Green stuff on my balls - WTF - please look!

:rofl: :camera_flash:

It’s only on two of them…

Myco spores? Death & despair? :man_shrugging:

:evergreen_tree: my balls


Looks like fungus of some kind. It ain’t roots and there’s too much of it to be insect eggs.

What’s in your soil/media?


The roots didn’t seem too bothered by it…
How was the plant?


Just looks like a little algea. Where the containers white or not fully opaque?


:joy: nice click-bait @cannabissequoia
That’s a good one.

You got me lol.


Well, that’s funky… it’s all I got :rofl: :rofl:


Find out, leave em there and see if you get mushrooms.

Just wow, took 6-7 double takes to get on track with this one, why you do dis before my morning coffe :grimacing:.

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I think @ReikoX nailed it, probably a little algae. Those home depot buckets are pretty thin, light goes right through them.


Yes looks like algae to me, you could be keeping your soil a bit moist and not draining properly. It also requires light to grow so either you have drain holes on the sides of your potters or light is penetrating the potters. The top of the soil will usually not grow algae if air circulation is proper.
Looks pretty insignificant though so not a big problem.

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Sunshine #4(peat/perlite/supposedly myco powder), dead roots, synthetic fertilizer residuals :blush: - I couldn’t imagine a critter like that either.

So-so; Clones with some Hop Viroid.

Yeah, there’s algae & they were all (but one) doubled grow-bags; the square-ish one was a white pot. Gettin all racial… :rofl: yeah I sunburn in 10 minutes… :man_shrugging:

The algae probably stained or is growing on the weird little nodule things. :thinking:

:point_up: I hadn’t considered this & was going to just smash it all up. Good idea to see what happens with some beneficial neglect. (See ‘chernobyl’) :bouquet: :house_with_garden: :rabbit2:

:laughing: Let’s see how long before it get’s nailed by Joe for being idiotic! :pray:

:evergreen_tree: :kiss:


Were the plants effected negatively by it? Did you notice the ones with the fungus had problems? Or did you only notice after you tore the rootball out?

Wait really? You had the viroid too?


I didn’t notice the funk (aforementioned balls) until after & am only sure of one’s ID. So who knows…

The HLV was on one clone for sure, an oldie retired by @SCJedi but he caught it via lab test before I noticed anything except a variegated leaf. Somewhere I heard 2/3 of all the stuff tested by a particular lab has it. If the samples are going in just for that kind of test, then that isn’t surprising IMO, but if it’s across the board that would be hard to believe(i.e. flower potency/contaminant tests).

Thankfully got no indoor going on. :wink: :biohazard:



I never confirmed that the Cherry Vanilla Skunk had HpLVd but I had two client plants that tested positive. The variegation can be a symptom of the viroid that CVSK gave everyone problems as long as I had it. Professor P even commented about it the other day on my IG page.


Fuuuuck shit is so disconcerting.

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