Growing with Gizmo

Welcome to Growing with Gizmo! Where excitement and fertilized animal excrements awaits!

Don’t mind the nanner throwing mutineer hanging from the gallows.

In the back we have a bag seed from a stranger from a decade ago. It has not herm’ed, despite how it looks. Leftovers from emergency herm chops litter the battlefield. The saving grace would be the three Crasher Runtz, [(Wedding Crasher X Kushmints F2) x (Runtz bX)] courtesy of @NugLifeFarms420 !

You can almost fit 3x two gallon pots into a seven gallon pot.

Hydrogen Peroxide bath overnight, with nice fizz confirming stuff died.

Many hours later…nice and clean, watered… LITFA

Moving on! This my seed map to the stars. Thank you @HunnaGodHunna, @THCeed , @AzSeaindooin420 , @HolyAngel

Enjoy your stay!


Lookin’ good, that one is like a little tree :slightly_smiling_face:


Very cool bro! I’ll def be following along to see my babies grow with all it’s new friends!

I’ll smoke to that!


Very nice! Will definitely follow along ^^


Looking forward to seeing those babies grow mate👍


You had me right der :point_up_2: :wink:

Looking forward to seeing your grow Bloom :call_me_hand:


Minor Mother’s day update.

I had to drill three holes into the soil, because it became hard as cement (100% Happy Frog). Top-dressed and cover-crop seeded with White Dutch Clover.

I need to investigate this section for nanners. I believe my herm issues were caused by light leak. (It was glaringly obvious it was light leak, as I kept a vent flap partially open).

Wish me luck!


First to sprout is @thceed’s Cheese, loving it’s woody Sweet Frog solo cup experience.


All 6 Cheese Dawgs have sprouted (last column), two Cheese (cup), and a PMAIS (first cell).


Did you have the nanners before or after this? I find messing with the roots are usually a surefire way to get herm’s/nanners if the plant is capable.


No nanners so far, in regards to this plant. The biochar cemented Fox Farm Happy Frog was the issue. The other plants were using a 50/50 mix of Ocean Floor and Happy Frog.

Previously, it was most certainly light leak. I kept the lower vent flap open 20-50% of the way open in a V shape.

This plant avoided being placed in the light leak zone due to it’s size, and ironically, due to the 3 cola formation, it was always a Tetris fit in the back of the tent.

All partially hermed in the past were the lowest buds, and were shuffled around in an OCD-like manner each day.

This has caused me to give the bag seed I ran earlier a second chance:


Off and runnin’ :slightly_smiling_face: Cheese Dawgs are those cbd’s?

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Cheese Dawg from @THCeed are femnized photo THC

@Johnrepp has a run of them.


Doubled the brightness today (plugged in the second light). Watered. Removed seed shells.


Gave the big girl 1-5-7 half gallon drench, yesterday. Increased lighting slightly. The bratc trichomes are mostly clear, no amber. Here we are today. Still stacking. Days 63 since 12/12 light change. No new damage since nutrient lockout “event”.


An inch worth of new growth since the nutrient lockout (discolored area). Hello clover…

Crasher Runtz have recovered from high-stress-training (HST)…

to only to eventually endure more.

80F/49-51RH, and they are drinking.


Cheese cup #3 has not broken the surface. Dug it up, then placed a light thin cover of it. Seems the seed tumbled deeper in the dirt during the initial watering.

Added more Happy Frog to the cups. We’re only missing 3 cells to break the surface. 1-2, 4-1, 4-2. 80-82F/67-70%RH 18/6 cycle.

I need to figure out how to recycle my old soil. I was thinking of adding a veg mix, then blend into equal parts new soil and old. Does anyone get postpartum from harvesting?


Another one bites the… sky.

A little spot cleaning. Now I need to figure out how to raise the humidity from 50-60%. Passing on any stress training today. Take a break little gals. I need to invert my light cycle to take advantage of the cooler nights. I think these babies can handle the stress. To the veg tent!

No activity on the stalled Cheese cup #3

Should I dig up the 3 stalled beans? I’ll give them on 24 hour eviction/exhume/exam notice.

Crasher Runtz #1 clones are continuing to take root in there new homes.

Bagseed#1 clone is rigid Crasher Runtz #2 clone, and a couple more Crasher Runtz #1 clones. I cloned #1 heavily because the stem rub aroma was out of this world.

A promising sign for CR-C2 (Crasher Runtz Clone 2)

The other two look suspicious

One update in one blast!



Creeper, cerebral with body. Glad I saved a clone.


You’re killin’ it with those buds @Gizmo :slightly_smiling_face:


Too kind, good sir, too kind!

We have a White Rhino starting to poke through.

Another clone popped its roots.