Growing with Mr.Sparkle in 2022 : Spring/Summer

Day 83/68/61(33F)

The photos doing there thing, some leaf drop due to under watering though changed that back on Monday and seems to be recovering, back right plant i want to hit with some pollen so just need to pull it out and do the deed.

Others doing there thing, have shut off water completely for the autos im gonna let them run dry then chop them, just easier for coco reclaim if i let them dry out the pots first.


looks great,as usual! always a pleasure peeping in :+1:


Have you ever tried using coco coir is any grade larger/chunkier than what is know as “coco peat” or “coir” (even though it is all coco coir regardless of the particle size)?

I don’t know if it is necessarily available in the great white north, but locally many coco-growers use “chip+fiber” (medium chunky) or even “coco-chip” (chunky) with greater success than “coco-peat”. Especially in larger pots, but even in smallish ones…

I know your setup is dialed in, as your results speak for themselves! I can’t really imagine what the “next level” would look like :+1:! Keep leading the way!



I have actually alot of different grades, the chunkier stuff chips and what not suck for starts may work great for established plants, rooted clones and the likes though autos from the start not so much as the roots have to fight for the gaps between chunks and or slow right up if they have to go through them, chips also require a higher watering frequency as they dry out relatively quickly, you’ll likely find those that use them run closer to pure hydro with under current systems or flood and drain or the likes.

Fiber is so so as it doesn’t retain water like the meat of the husk does, and I’d akin it more like growing in perlite to a degree, also not very movable for roots.

Other end of the spectrum is pithy fines which just waterlog and cause issues that way.

What I like the best is stuff that has say a particle size thats like coarse ground coffee easy for roots to expand in and doesn’t waterlog like high fines.

Though it really is just what you have available as the generic really high quality stuff I was running from my local hydro store they stopped bringing in due to cost, so I have some other bagged stuff they now carry that I have yet to open the bag of, as I also reclaim and reuse my coco so takes me a good awhile to go through a $20 bag


Hey Mr. S, (or anyone familiar who might know),

I’m looking through your threads trying to find a training technique that I thought I saw you use where you bend a stem down, and then up again in almost a Z shape. It takes and inch or two off plant height.

Do you have a tutorial post for that somewhere?

Or maybe I imagined it…

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i typically just do a standard flop the “N” of a stem is just a more aggressive form of that and to do so i just use painters tape to hold it in place, that or a rubber band that you can slip over the top or bottom bend, wrap then slip it over the elbow again. @MumenRyder edited the post slightly


Ok cool, thanks man!

I have done a similar technique, but the plants are always standing vertical again within a day or two. Maybe if I do it later in flower they wont stand up again so easy.

However, I thought I saw you do something like this before:

Where the green “N” shape is a stem bent down and then back up, and the black line is maybe twine (?) or something to hold the stem vertical.

yup one sec its the same essentially you just have to plan or pre think where you want your two flop points.

the one kratky plant i have going right now i did that too so i’ll post a pic in a min



Really its just a double flop thats held together, most bigger plants and if not too late in flower after awhile you can remove the tape or whatever you use to hold it and they will stay upright or at least just angled slightly after removal, in this case the tape needs to remain.


Awesome man, thanks for finding those pics!

Is that just masking tape you used there?

I appreciate the info, I’m going to be trying some of the cool stuff I’ve seen in your threads hopefully in my next grow in some smaller pots of coco…

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… just took them :wink:

and yeah just standard painters/masking tape, tip is dont wrap it but just fold it around and attach the two ends to themselfs like a flag, allows the stem to expand and easier to rip off later.


Thanks man! I honestly thought I might have imagined you do that before, I appreciate the full explanation and taking time to grab the pics :+1: :+1: :+1:


Alright from earlier been busy somewhat today.

Day 64(36F)

Other ive been neglecting and just setup the autowaters.

Decided to press through and trim the stuff i gave up one, still on the dry side but a more accurate weight id say 120g once levelled out a bit more. Also harvested the rest of the plants.

And new to us outside community garden plot were starting to put a little work into.

Also started some Various CBD auto seeds so those are incoming as well i just planted the sprouted ones and may dunk 4 to 6 more


I’m starting to take CBD more seriously nowadays, high doses made me nauseous in the past so I gave it a miss but recently I found if I vape a low strength CBD mix throughout the day and evening it overcomes the insomnia effect I get from some high THC cannabis strains. Best sleep I’ve had in a very long time and it works as a mild painkiller :+1:


Day 66(38F)

Photos are continuing on, just res fills using my 0.7g/0.7g/0.5g ratio per liter of Plantprod Bloom, CalKick, and Epsom.

Neglected plants moving along, the dark spark x purple lemonade autos all perky and growing after being on the autowaters for a little bit now.

Mini Kratkys learning with them, couple of points one i was purposefully being lazy and not wanting to paint or make the bottles opaque to avoid light transmission and just wanted to run them as is, the green plastic helped but still would get bacteria and algae formation occasionally so i painted two bottles as a test, second ive been refilling the bottles too full upon refill and thats causing issues as air roots become water roots and the plants obviously don’t like that, plus been watering through the starter cells at times which i believe has pushed down some of that bacteria and algae and also upsets the balance of the plant.

So still playing with that, really just doing them as a why not thing still though i am interested to see how big i can get a plant with minimal hassle out of one of these just for fun sake after i take care of a few issues, Really my coco top water systems are my main work horse obviously but am interested to see what can be done with these just to be able to throw a plant in a corner or whatever.

Plus the ladys garden plant starts.

Also have some CBD autos popping up in the next day or two so will start taking pics of them come wednesday.


Totally inspiring!! I’m following along!!
Amazing plants as always!! :clap: :clap: :clap: :pray::hugs:


So weighed up the bud from those autos as its all at cure range and i hit a new PB metric wise which was unexpected.

Previous PB was 1.9 g/kwh this works out to be 2.09 g/kwh.
Using a bit of math i averaged out days to be 78 “two chopped at 77, one topped at 81 with the rest at 85 and one at 70 that was started later than the rest” running on 75watts of light for 18/6. and thats not counting the couple weeks i was running at 60watts…

Now if going Bull Sh!t g/w metrics wise that would mean 2.93g/w… :crazy_face:

Anyways unexpected but not gonna say no lol.


Nice work man. You shooting for 3?

On another note, I’m growing some lemon pie autos from you, and I saw some seeds on the bottom. Ever had any stress issues with those? I’ll try to go look…:wink:


I grew a Charlotte’s angel a while back. It grew huge. I used to vape it convection while at work and it helped massively with my knee pain. Thc % was really low. Like 0.3%. Cbd was in the 20s. Worked OK as I got some sleep but I can’t say I didn’t feel high. I also felt hungover the next day.


i never had issues, they were stretchers though.