Greenman's Seedbank Update

Hello, anyone rembembers Greenman’s page with Seedbank Rating Update?

It was probably the first seedbank rating service created in January 1998, done as weekly (later monthly) seedbank listings with commentary by hand by Greenman from received reviews sent by email. It disappeared from the web in 2013.

Last Update was in March 2012:

Last Updated: Mar/23/12

Greetings growers this is for medical marijuana users and those who can use the information legally. Seedbank ratings are farther down and the links to growing information are near the end.

The seedbank update is now over 14 years old with continuous reports on the state of the seed industry.

Thtis is a good time to pick up seeds to start indoors for upcoming spring in the northern hemisphere. Stay with the high rated seedbanks. I keep geting complaints from people who ordered from new or low rated seedbanks and lost their money.

The post office in the USA often gets funny about delivering letters. People many times use a fake name to get orders sent to them. The trouble is that the letter carrier may not deliver it if they do not recognize the name. Before you send your order, send a letter to yourself using the name and see if it arrives. Then make your order. Ask the company first if they send to your country. If no reply, do not order.

If you have bought from a seedbank send in your report so that other people will know how good or bad it was. No seeds are sold from this site. This center is only for information. You may also send in a grow report on a variety you grew out.

To reach me write to remove the ZZZ. Please do not write me at, only at the email address listed without the ZZZ.

This group I’ve heard good things about. Those with four stars or more are the most reliable. They will send to most countries. I’ve tried to list those that ship worldwide. Those with a relatively low rating may just be new to the ratings. It takes a while to earn a good rating. A 1/2 means they are half way to the next star.

I keep getting bad reports on bc bud depot. Non delivery or poor quality seeds if they do arrive.

Attitude 4 star 1/2 (F1/2)
Bluenose 3 star (
) (2)
Dr. Greenthumbs 4 star (F
***) (1,2,3)
Hemp Depot 4 star and 1/2 (F1/2) (1,2,4,)
Hemcy 4 and 1/2 star (F
1/2) (1,4)
Highland 2 star and 1/2 (**1/2)
Joey Weed 4 star and a half (F****1/2) (1,2)
Klozit King 3 star and 1/2 (***1/2) (1,2)
3 star and 1/2 (***1/2)
Peakseeds BC 4 star and 1/2 (1/2)F
Seedboutique 3 stars and 1/2 (F
1/2) (1) 2 star and 1/2 (1/2)
Tambu 3 star (S
) (1,3)

The limited area seedbanks and a list of bad ones to avoid will be found farther down

Check out the new and unrated seedbanks at the New page. These are seedbanks I’ve heard good things about but haven’t had enough reports on to make a rating.

I don’t have time to answer individual questions so I usually just tell people to do some reading. I have information on my site and links to other sites with
even more info.

Would you like to see your grow report in the SU? Please include the name of the strain, where obtained, how it grew, potency and yield. Tell us the names of other strains you grew or smoked for comparison. Cultivation tips and news items are also welcome. You can get credit under any name you prefer or stay anonymous. If you like I will rewrite it for you.

To reach me write to (remove ZZZ)

This is a report on which seedbanks are reliable and give good service. I also list some bad ones to stay away from (crooks). Reports from people who have
ordered from cannabis seedbanks are welcome. That’s what this is based on, reports from people like you. You can send your report to me at (remove ZZZ) If you send a report please state what bank you ordered from, how long it took and roughly how far away you are from them. I’d like to know if the packaging was stealty (well hidden) and what method used and if any seeds were crushed. Any other info you think is important will be appreciated. Reports on how the crop turned out are good too. I don’t rate companies on price, that’s up to you to compare. The more stars, the more reliable. F = faster than average, no letter = average, S = slow.

I have a system of additional ratings. They are a one (1) for accepting payment by money order or certified check without charging extra for it. A two (2) will
be given for free stealth shipping. A three (3) will be given for accepting credit cards. This leaves a paper trail but is quick and easy. (4) indicates that they use PGP code for privacy on request. A five (5) means Western Union is accepted. A six (6) indicates customer complaints about seed quality. An example of the new rating might be Ed’s seeds (***) (1,2) which means three stars and he gives free shipping and takes money orders with no extra charge.

These seedbanks send to certain countries only.

Dr Chronic 3 star and 1/2 (F*1/2)
Pukka 2 star (
) (1)
Sensi Seed 4 star and 1/2 (****1/2)
Nirvana Shop 3 star and 1/2 (*1/2)
Seeds of Passion 2 star (

These are seed breeders and wholesalers primarily. While they have a good reputation, I don’t have enough information about their mail order seed business to make a rating.

Bros Grimm
Dutch Passion
Homegrown Fantaseed
KC Brains
(and many others)

This is the rip-off section. The following seedbanks I’ve heard many bad things about. They are NOT recommended. aka means also known as. X means they seldom or never send the product. N means sending non viable seeds (non sprouting seeds) M indicates they send very inferior seeds or nothing at all

A-1 Seedbank (X,N)
BC Seeds (X,M)
Beeoo (X)
Fairlight (X,N)
Greenmanspage (X,M) (X)
Software Services aka Cannabis4u aka Medical hemp aka
L.Pafort (X)
Richies Seedshack (X)
Stinkey’s (X)
Weedseed (X)
Pot a Gold (X)

These seedbanks are not recommended due to excessive complaints. This is a judgement call and some customers have said they were satisfied. The nature of the complaints are as follows: 10 = non delivery, 11 = very poor customer service, 12 = inferior quality or misrepresented seeds, 13 = unethical conduct by seedbank owner.

BCbuddepot (11, 10)
Bullmall aka (10, 11) (10)
Ganjaland (10)
Greater Harmony (10)
Kindseed (10)
Laughing Moon (10, 11)
Seedbank Co uk (11) (10)
Topseeds (10)

Here are good websites for cultivation and general info:

For info on how to post anonymously to a newsgroup or to send anonymous mail to someone without your identity being revealed go to

Thanks to all who have contributed.


green man

Disclaimer: The materials here are for information purposes only. The publisher of this article does not advocate illegal activity;) Check the laws of your country and state. The opinions expressed here are those of the author and may or may not reflect the views of the businesses listed. Copyright © 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 by green man all rights reserved. No portion of this may be reproduced by any means without permission of the author.

And that brings me to idea to revive the rating service in forums.


I remember using Greenman! Have you guys used It’s what I use now:


greenman rating were what pushed me to drive a thousand km till A’dam for a short “seed buying week” when I started growing in 2000; it exposed very well the dimensions of the scam industry, scaring me enough to make the trip… lol :wink:


I miss Greenman’s Updates.
I trusted his reporting, and never had a problem buying seeds, as I only did business with the highly rated vendors. I used Greenman from his beginning to his sudden disappearance.
I was upset when his rating service vanished from the interwebs!


Lol…did ya hit the red light district? I did…fuckin sketchy…lol