🇦🇺 Aussie Knuckle Dragging Bogan Guerilla

I have been debating with myself for a few weeks whether to make a thread to show my attempt at growing some pot outdoors.

Is it too risky? will I give too much information?
Will I show everyone just how bad I am at growing weed?

Well I have had some inspiration from some guys and gals at OverGrow that leaned me into trying outdoor again, thank you to:
@cannabissequoia, @Tinytuttle, @Meesh, @TrevorLahey, @Sunvalley.


If your worried just check the pics real close before you up them. Make sure your not giving a location away.
“Scrub” the info from the uploaded pics too, even though they are suppose to be clean when posted from the sight.

From what I have seen in my little while here, you will do just fine…

I had to take down 3 outside plants because of bud rot starting. Even weeks early, the size of them is impressive. I would kill to be able to achieve those dimensions inside. The big HPS in the sky kills it!!!

I say go for it


After searching google maps and visiting 20 or so different sites I think i have found one that might work for me.

It is shady now but come summer this will be a full sunshine patch with a good East-West clearance.
In peak summer the sun will be at 88 EDIT: more like 78. degrees inclination to the North and from the patch according to an inclinometer app on my phone only needs to be at 54 degrees to get full sunlight for most of the day.

Thanks @Jetdro, I always scrub the EXIF data from my pics.
just because I am paranoid it doesn’t mean they aren’t watching me :wink:


Is that someone…right side, back by the bush…in full camo???


Awesome @Pedro_Bann I love a good guerrilla grow.

Don’t kangaroos :kangaroo: harvest that shit, dry it up and smoke it? Almost positive I saw it on a documentary one time :joy::joy:


LMAO while typing 20 characters…


A few months back I bought myself a bike so I could start getting some of the fitness that I knew I would need to pull off a grow with any sort of decency.
I am glad I did because this whole thing is frickin hard work.

Trekking and riding aside it took me 10ish hours just to cut my way into the site and to the creek that I had seen on the map.
When I finally made it and saw water it almost brought this big boy to tears of joy.
The problem was that the creek bed was an estimated 3 to 4 metres down a cliff.
Solution: rope ladder
I can pull up the ladder and only throw it down when needed and it’s attached with a carabiner so it can be taken off and stashed under a bush.

from the top.

From the creek.

Happy Days.


That looks sweet as hell man! When ya get up and growing just remember to put up some deadfall and low shrubbery to deter those damn deer!


Shut up!! You are rope laddering it dude!! Now that is a deep bush grow haha good job with the dedication. I’m impressed already and there is not a plant in the ground.


It’s more the wallabies we need to look out for.

I couldn’t fit my extention ladder in my backpack :joy:


Oops my bad forgot what part of the world you were in ! Lol


That’s a great looking location. I’ll be pulling up a chair for this. Good luck!!!


Sorry I’ll stop. :joy::joy:


After confirmation of a water source, it was time to start clearing some land.
What the hell did I get myself into…

The creek access track, this will fit a few plants too so it’s not wasted work.

I guess there are around another 50 square metres for the area I want to be cleared… ish?

Sweaty Days.


ROFL,. not sure about them smoking it but the the fkrs sure do like to eat them… Trick is to not grow in areas that are too dry, i.e eucalyptus forest because skippy is like a homing missile for anything green.
I have an issue with feral pigs in my outdoor spot… so far no major disasters but if you have ever seen what they can do to the forest floor, it’s like someone has taken a rotary hoe the the place! I’ve seen holes dug 2 or 3 feet deep from them trying to get at roots… come to think of it, I wonder if I can bury some fruit in the right locations and get the pigs to dig the holes for me :joy:


Carrying buckets of water up a rope ladder… no thanks.

A battery-powered diaphragm pump on a 12v timer.
Bench test:

set to run for 15 minutes every weekday delivering water to 4l/h pressure compensating drip emitters (1l per day per emitter) with a 10w solar panel and charge controller to keep the battery charged.

Even with ~5m head, I worked out I still needed a pressure reducer at the top of the bank so the drippers wouldnt blow out.

The Inlet and filter are inside a 2-litre bottle with holes in the sides covered with a reusable shopping bag for a pre-filter, this is wedged under a log underwater in the creek.
once again it all needed to fit inside a backpack.

A real-world test and another happy moment.


Dude you are reminding me how much I need to get my shit together… the days here are getting longer and way hotter, and it’s looking like it is going to be a summer from hell… digging holes in the summer heat in our part of the world sucks in a big way lol…On the upside, only crazy nutters like us grow outdoors like this anymore… too much like hard work :slight_smile:
Knowing my luck outdoors in recent years, I’ll probably get fkd over by a bushfire this year or something equally crap.

What strains did you end up deciding to go with bro?


On the last visit a week ago I got a few drippers on the line and scratched a few seedlings into the ground just to see how it all goes.

Next visit this afternoon will be tilling the ground that is already cleared and getting back behind the machete to clear some more.
I am not a fan of hard work.

Just hoping the seedlings are not eaten and alive.


The spot I use is a bit close to a walking track, and even though it very rarely used I am always nervous about clearing with a machete, the sound sticks out like dogs balls lol.
So for clearing the lantana my bro and I have been using secateurs and one of those fold up pruning saws… sounds like it woudl be insanely slow but it’s probably faster than hacking and way less obvious noise wise. BUT there is a bit of trick to it and you need some clothing that will stop you getting scratched to bits… Lantana spreads out a lot but mainly grows from main root/stem sites,. we worked out that if you whack on a long sleeve shirt/pants, you basically turn your back to it and reverse into it pushing the lantana into a pile until you get to the main stem… then saw it off and the whole lot can be rolled over the top in a giant tangled ball… We have cleared some fairly hefty patches like this in pretty short time.


Choosing strains is one of the most mentally challenging parts of any grow!
I have some of my more indica crosses that I hope to harvest early
other than that I will just put in a few each of a whole bundle of stuff mostly being your femmed stuff and then others that OG’ers have given me that are more Sativa leaning.
From the length of the poly line I will be limited to around 40 plants @ 1 dripper and plant per metre, the plan is to spread the regulars along the line amongst the fems so when the males come out it will provide more room for the girls. provided anything grows at all of course.

If by ~10% chance I can pull this off and harvest it will show me what of the strains work best.