes that. If I can get it to pass smog cheaply, then I can invest money in an EFI swap. It’s really only a matter of the initial registration. It used to be you could just buy a fake smog certificate in CA, but that’s harder these days. If anyone here has any connections on that front…

Mexico is gonna be a drag, I keep feeling like. I don’t know why, but I’m just not looking forward to Mexico. I have huge doubts about what is actually out there, to be found, in that country. I also think it has one of the poorer safety profiles. I’m not gonna waste a ton of time in Mexico. But yeah, tons of cash to “grease the wheels” of corruption out there. I’ve decided to not even try/start searching in Mexico until I reach the Yucatán / Southern end of the country.

Hopefully, it’ll be a slow, steady trickle of seeds that will be easy to deal with logistically. My plan is to send all my seeds that I collect stateside to a distributor monthly. From there, the seeds will be distributed. So, right now, I am thinking that the people that signed up earlier will probably get their seeds earlier, just because I don’t want to wait for the end of the entire journey to send out seeds. It’ll be more like a monthly drop kind of thing.

I’ve got a beautiful mid-size tramotina that I hand polished to a mirror finish and sharpened razor sharp with a narrow, sushi knife bevel. I use it to take cacti cuttings from very large specimens. It’ll be perfect! I already put it on the gear pile. I wouldn’t have thought to bring it.

I am going to be getting the satellite distress beacon. I’ve also got emergency extraction support if things go really bad. Only one set of documents, though.

The secret compartments have been one of my absolute highest priorities, though. It’s a non-starter for me; I need as many secret compartments as possible. I need to start going around the car and looking for good spots for specific things. I’m going to be traveling with virtually everything nice that I own.

Thank you so much for the kind words. I’ve been following your agroecological guerrilla search for a while. I’d love to pick your brain sometime about landrace and heirloom cannabis in Brazil. I’ve always been fascinated by Brazil. It looks like an incredible place. Do you think there are any landrace or heirloom sativas still growing around Brazil?

Unfortunately, I don’t really have a travel plan yet. I tried really hard and wasn’t able to. There isn’t enough research and planning time to make educated assessments of where cannabis might be along the route, to be able to plan the route details. It’s not as complicated to find search areas in Asia, because there are a lot more areas of Asia untouched by globalism and western genetics and that follow more traditional trends of narcotic cultivation.

My plan right now is to drive as quickly as possible to Central America and setup a home base so I can plan smaller, more manageable searches. I came to the conclusion that this operation was too complicated to plan in a single phase. So, I’m probably going to go straight to Central America, do some planning, and then go back up to Southern Mexico to search. There’s mileage redundancy, but I find it’s safer and increases the probability of success.

Big Sur Holy Weed is a holy grail of mine, no pun intended. I’ve always wanted to try it. I’ve heard that there aren’t many Mexican landraces and heirlooms left in Mexico. I’m under the impression that the Southern part of Mexico is likely going to be the most fruitful in terms of search.

I will, 100%, search any region or area that the community wants me to. I’d search high and low for BSHW.


I don’t know how many Mexican Overgrowers we have, but I’d like to try and find a way to go to the Mexican Grand Prix at the end of Oct. It’d be great if a few of us could get together for it. I also need to figure out how to get from Central America back to Mexico City cheaply. It’s a long drive…


This sounds like an epic trip. When I was in Central America I had the best luck with surfers. Tienes semillas?

Off the top of my head I would consider a PO Box back home where you can ship your seeds. It would be a drag to lose the whole haul because of one unfortunate incident.

Safe travels and all the best.


Man @Eudaemon i love the spirit of this journey you’re undertaking! I wish you much success and great experiences - will definitely be watching.
Appreciate you allowing us to tag along on this epic journey… safe travels brother!
BTW - the rig and your gear mound is MINT!:boom::v:t3::boom:


certainly expensive … The north and northeast of Brazil cover a very large area, I believe that there are communities where the ban was not considered, and the cultural use of cannabis was maintained … There is a video on you tube, I believe that ten years ago, where there was a marijuana oe planted in front of the police station. Until one day, someone suspected and had it analyzed, it was marijuana. In this same report, people interviewed affirmed diverse cures with the leaves and flowers tea, saying that they would never stop using, they called cannabis “liamba” or “diamba”, as the slaves called it …


Since I heard of this project I got a bad feeling about that leg…think I’d just drop ship and catch a plane. Know anyone with a boat big enough to carry it?


I will watch all your live or recorded streams brother. Also a battery :battery: & some KitKat bar tinfoil can start a fire :fire: if needed. I’ll pray for you on your adventures.


I’m definitely down to watch this undertaking.
This is quite an adventure and one you will remember for the rest of your life!!
Not gonna lie, pretty envious, takes some will and balls to do something like this. Cudos


If I’m not mistaken there are CARB approved efi retrofit kits from accel and edelbrock. You can advance the technology to improve emissions bit not the other way around. It’s something to look into. After looking there are tons of efi conversion kits that are carb legal

Instead of spending money tuning something that may never smog then doing a conversion, get one of the kits with an eo number and go from there. There are also carb legal replacement cats that don’t cost a fortune as well. If you’ve got mechanical questions feel free to ask. Spent my youth living in a body shop and building all sorts of different vehicles.
Here’s a link to the under hood wending system.


This sounds like an epic journey and I’m interested in the seeds you’ll be collecting. Good luck and stay safe. :beers:

Which platform are you planning to use to livestream?


I’m glad to see you’re serious about / going through with this. Can’t wait to see your progress. I can’t give you much advice but I have a book recommendation. It’s called 100 deadly skills: survival edition. It carries some decent information and is entertaining at the least. I’m not talking about the original, but the survival edition. I’m pretty sure it’s waterproof too. 100 Deadly Skills: Survival Edition I was going to offer to send you a copy but it’s like 10 bucks on amazon. It has mixed reviews but it couldn’t hurt to possess it.


I looked into it more, and it doesn’t look like there’s a CARB approved kit for the Samurai. There’s people on forums saying you can probably drop the EFI system in from a later Samurai (they switched to EFI in the 90s). I’m going to look into that and explore what options I have. California is truly the worst. Maybe it’ll pass smog though when the electrical is fixed and the cat is replaced, though, then I can just do whatever conversion I want and kick the can down the road two more years.


Hey Brother. Nice kit your putting together…

Might wanna think about a 2nd pair of footwear & medications, for headaches, upset tummy or dirarea… Something to cook with “Propane or fire stove” & last vital item I would suggest is a “life straw” or Carbon to filter stream water to make it safe to drink.


I haven’t looked into my options yet. The one I’m most familiar with is IG Live. That was my tentative plan. I’ve never live-streamed before. I hope I’ll have the bandwidth to do it as often as possible. I have a feeling bandwidth is always going to be one of my bigger issues.

Thanks! I was waiting for a couple major life pieces to fall into place before I was able to dive headfirst into this. Everything has fallen into place wonderfully and I’m very lucky and grateful to be in the position I’m in.

I’ll check out the book! I love how each skill is in CONOP format. That brings back some memories :laughing:


Argh, yeah, boots and camp stove. Another couple items on the shopping list. I’m regretting some more frivolous purchases over the last months now :confused:


I’m just using the mindset of “the worst scenario” preparing is all. I mean this list could be endless, however it only must be as long as items that you positively need… Overall health, Food, water, shelter & Escape/Return “Exit Plan” to another country is mandatory, everything else is just making things easier ,)