OGs Secret Lab

Welcome fam! This will be my special lab with reports for all those interested! I figured I would start at the early stage to document the whole process, starting with area construction.

I would like to say to all the old school OGs from 1.0 that are still here with us, it’s been a honor to be apart of history! Let’s continue shall we!? Rest In Paradise to the OGs who left us and helped pave the way.:crown::fist: I would also like to say thank you to any new school OGs among us. Together we are strong, and it is a pleasure to have you aboard! Please feel free to ask questions as this is meant to be a learning experience too! I would not be who I am today without this community’s support and knowledge all those years ago, and to continue this tradition is everything to me!

Now that I have paid my respects I would like to encourage everyone to enjoy the show. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have! I am just getting set back up, so please bare with me and check back with updates.

I will begin with the space I am currently working on.

In order to make this space possible, I began taking measurements. I got a few pieces of plywood and cut them according to my requirements. I will be running 4, 24x12x60 AC Infinity tents in this particular area.

After a few test fits, I grabbed my level and began attaching L brackets to affix the board in place.

I had to get crafty while trying to level the boards across rafters! The brackets were a perfect wedge!:ok_hand::+1:

Once the first board was level and in place, I could continue down the tunnel if you will. The second board had to be modified to remain level and flush with the first.

Once everything was cut accordingly, I was able to install the second 2x8 sheet flush with the first.

I currently have everything mounted in place and level. My next job is to go in with 2x4 and brace the bottom centers along the boards. I don’t wanna rely on a few screws and brackets to hold these boards up. My next update will show me adding supports for the boards and I will be test fitting my first tent to see how manageable this will be before I buy all four! Stay tuned!! :dash:


Now that’s clandestine! Having trouble visualizing the end goal without a diagram or foreknowledge of the success of this endeavour, but I see a lot of potential.


Thanks for joining @lophophora.ca! The idea is 4 tents side by side just in this area. I will work out more of the particulars as they come. I will be doing seed runs mostly that’s why I went with the tents instead of closing it in. I need good separation between rooms to be successful so this will have to do. I will update tomorrow with more it’s just getting late and Mondays are the worst for me!


Looking forward to seeing how this comes together @OGSince03 :grinning:


Thank you @Oldtimerunderground! I look forward to having you around! Things should get pretty interesting!




Attic grow…did one once in the early 90’s. Will be watching with interest!!!


looks like fun! my kind of project. so glad you said you were gonna slap some 2x4s n there for support, i was worried for a minute


Going to grab a seat in the front row for this. :sunglasses:


Looks like your doing great getting your DIY project off the ground. Cant wait to see it finished !


Happy to be following along here. I’m rethinking my own grow room layout and there are things to learn.

It seems like an Attic space will get both very hot and very cold as the seasons march along. Do you have a plan in mind for enviro controls? :+1: :sunglasses:


This has me wondering as well. When I lived on the wrong side of the tracks every other house would have no snow on the roof through the winter.

Was the attic chosen solely for discretion, or to make the most use of available space?


yep, i was wondering the same thing, was waiting for the build to play out to see how he was handling it and was wondering what part of the world he lived in to get an idea of the climate


Thanks for stopping in everyone! @Pigeonman @Sasquatch @CornbreadJunior @Crazy1 @GrouchyOldMan

I am just getting setting from work so I apologize for the late responses.

@Sasquatch Glad you could join, I hope I bring back good memories and not bad as you know the challenges!

@CornbreadJunior Glad you could make it! I too was worried about the stability of the “floor”. I will do some shoring up this evening to make sure it’s solid!

@Floyd Welcome! Feel free to blurt out at any time!! Enjoy!

@Crazy1 Indeed! It’s been a long time coming, I’m gonna try to be as detailed as I can in case anyone has a similar set up they wanna go with!

@GrouchyOldMan Happy to have you! Temperatures in my area are pretty mild both summer and winter so environment control in this attic won’t be the worst to deal with. I had a similar attic set up in Florida years ago and I gave up!:joy: My thinking is, if I have to, this space can be sealed off and I have access to 3 outside air sources before I have to drill for more. I have 3 or 4 inline fans I’m not using for the tents I can use for conditioning! Also, I have a unused line from the AC unit I can cook the area with. I also have plenty of Mylar to help reflect heat away from the room!:wink:

@lophophora.ca The area was chosen for a few reasons. I have more available space in this area, it’s outta sight of prying eyes if something goes wrong, and I like a challenge!

I will return sometime tonight with an update if things go my way, the other half has a mind of her own so…:crossed_fingers::joy:


Also I think I made an error on the tent size earlier! 48x24x72 is correct, I will edit that in a bit!!

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ha, i hope you didnt fight that one too long, i bet FL would be horrible for anything but their 3 winter months


It was the worst! My chances are much better currently!

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good luck with it, looking forward to the show!

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Curious why you used the little metal brackets instead of just getting a few 2x4’s, or even 2x3’s and screwing to the vertical 2x4 stud and the 45degree stud, then placing the plywood on that? Would be much better support for the bottom of the tent / plywood, considering plywood will bend under the weight of soil / hydro without a little reinforcement.

Looking forward to seeing how this takes shape. My college grows were attic grows, and man those ladies were abused with the temps in my attic!! Ice cold in the winter and in the summer almost too hot to grow really… Thats back in the days of flourescents and 175w MV bulbs for me lol


@Nagel420 The brackets were just what I had on hand. I got restless and decided to start earlier than planned really. Great side note though! Do it right the first time if you can!!